McFarland Movie review

A few minutes ago I watched another life-changing movie which changed my thinking level. I realized it again that everything can be possible by doing hard work.

McFarland, USA is an American sports movie where showed a football coach who lost his previous job because of hurting his one player. Then he moved along with his family at Mcfarland, California from where he took a new job at McFarland High School after joining the school he discovered that few of his students were very good at running. So he took a decision that he will make a team for Cross Country running.

Cross country Running is a sport where Individual & team performance is counted. Runners have to run many kilometers which include flat ground and sometimes zigzag road. So the coach made a team by 7 members where most of the students family background were not good. Most of the runners family were suffering poverty & they hadn’t enough money to buy a pair of running shoes or t-shirt . some of the runners had to the finished their field work after that they did their practice.

The boy who was the best of that team, he faced a lot of family problem. From the beginning they didn’t believe their coach what he said. But gradually the coach helped them to increase their inner strength to become a good runner. Then the team started to working hard with their coach. every day the team ran 12/13 kilometers & practiced a lot despite being great difficulties. There was one fatty boy in that team who couldn’t run well but he always tries to run. The coach inspired him more than anyone because the coach showed that he had the willpower to do hard work.

After two months they joined one race with other states teams but the team didn’t do well & their position was last. Another states runners laughed a lot & criticized McFarland team. But the coach didn’t give up. He again encouraged his runners to do more hard work. In this way, The team practiced many moths & gradually they improved. At the final round, the team felt nervous to see other teams & as well as the fatty boy was a little bit sick. Before began the race the coach told his team that another runners never did hard work like them because from the morning they started their field work & then they practiced the whole day.

After hearing their coach speech they got huge courage & started their running on time. The team just tried to run by their whole effort & did very well than other runners. Even the fatty boy got to number five position in his race & it took less time than others . In this way, the team won the California state level championship. Actually The team made history because Mcfarland team won the race forty years after .,_USA?fbclid=IwAR0gVuf64qjgjZqHwRT3o3UW0NUaODRehkr6-KXb_3dSuOv06OyHyLwSA3c


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