Main problem of Blogging

I have been blogging for quite some time now and I have achieved some decent amount of success in the world of blogging. I am perhaps the only full time professional blogger from my country Bangladesh. My blogs have been visited by ore than 500,000 visitors in the last 11 months and this is not a bad achievement for a completely newbie blogger. My blogs have been linked from prestigious websites and blogs on numerous occasions. After 11 months of continuous blogging the main problem that I can think of now is that I give too much time for browsing Internet. I guess that it is a common problem for many bloggers. Most of my time is spent in reading different newspapers and websites. I love to read about the world and that is why every day for many hours I just keep on reading the newspapers in Internet. That takes away a lot of time from daily routine. Today, I was thinking that if I could cut back on that and give more time on writing blog entries then surely I can improve my bloggong career both in terms of quality and quantity. I can give more time for doing research on my blog entries and I can also write more entries on my blogs.

The best solution to this problem is to keep on typing and trying to make typing a habit. I mean that it is better to set targets daily that I would just type for certain number of hours. Yes, it is reality that at first the writings will not be that bad but at the same time it is important to remember that if I want to improve my blogging career then I have to bring iron discipline inside me. So, this blog is a great place to carry out my tests. I would try to write about various things that I know and post in this blog. Especially, when I cam free that time instead of browsing Internet or checking sitemeter, I would try to post new entries. Fortunately, I have good typing speed and I can type a lot.

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21 thoughts on “Main problem of Blogging”

  1. Absolutely great vaia, your achievement is always in a high. why not? you help to leant many people how to achive success.

  2. Discipline is very important thing is human life. It needs a good plan to complete the work properly. Your decision is right for allotting time on different topic.

  3. By each posts written by you, I am learning so many new things. Now I can feel how much passionate you are about your dream and how sincerely you work hard. Thanks a lot sir.

  4. Here Every sentence is very easy. so i can understood to easily and i feel very comfortable. because More and more i read and scruple more and more i learnt.

  5. When i read your article regarding blog, I wish to be a blogger. Although I never thought about it before.
    Its obviously true that to write anything we need to read more. Right now I’m doing the same. I have intended to write something thats why Im here in the website to gather some knowledge. It boosters our writing capacity.

  6. You are a biggest blogging solider of our Country.
    Fortunately, Some times life changed his channel. maybe life would like to goes his desir apex.

  7. shojib Rahman

    i think if any person want to be a Professionally Bloggers they should regularly write any topics which is he like .

  8. shojib Rahman

    i think if any person want to be a Professionally Bloggers they should regularly write any topics which is he like .

  9. shojib Rahman

    i think it’s not your bad achievement. i also think you have much experience and hard labor for reach apex of success.

  10. Rashed Talukder

    sir, your thinking style, working style is differents. your creative is get most popularity in few days. blogging has some problem. you find it early and overcome this problem. blogging has typing is a regular and common problem. some new bloggers can write but can’t type in pc. and to be popular bloggers you have to research more subjects, have to also read more.

  11. Sir, you explain main problem of blogging is very nicely.and you said the way of overcome. actually your every speech like a I accept your all decision. thanks a lot sir.

  12. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    When I think I am writing a comment on a full time professional or the best blogger of our country then I feel so much proud.And I got the chance to write or practice writing only from your inspiration.And I enjoying it so much by knowing you more than before.Thank you sir.

  13. yes it is true when we open our laptop to do some important work but our mins are go to the another place.When i started to write or reading in that time i go to facebook and youtube.This is very bad habit for me.I can not concentrate any of thing for long time.

  14. Jobayer Al Mahmud

    My opinion is by reading newspapers you aren’t wasting your time..because as you have to write on various topics at first you have to gain vast knowledge…

  15. I have known lots of about bloggging.I wish I were a blogger??Its sure that blogger are most criticism person in present situation but I knew that its a prestigious profession in the online.

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