ONCE upon a time there lived in a certain village a little girl. Her mother was very fond of her, and her grandmother loved her even more. This good old woman made for her a red cloak, which suited the child so well that ever after she was called Little Red-Riding-Hood. One day her mother made some cakes, and said to Little Red-Riding-Hood:—

“Go, my dear, and see how grandmother does,  for I hear that she has been very ill. Carry her a cake and a little pot of butter.”

Little Red-Riding-Hood set out at once to go to her grandmother, who lived in another village. As she was going through the wood she met a large Wolf. He had a very great mind to eat her up; but he dared not, for there were some wood-choppers near by. So he asked her:—

“Where are you going, little girl?” The poor child did not know that it was dangerous to stop and talk with the Wolf, and she said:—

“I am going to see my grandmother, and carry her a cake and a little pot of butter from my mother.”

“Does she live far off?” asked the Wolf.

“Oh, yes. It is beyond that mill, at the first house in the village.”

“Well,” said the Wolf, “I will go and see her, too. I will go this way; do you go that, and we will see who will be there soonest.”

At this the Wolf began to run as fast as he could, taking the nearest way, and Little Red-Riding-Hood went by the farthest. She stopped often to chase a butterfly, or pluck a flower, and so she was a good while on the way. The Wolf was soon at the old woman’s house, and knocked at the door—tap, tap!

“Who is there?”

“Your grandchild, Little Red-Riding-Hood,” replied the Wolf, changing his voice. “I have brought you a cake and a pot of butter from mother.” The good grandmother, who was ill in bed, called out:—

“Pull the string, and the latch will go up.”

The Wolf pulled the string, and the latch went up. The door opened, and he jumped in, and fell upon the old woman, and ate her up in less than no time, for he had not tasted food for three days. He then shut the door, and got into the grandmother’s bed. By and by, Little Red-Riding-Hood came and knocked at the door—tap, tap!

“Who is there?”

Little Red-Riding-Hood heard the big voice of the Wolf, and at first she was afraid. Then she thought her grandmother must have a bad cold, so she answered:—

“Little Red-Riding-Hood. I have brought you a cake and a pot of butter from mother.” The Wolf softened his voice as much as he could, and called out:—

“Pull the string, and the latch will go up.”

Little Red-Riding-Hood pulled the string, and the latch went up, and the door opened. The [4] Wolf was hiding under the bedclothes and called out in a muffled voice:—

“Put the cake and the pot of butter on the shelf, and come to bed.”

Little Red-Riding-Hood made ready for bed. Then she looked with wonder at her grandmother, who had changed so much, and she said:—

“Grandmother, what great arms you have!”

“The better to hug you, my dear.”

“Grandmother, what great ears you have!”

“The better to hear you, my dear.”

“Grandmother, what great eyes you have!”

“The better to see you, my dear.”

“Grandmother, what great teeth you have!”

“The better to eat you.”

And at this the wicked Wolf sprang up and fell upon poor Little Red-Riding-Hood and ate her all up.

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56 thoughts on “LITTLE RED-RIDING-HOOD”

  1. What a awful story it is! I hate that bad wolf and feeling sad for poor little girl and her grandma. The story was heart touchy indeed. I have learnt few new vocabularies from the story. Thanks to Search English admins panel.

  2. This is my first story which I’ve read in the level one.
    Though I’ve read it in my childhood time in Bengali but reading this I also got some pleasure.
    Hope that, You all also got such pleasure.
    Thank you to the authority for this awesome story where I learnt some new words.

  3. It is very nice story. But I got much pain because the evil wolf ate the poor little girl and hid sick grandmother.

  4. good dialogue the grandmother with her son sister. Yeah..really i am astonished seeing their so good talking quality. Specially the last point is so great to me..thanks a lot sir, i have read it within two minute. Please pray for me sir.

  5. This is my first day of reading. when i was reading i felt mumbling.i hope this will be overcome very soon.besides my writing skill also very poor.i have to improve this at a time.

  6. Abu Hamza Khalid

    When I was so little , I heard the tale . But it was little bit changed. I have just recalled my childhood after reading the story.

  7. It’s a pathetic story. I supposed that climax would be different like, at least baby Could able to escape. But what happened, it ended with a tragic end.

  8. It’s a heart touching story.the hungry wolf are so we can learn from this story that, everytime we should be carefull about our surrounding environment.In our society has many man of wolf here and be caution from them.

  9. Mahnoor Rahman

    What a sorrowful story it is!!After reading this article I feel sympathy for the little girl & her grandmother. Nice story also.

  10. hossain mohammad millat

    wow! really a marvelous story i like it so much.wolf has played a very cruel character.I have noticed the deep love between grandmother and her granddaughter.

  11. Mohammed Farhad

    this is very heart touching story. the greedy wolf focus his super greediness. he plays a bad Stratagem for his bad intention. :'(

  12. Arifur Rahman

    This is awesome story that I read so enjoy and I collect lotof new vocabulary from this lesson or story.But it was so sad story because of little girl.Bad wolf always bad but little girl did not understand wolf intention. Thank you so much to all for created this site.

  13. Tasfia Tabassum

    Oh what a sorry story it is! I felt sorry when i read this story… Form many days i did not read such types of story. I tried to read it attentively. that a time i went my childhood. My Fuppi used to hear such types of story and i heard silently. by the way, thanks Razib Ahmed sir for making a good story.

  14. Alira Tanjira Alme

    The wolf was so ferocious that they not only are the grandmother also ate the tiny riding hood…so sad

  15. Farida easmin

    Very pathetic & painful story. I feel pretty about the little girl & very sad about her grandmother.

  16. I thought that In the end of the story Little Red-Riding-Hood could save his grandmother from the wolf. But she himself went to the wolf’s belly.very sad.
    muffled voice: চাপা/নিঃশব্দ কন্ঠ

  17. I thought that In the end of the story Little Red-Riding-Hood could save her grandmother from the wolf. But she herself went to the wolf’s belly.very sad.
    muffled voice: চাপা/নিঃশব্দ কন্ঠ

  18. so at the end ,the wolf win,,,,it ate both granny and little red….well it is different story,, I told this story to my students as there text book ,,,named radiant way series,,,, at that time I could not ans to my students why writer written cunning wolf ate little girl…why she did not have any sense for escaping from the wolf ,,,, I just say,,,it is taught that u have to conscious at every time,,,

  19. Mohammad Sayful Alam

    A nice story.I have the complete reading within 3 minutes. Also, I can understand all word meaning. I will give one or two hours every day in this section for improving my English Skill.

  20. Really very sad story…If i would give punishment the wicked wolf….Little red riding hood and her grandmother faced a very tragedy moment…But when i read this post,it seem that i fall in this real story even it occurs infront of my eyes..really i just saying truth.

  21. I don’t think this story is so pathetic, because it’s the rule of nature that stronger will eat up weaker and the stronger will survive.

  22. Its a story ,i feel sad for little red riding hood.she is a little girl and innocent one,bt the wicked wolf eat her and her grandmother.

  23. Heart touching story…and so sad.From that story i learn that never believe wicked person who are generally bad character.. Don’t give chance again… Evil person always evil…

  24. the touching story indeed.I read this story in my nephew’s book who reads in st.scholastica’s school.I feel pity for little red riding hood and her grandmother

  25. Rashed talukder

    sad story. but interesting. I was seems that last momments the litte red riding wood be safe.but wolf also had eaten her.anyway, this is a story not history. but now there have creating in our countey as like more tragedies matter. indeed, wolf is powerful position and the little girl means common peoples. powerful persons are always eating common peoples by any govt ways.

  26. It’s really a sorrowful story. The bad wolf haven’t any kind of blessing for such a two really poor parson. Littles children are always have a honest and not so much intelligence . so it’s really a heart incident..

  27. It’s really a sorrowful story. The bad wolf haven’t any kind of blessing for such a two really poor parson. Littles children are always have a honest and not so much intelligence . so it’s really a heart incident..

  28. it’s too much sad story that some wolf ate them that is very bad that little girl’s had to be more cearfull

  29. what a supper story about little red riding hood and wolf. really when I read this post that time I feel happy. really I hope a ill person for have some take cure, then she / he firstly recovery his/her illness.. it’s proved..

  30. What a awful and sad story it is ! The wolf is very clever and dangerous
    i enjoyed reading the full story Although i faced many problems during reading this post
    hope i will improve one day

  31. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    First time I read the story.After reading the story I am seeing the tragedy in my mind.It is a painful or nice sad story which described by a adroid hand.

  32. The story was awesome that I liked… also I like that’s type of story from my childhood but if the story becomes that the wolf got afraid and left, that will make the story more interested..

  33. I got very pain to read this story coz that I haven’t ever seen like a dangerous wolf….. wolf was very cruel in this story. wolf ate the young girl nd her grandmother its very painful for me.

  34. For this reason you should not trust any unknow. If you do so you will lose your all the valuable things like you wealth, vvirginity even your life.

  35. it’s a very painful and hearttouching story.this story I complete 5 minutes.I cant not first time this story meaning. after that secondly 95% understand. I gave many new words in this story. we saw this story wolf is very clever and greedy. as like person have our society. we should be careful.we had seen lovely bonding wih them.story ending part is very nice. not only nice but also painful.

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