Larger than Life

Two years ago, when we started with e-CAB, many people laughed at us. There were not many companies related to e-commerce and the industry was very small. Many people thought that there was no possibility of this industry and that is why there was no use or justification of setting up an association for the e-commerce industry. I was the founding president and most active person in e-CAB. So, very bad and dirty attack came against me in Facebook and in real life.

Now, after 2 years, e-Commerce has already become a sizable industry and it will continue to grow from here. Some of us started the effort and now, hundreds of people have joined e-CAB. In the next 10 years, it will be one of the largest sectors in the economy and job market in Bangladesh. Even the government has accepted and recognized its potential for the economy. Now, I do not need to push so hard and try so much to convince anyone about the importance of e-commerce.

Now, from 1 July 2016, some of us have started building this platform of Search English. Someday, it will be a very big industry just like e-commerce. The basic goal is very simple- remove your fear of English language. Start using it and improve your skill. Then, you will be able to use this skill to do better in your education and career. Nothing will change in one month but after one year, we will start seeing some changes, some improvements. Within 5 years, it will be a big industry and within 10 years, it will create thousands of jobs in Bangladesh.

I have no plan to create an association like e-CAB in this field. May be, some companies will do it, may be after 5 years. I am not concerned about it. I am just concerned about one thing- all the regular participants can overcome their fear and shame of English language.

Some dreams are worth fighting for in life. I was and I am still a very ordinary and simple man. I have played my part and established this platform. I have also realized that if some vejal free people join their hands together then we can even create history. Few of us have already started trying for making this dream come true. You do not need to sacrifice like us but just focus on practicing English and becoming more and more skilled. If you are successful then our dream will come true.

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12 thoughts on “Larger than Life”

  1. why not? We are member, whose are spent time with this group all of known it how much positive outcome in English to learning peoples.
    If yiu can making as a exclusive platform by your hard work, so why we aren’t accept this incredible opportunity. I think, it’s our great opportunity whose are member of this group and those are try to spent their time to here for develop their English skill.

  2. We could not believe that we will be able to write one thousand words article. But now it is not much more something. Search English make it easy for us. As like E-CAB, Search English will make a great a industry in the freelancing sector. And English will be the great weapon to income dollar. Sooner or later. There is no doubt.

  3. obviously vaia, search English give us confident and skill in English. Day by day we are improving a lots. now it’s our responsibility that we keep continue in this platform and make a very good skilled over English.

  4. Undoubtedly dear sir e-commerce will contribute grandly in our economy as well as it will help to strong our economic support. E-commerce is going to become a comprehensive support for our economy’s coming days. Already it has spread all over the country. The people have to understand it that how much important it for growing and campaigning the business. Government know that it is coming profit for BD thats why the government give the big budget for devekoping IT project. It is very good news that e-cab is going to large by the help of like Razib bhai such and outstanding personality man.

  5. Alira Tanjira Alme

    Many time we find that dream become larger than life..if we have some good efforts and hard working ..Today or tomorrow we will win. .its natural and true

  6. You straggled a lot for these two platform and by the blessing for Almighty both field are established now. You successfully did it. Felicitation to you.

  7. Loneliness naiym

    thanks sir for building up a valuable group for all of us.
    Now, we can practice here without shame,fear nad hesitation. Shame, fear and hesitation are goes away from myself.I want to be a good speaker and writer or reader in english.
    So,I’m doing my level best to be good at in engliah.
    insha allah I could. because, I’m a hard working person.we know that, Hard working prrson never goes n vain.
    Again thanks sir

  8. Search english is moving so fast. we already saw some great achievement of it. even I can feel my improvement . So the main questions is can we stay with this platform for a long time? if we will then it will change our life…

  9. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    You are right sir.After practicing 3 month, now i can get maximum words meaning which was difficult before joining here.

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