Just a simple Benefit of writing comments

I have noticed that the number of posts has increased in this group. People now can write more freely. It has happened because some of us try to write comments seriously. Anyone who has written comment for just 15 days can write posts more freely. Secondly, even some of us now can write long comments. I wanted this to happen. We must overcome fear and shame and only then, we will be able to write freely.

So, my advice to everyone is that keep on writing comments. Only then, you will be able to write freely without hesitation. It will happen soon.

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30 thoughts on “Just a simple Benefit of writing comments”

  1. Thanks a lot vaia, Those are writing comments seriously for 15 days. They can see their improvement. I am really grateful to you for your exclusive gide lines.

  2. writing comments is the most important point for learning English. By writing comments more and more, we will be able to increase my written and reading skill together. There is a huge benefit of writing comments. By writing comments, I have got a lot of confidence to write posts and it has given me more inspiration to write posts.

  3. Sir…u told little benefit of commenting …there’s unlimited benefits of commenting ..thanks a lot sir

  4. Alamgir Hossain Rafi

    Definitely comment is the main key to success of search English because all of us are known about a quot,:industry is the key to success but the language of search English comment is the key to skilled of writing. That’s why we should do comment as,much as possible everyday. For acquiring skilled in English definitely we have to cling this group for long time and increase our perseverance. Thank you sir.

  5. I think comment is only one way to learn english with success. but in the same time we also should read post and try to speak with others.We shouldn’t fell shy or fear.Whatever it wrong or write it doesn’t matter.

  6. I think comment is only one way to learn english with success. but in the same time we also should read post and try to speak with others.We shouldn’t fell shy or fear.Whatever it wrong or write it doesn’t matter.

  7. kamrul hasan

    Writing comment is the best effective way of boosting our English knowledge. The people who are writing comment continuously, are improving their English tremendously.

  8. Shifut Hossain

    Commenting will increase our writing skills every day. We will need to do comment without shame and fear.If we do comment for fifteen days we will overcome from shame and fear also get confident to go to forward.

  9. Alira Tanjira Alme

    Writting comments is the beginning of ourselves in english world. .if we write comments daily gradually we become powerful in writing section

  10. I observed your ways meticulously and found the mystery behind it. That is you force people practice more and more in a regular manner. The platform is fully favorable in it. Finally who follow the way become skilled.

  11. Arifur Rahman

    You have written correctly because I am comment writer and I have been writing comment since seven month.In my consideration, I have benefited to write comment.One day I have written one hundred commennt in search English group. It has given me fluency and typing speed.If I stopped my comment writing then I could not improve myself.Because many people write about different things they write travel,hobby, movie and lot of things by this way I can write also isolation topic.It helps me to sharp my mind and transparent my mind.

  12. Yes i remove my fear and shame. I freely write post and comment here. Its most important for leatn english i feel

  13. Rashed Talukder

    sir, I think its not a simple benefit. from beginning time I understaning that how many benefit to do comments. sir always says that put 30 comments on everyday. it increasing power. indeed, anyone think about it? sure, most of members are thinks about it. 30 comments in oneday, its have to need 30 posts reading. when you do put comments you have to think about the post. then comments time have to known meaning of vocabularies. after oneday, you reads 30 posts, put 30 comments, and face new words.so you think about 30 post in different way. so you got thinking power, new words and new techniques and rules. just onedays you can get a lot of knowledge. so think about it what you’ll get benefit

  14. Commenting is a effective way to increase our writing skill. Yes, i try to do my best. I try to do keep it up. We should keep it up.

  15. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    Sir,I am the example of this.Just continue some day making comment now I can make comment with more sentences.

  16. yes sir, comment is very important our improve English. so regular many comment writing early improve our English skill.

  17. In spite of my busyness I try to follow your instructions. Thanks a lot sir for creating this life changeable group.

  18. Writing comment is very important for us.if anybody write comments daily he will succeed in his future life. Thanks a lot to Rajib sir who gave me the opportunity to practice here and to be a skill person in English.

  19. My one of the fevourite poet in Bangla literature.. sometimes I read his historical famous poem”Kobor”.and story ‘Nakshi kathar math’.,I listen popular song,,,.. amay vasaili re tui.,dubaili re tui okul doriyar vuji kul nai re.. though written by him.

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