John Bunyan and The Pilgrim’s Progress

The Pilgrim’s Progress is a masterpiece not only of John Bunyan but also of the 17th century England. John Bunyan wrote it in sometime after 1660 and it was published in 1678. Since then, this book has never gone out of print and it has been translated to around 200 languages. This shows that The Pilgrim’s Progress is one of the most popular books written ever in any language. It is a classic book.

I read it when I studied English Literature (I did my BA or Bachelor in English Literature) in University of Dhaka. I liked the book the first time I read it. Well, to be honest with you, anything related to the Civil War of England (of the 17th century) and related to conflicts among the Anglicans, Catholics and Puritans attracted me a lot when I was a student of English Literature. I like to study about politics and history a lot. The Pilgrim’s Progress is more than a literary work and novel (if it is indeed a novel). In fact, I like to take it as a book on History, Religion and Politics of England of the second half of the 17th century.

In the last few days, I again read The Pilgrim’s Progress. I reread the book after 12 years. English is not my mother tongue and 12 years ago, I was not so skilled in English like now. Yet, I remember that I did not have that much problem reading and understanding The Pilgrim’s Progress a decade ago. It is a large book but I enjoyed reading the book and I could finish it in just 3 days.

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  1. good

  2. I did not read it. Hope I will read it.

  3. i don’t about this book read before this article . now i know that .i am download this book. so when i free . i read this book . thanks share it Sir.

  4. literature is my favourite one I like so much read any kind of novel, short story. Robindronath is my most favourite writer. When I read Robindronath’s then I get extra energy from his writing.

  5. good

  6. I read it in 2005 when I was a Graduate student. I almost forgot about this wonderful book. After reading the post of our Razib Sir an interest to read the book grow again in me. First time I came cross the characters called Evangeliccal, Pilgrim, the Heaven’s gate, The River (I can’t remember everything now). I enjoyed it mostly for the character called Evangelical who always come with helping hand when we need just like a real friend. I wish to read it again and hopefully I will understand it more than I did before.

  7. As I am from science background, I have heard this name for the first time from this I knew a bit about this book.

  8. I am awaiting reading this …

  9. I never heard his name.

  10. Hope soon..

  11. though I am an English literature student I didn’t read the book yet.I think I will read it in next session

  12. This story is fully new for me. Previously I don’t know this story.

  13. I don’t read it.

  14. no sir. actually I have no experiences in english literature. but after joined se I knowing something about english literature. I never listen this who is main point of john bunyan..

  15. I have not read the book yet ,bt i will do,most of the literature book name i have learn for bcs exm bt have not read ,i m a bad luck person that im not take the English literature tast now ,its really a fulishly taking i know bt when i get the comprehensive on English language i hope i will touch all side of English literature.

  16. I read the post within 1 minute.fir bad luck that I ever been heard this book name but now understand about this book.I often think that what’s I am fool.before joie this group I don’t know any thing.all time cover myself in a black side.

  17. About this classic book and the writer I have no idea.But no doubt that it’s a great book and so why it translated into 200 languages.

  18. You who have read this book,you have got the opportunity in honours level..Now I’m the student of Alim(Inter) 2nd year..So I didn’t listen the name of this book before let alone read it..But if Allah give me opportunity I will read it in future..

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