Jashimuddin: Poet of Rural Bengal

In Bengali literature Jasimuddin is known as ‘PalliKabi’ (Rural poet). The main subject of his poem was the lives of the people of rural Bengal their simplicity, serenity, suffering, and various other aspects. Jasimuddin was born in the village of Tambulkhana of Faridpur District. He did his M.A in Bengali from Calcutta University and then worked on collecting Bengali folk songs. I remember that in all my Bengali text books upto class twelve all the books contained at least one poem of Jasimuddin. The teaching of Bengali literature will be incomplete without Jasimuddin. Bangladesh is an agro based country. Although industrialization is now taking place majority of the people live in village and in one way or the other related to agriculture. This is why agriculture and farmers are an important aspect of Bangladesh. Jasimuddin in his poet talked about their lives. My favorite poems of Jasimuddin are: Nimontron (invitation), Nokshikathar math (The Field of the Embroidered Quilt), Kobor (Grave) and many other poems. In Nimontron (Invitation) the poet invites one of his friends to come and enjoy natural landscape of his village. The village is a very beautiful place filled with abundant greeneries. There is a river flowing by the side of the village. The water of the river is very clean. He proposes to his friends that they would hang around in the nearby woods wearing garlands made of wild flowers. They would go to the field and poet would meet him with the shepherds and they will play with them all day. ‘Nimontron’ depicts the nature of Bengal abound with flora and fauna. Another beautiful poem is ‘Rakhal Chele’ (The Shepherd boy). Here the central character is a shepherd boy whom the poet is inviting to play with but he refuses to go and says that his work is his play. Everyday before dawn he takes his wooden plough and go to the field he ploughs the land and then sow seeds and when new plants shoot out they look very beautiful. Sometimes when he feels tired he along with his fellow farmers sits under the shed of a tree and sing Murshidi songs ( a kind of folk song). In the end the shepherd boy says, My work is my game and I like to play it.I play all day and forget to take rest.It shows the hardworking nature of the farmers who live a very simple life and work very hard to earn their livelihood and they are very happy with what they have. Such beautiful description of Bangladesh and its farmer can not be found in any other poet’s writing. However, Kobor (The Grave) and NakshiKathar Math ( The field of an embroidered Quilt). Kobor is a monologue of a farmer who is standing in front of the graves of his wife, son, daughter-in-law, and his daughter. He along with his only grandson was asking for god’s forgiveness for the people who were lying in the graves. The farmer brought his grandson near the grave of his wife and telling him Here under the pomegranate tree lies your grand motherWho’s grave for thirty years I kept fresh with my tears. Then the farmer describes his wife. A simple woman who was very content with his life and deeply loved his husband. The farmer tells his grandson to raise his hands and ask for God’s forgiveness for them. It is a very emotional poem. I like this poem because the way the farmer talks reflects his loving and caring nature as a husband and a father. Such love and devotion is a rare quality in the present day world. ‘Nakshikathar Maath’ (The Field of an Embroidered Quilt) is a long narrative poem. It is about two young persons: Rupai and Shajoo. Rupai lives in one village and Shaju in another. One day Rupai went to collect bamboo (bamboo is an important construction material in rural Bengal) and then he saw Shajoo and Shajoo saw Rupai. They fall in love with each other and eventually gets married. Then one day Rupai gets involved in a serious fight with a group of people in the conflict he killed one and on that night he came to see his wife, Shajoo. After that Shajoo waited for her husband to return but he never returns. Shajoo loved her husband deeply and not seeing him for all these years made her very sad. She gave up eating and started to grow ill. The she decides to make a quilt. On the quilt she draws her house where she used to live with her husband and the beautiful field near the house. By the time she finished the quilt she died. Before death she tells her mother to hang the quilt on a bamboo near her grave. Then after few months people of the village saw another old person lying on that grave. The whole story is very beautifully narrated. It is divided in chapters and each chapter starts with a Murhsidi song. This poem was translated into English by Mrs. Milford. Jasimuddin loved the rural Bengal and all his life he wrote for them.

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10 thoughts on “Jashimuddin: Poet of Rural Bengal”

  1. Kazi Monwarul Islam

    The rural poet Jassimuddin describes the lives of people who are living in the villages. He mentions the form- line in his poem really amazing. That is to say he blossoms the life style of farmers in his poem where they are making hard labor and earn something for daily life. The smell of the earth is mixing in their blood that anybody will get this from far away. When any one read this poem he will feel that he is standing in the village and not want to back from here rather draw them again and again. Morning walk in the grass with dew drop will really feel good and take to you far way. Again tune of the flute by shepherd, this sound make you think and also take to the imaginary level will not be desired to come back. Again a distress mother’s grave under the pomegranate tree startle our mind and make tears. This scene of the rural area is not forgettable.

  2. Kobor is one of my favourite poem. It consists of 118lines.when I hve got a chanch I try my best to read it.it gives me pleasure beside pain.I love pollikobi very much.he is one of the
    best poet in the world.we should love and respect beside proud to him.

  3. Jashimuddin is a good writer in our bangala literature. I like him so most because his poems and literature is strong for all time.And awesome to read that’s why I can say he is splendid writer in our country literature industry….

  4. Shafin Mahmud

    These are the great poem of Bangla literature. and also I admire jasumuddins poem from my childhood. as you mention we read a lots of poem especially in our school life.

  5. Alira Tanjira Alme

    Jashimuddin is the boon for our bangla literature and here you describe the 3 writing of him..nimontrol, kobor and nokshikathar mat. ..
    except these I read a lot of writing of his and always his writing gives me heart’s content. .

  6. Nakshi kathar math is very sorrowful poetry…I felt so sorrow when saju waited her husband Rupai…so mournful.. after a time Saju died waiting her husband…

  7. While reading the article i was thinking how people describe a topic so nicely! What a magic of writing you people have….. By the way, both Kabor and Nakshi Kathar math are truly pathetic poem of Jashimuddin.
    Word meaning:
    Serenity প্রশান্তি

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