Jashimuddin: Does he Matter Today?

‘PalliKabi’ (Rural poet)– this is how Jashimuddin is known to most of the readers of Bengali literature. He dedicated his entire life writing about the rural life of Bengal. This way, he has made a strong place in Bengali literature and he is considered to be one of major poets.

Bangladesh is a country of villages. We have heard the slogan that if 68,000 survive then Bangladesh will survive. Well, many of the villages have not survived anymore. They have turned into modern wastelands with people destroying nature and making unplanned constructions. Development is surely good but unplanned development is a trap for unhappiness. So, few people care for the life that Jashimuddin depicted in his poems. In many villages now such a life only exists in the memory of old generation. Yes, Bangladesh is changing very fast. So, is Jashimuddin still relevant today in our life? I do not think so. The other day, I was talking about a poem of Jashimuddin to one of my former students. He is a urban boy and he could not understand any significance of the poem.

It’s not that Jashimuddin wrote his poems in difficult language. Rather it is the other way around. He used very simple language and simple thoughts. Simplicity was most powerful poetic weapon that he could use very successfully.

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118 thoughts on “Jashimuddin: Does he Matter Today?”

  1. Jashim uddin is a famous poet in our country who has come of in 1903.He has written a lot of poetry and his notable poetrys are rakhali, Ma je kande jononi etc. and only one fiction he is written which is boba kahini. Although he has famous for the verse of grave (kobor kobita) which is included the poetry of rakhali moreover when he was eighteen his frist verse has come to light in a news paper. I would like to mention that he has also written famous poetry drama that is the field of embroidered quilt (Nakshi khathar mat).Our palli kobi Jashimuddin passed away in 1976 in Kolkata.

    1. He has written Also Sojon badiyer Ghat,Nakshi kother Mat,Choley Mushafir,Holde porir desh,Hasu,Ek poisher basi,Dalimkumer,
      He has Written Some important play, Poddapar,Beder Maye,Modhumala,Pollibodhu.
      His Nakshi Kather Mat Translet in to English by E.M.Millford.

  2. Poet Jashimuddin who is well known as ‘Pollikobi’ has written many powerful poetry and poems. Thanks for write on him.

  3. I remembered with honour pollikobi jashimuddin.He born 1903 in Faridpur.When he was university student then he wrote “Kobor”
    my favourite poet nimontron ” tumi jabe vai
    jabe mor sathe
    amader choto gay.
    Else he wrote many famous poem. Nakshi kanthar math, Sojon badiyar ghat,beder meye, etc. He died in 2976.
    He described around the village. The natural beauty in Bangladesh he nicely narrate his poem.
    I remember him respectfully.

  4. Our rural poet Jashimuddin he was born in 1903. his home district is Faridpur Ambikapur. he is my Favourite poet is Nakshi kother Mat, Sojon badiyer Ghat.
    Our rural poet Jashimuddin passed away in 1976 in Kolkata.

  5. He is tremendous poet in our country and all of people always reminds him…for his outstanding work by his literature. ..

  6. তুমি যাবে ভাই – যাবে মোর সাথে, আমাদের ছোট গাঁয়,
    গাছের ছায়ায় লতায় পাতায় উদাসী বনের বায়;
    i can start from this lines. Because it is one of favorite line of poet Jashimuddin. This article drag me to the village. He draws a his literature from root of life. The very common scenery of a village he had presented by his painting to the people. How much is enriched our village we can guess when we read poet Jashim uddin. Thanks

  7. Jasimuddin is a great poet in Bangladesh. His famous write in the poem “Nakshi Kathar Math” It is a great creation of his. He was born at Tammulkhana village. We called him “PalliKabi”

  8. Abdullah Al Mizan

    Jasimuddin is a great patriot poet. He wrote huge poems regarding the country specially linking with village. I have read many of his poems. But after reading his Kabar poem, I couldn’t stop my heart to blow water through eye. I read this poem many times. This is really a heart touching poem of Jashimuddin.

  9. Jashimuddin was the heart of rural life.Still he is alive in the imagination of all types people.Thank
    You so much Razib sir to remind his simplicity through your writing.

  10. There are many successful poets in Bengali literature. Jashimuddin is one of them and he is known as a polli kobi. The main subject of his poetry was the rural village.Today on the destruction of our village by the tide of modernity. At one time the village would seem to us a fairy story.

  11. Sayed Monir Hossain

    “Kobor” is one of the most famous poitry of poit Jashim Uddin. When i read it my hart had broken. I sow the cenary flow that’s time event in my eyes. It is a poweful poitry of poit Jashim Uddin.

  12. Zahirul Islam Polash.

    Actually Pallikobi Jashimuddin is the heroic poem of bengali literature. I like his poet so much. His best poem is ‘Kabor’ whuch he has wrote on his student life. He is famous for its also from that day. Really we never forget his contribution in bengali literature. We are proud of him.

  13. shoieb hossain

    jasim uddin was the heroic poet in our country. he wrote lot of poem.he was very famous by his writting. maximum he was writting about the scenery of the nature of bangladesh and rural villages thats he is known as polli kobi.
    i love his poetry. i can remember…. i have read a poetry of jasim uddin when i was in high school which named is rupai.I could love that poet very much and i have read several times.

  14. Bangladesh have 68000 villages, probably it’s one of the greatest assets for our country. Most of the people live in the rural area, they live life with simplicity. They are less money comparison to the urban people but that doesn’t becomes obstacle to lead life with happiness, rather they feel much better with work hard in the field, to eat simple food, to lead life simply and to think simply. They get chance to be born in touch with nature, to grow up with nature and to lead life with nature that’s why their mentality becomes simple. I think still we have necessity of Jasim Uddin.

    Thanks a lot.

  15. Every bangali people know about Jashimuddin. He was a greatest poet in bangla literacy. He was a urban boy . He always think about natural things . He described his own writing part about natural things.

  16. No doubt, he was a very talented poet. I read his poem ‘Kobor’ in school or college life. His description of rural atmosphere and the lives of rural people really made me astonished. He works were the picture of rural Bangladesh.

  17. Kawser hussain

    Jasim uddin one of the most famous poet in our country.He wrote a lot for us.His most part of writing is about rural people and about rural area.He tried to show the real pictures of our rural area.
    Though it is a small article i found here four unknown world.I love this side for this.I come here so that i can develop my reading skill and also can rich vocabulary skill.

  18. Josimuddin is rural poter.his had thought very good about village.his poems had of rural talk.he is great man and he is idle for me.he had loved very much village.

  19. Josimuddin is a famous poet.He wrote about villege.thats why people called him villege poet.In his poetry he shows the real villege scenario.

  20. Helpless Bahadur

    জসীম উদ্দীন is consider the poet of soil he is a poet of village. he wrote many poem about village. one thing is very interesting that when he was read in university he read his own poem.

  21. Josimuddin was a famous poet at this country for us. his another name is Polli Kobi.

    Really he is my favorite Poet. when i was childhood man then i have very interested to her poet, poem and others. really he is an real poet for me.

  22. this is the
    Third post i have read . this is about ‘PalliKabi’ Jashimuddin . Really we want development but not destroying our culture and nature ….

  23. Obviously josim uddin has a Lot’s affection rural or village are. when I had been reading his “নিমন্ত্রণ” poem.
    I was astonished to see his affection for rural area. we can’t forget his contribution to grow up our bangla literature.

  24. Palash Sarker

    Jashimuddin was born in the early 20th century and aware of western industrialization world. He had seen the expansion of Calcatta city gradually. We all love to go back to the nature to find the peace. Village life is full of nostalgic and unparalleled to the city life while we think about mental peace. Jashimuddin loved village life and may be lived in villages most of his time. Living in village help him to avoid the chaotic, corrupted, polluted lifestyle of city. It was his love for villages, villagers helped him to write. His all the writings are very valuable. Foreigners who wish to learn about the rural Bangladesh must need to go through his writings. Even the country people who use to live or born in the urban world need to go through his writings to understand what was our rural life, village culture. His writings show the pain, pleasure, cultural programs, demographic views of the villages. The way our country is changing mostly the expansions of the unplanned cities around the country, his writings will be only media to explain what was the rural Bangladesh to the next generations.

  25. Mac Chowdhury

    we all read his writings in academic life. But now a days, the new generation of this age in the name of mordenism lost there interest to read this type of novel writers work.

  26. Tasfia Tabassum

    Jashim Uddin is known as a polli kobi. He is my favourite poet. In my childhood, I used to read his poem. He plays many poem. Nokshi kathar math is famous of his play. He always think about rural people which is reflected in his writhing. In this time,we could not see such types of poet.
    Thanks for sharing this types of post.

  27. shojib Rahman

    We know that jasim uddin is our Natural poet. He always write about our village People . On the other hand our urban people can’t understand what is significant of jasim uddin poems. I think he is the part of bangla literature .

  28. Alira Tanjira Alme

    Simplicity is the best power and in our literature world a lot of poet like Jashimuddin prove that..

  29. Jashimuddin was great rural thinking poet. he was born in 1903. he always thinking about rural sight. he wrote a lot of poems. ‘Kobor’ is the greatest poem of poetic life which wrote of his university life. some of the peoples don’t realize what his poem themes. actually,the beauty of the rural areas is very a creative thinking. I love rural area.i would like to think about rural areas.

  30. Yeasin arafat

    Jasim uddin Palli kobi was a poet of village people is very well known to them who know a little about Bengali literature. His poem portrays the green village of some people of simple mind .His famous poems depicting village scen like asmani nakshi kathar mat ,kobor etc make him closest poet of pastoral people …i enjoy his poems…

  31. Jasimuddin is a legend of bangla literature. we know his title is “polli kobi”. His every poem i enjoyed very much. because he used all poem very simple word & wrote about grambangla.

  32. I can’t claim myself as a good readers of literature and I have no this good habit of reading so many poems,novels or any other literary discipline.But Jashimuddin is one of the few poets whom I like most for his poems where the simple livings of village peoples are depicted.When I was in School,I first used to find out his poem in each class.Today the description of villages he depicted is not relevant.

  33. I very much love every rural thing.so Josim uddin is my favorite poet. I understand all words without some words. No problem those words i understand by using tanslet. If i read all post i will understand so many words.

  34. Salman hossain

    Yes Jashimuddin is a great poet in our county. We are know that he is our national poet.He worite many book.Thanks for shere about him.

    1. Syed Mahfuzur Rahman Kaes

      Kazi Nazrul Islam is our national poet in Bangladesh.However Joshimuddin is our polli kobi that means rural poet in Bangladesh.

  35. Loneliness naiym

    Thanks sir for giving this post.One of my favourite poet is JASIM UDDIN. I love his all poem.In his poem he wrote about rural life.For this reason I love his poem.we also know that he is rural a poet.

  36. Amader choto gaye choto choto ghor..
    thaki setha sobe mile nahi keho por…
    this is the first poem I read.
    I love his each and every poem.
    And my most favourite poem is,
    এই খানে তোর দাদীর কবর ডালিম গাছের তলে,,
    ত্রিশ বছর ভিজিয়ে রেখেছি দুই নয়নের জলে।
    Really its so heart touching..

  37. Yes he is. He is a great polli kobi in our country but every things in our life is changeable.social,mind, environment also.we should take care of our environment and need to find out essential thing from this changeable environment

  38. Jashimuddin is our poet. poet of soil.
    he came from faridpur but he become poet of soil and man.
    we always love him.

  39. I like to all poems of jasimuddin . He is the most important and valuable writer in Bangladesh literature. ..

  40. Jasimuddin is our “polli kono”. He is one of the famous poet in our country. Most of the poem he has written for village people. We love our poet very much.

  41. easy to read and easy to understand.I like his “Nokshi kathar maTh”…”sejan badiyar ghat” and so on..

  42. my favourit poet. tears comes when I read his “kobor”poem.
    he is the creator of baluchor and noksmi othar math that werd very populer. he live with village and also with us.

  43. Jashim uddin is a famous writer our country. Jashim wrote nice poem. Most important poet Jashim uddin.

  44. “Pallikobi (Rural Poet)” Jasimuddin is a famous poet in Bangladesh. Once I was read, his some poet. But, my favourit poet is “Kobor”. He is not a poet also he is a famous write. He wrote lots of poet, drama, autobiography, nobel, travel saga, song and etc.

  45. sharmin siddiqui

    Jashimuddin is a very famous poet in Bangladesh… You are right Jashimuddin poem is not difficult… It’s very interesting. He is my favorite poet.

  46. Konok Baran Chakma

    there is no any doubt that rural poet Jasimuddin is the most, popular poet in whole country. when i was school student that time i have read many kinds of poem by writing to him. Really every poem is very essential / effective/ interesting.

    Methinks he is the another’s popular poet in Bangladesh. only by the him contribute today we got a good bangla literature. Really we should always respect him & gratitude to him.

  47. Rashed Talukder

    the rural poet jasim uddin is still a most popular poet. he had wrote most of poems about village. he always used simple words, idea. that’s why everyone understands his speech. most of readers not like a poets. theirs have no extraordinary like poets. so everyones would like to read appreciable literature..
    another things that, devoloping is most importants for countrys. but for that should a standard plan..

  48. I like the poem of Palli kobi Jashim Uddin.In my childhood , when I read primary and high level,that time I read many poem of this wtiter.but now a days, in primary lavel hasn’t poem of this poet.I seems that NCTB published include the some poem in all books in the primary and high level.I like his Nakshi kather mat,mamar bari,sujon bariyar hat,etc.We ever to see the poet but we remember that poet by reading his poem or novel.We feel the all creature like him.we see all the Bangladesh like his eyes.so we always should respect this poet.

  49. Obviously jasimuddin was a wonderful poet in our country.He always wrote about nature and our country scenery aswell as urban people scenery in our countr,, he always used easy language in his poetry so that we can easily comprehend his langauge and reveal our thought easily.Kazi nazrul islam is rebel poet he alway used strong word in his poet and story and novel.I have read many poet which was written by jasimuddin.I have read kobor poet.In my childhood I have also read many poem.

  50. Polli kobi jahim Uddin is my favourite poet.He wrote many poem. In my childhood I read many poem of his but now a day, few poem to submit in primary level,I don’t know what’s the reason.but I seem, NCTB should be include the poem of Jashim Uddin in praimary level.

  51. .He wrote many poem. In my childhood I read many poem of his but now a day, few poem to submit in primary level,I don’t know what’s the reason.but I seem, NCTB should be include the poem of Jashim Uddin in praimary level.

  52. .He wrote many poem. In my childhood I read many poem of his but now a day, few poem to submit in primary level,I don’t know what’s the reason.but I seem, NCTB should be include the poem of Jashim Uddin in praimary level.

  53. .He wrote many poem. In my childhood I read many poem of his but now a day, few poem to submit in primary level,I don’t know what’s the reason.but I seem, NCTB should be include the poem of Jashim Uddin in praimary level.

  54. .He wrote many poem. In my childhood I read many poem of his but now a day, few poem to submit in primary level,I don’t know what’s the reason.but I seem, NCTB should be include the poem of Jashim Uddin in praimary level.

  55. .He wrote many poem. In my childhood I read many poem of his but now a day, few poem to submit in primary level,I don’t know what’s the reason.but I seem, NCTB should be include the poem of Jashim Uddin in praimary level.

  56. jashimuddin is the famous poets in Bangladesh.. His mind is very deep. All time u think local villages people..

  57. mustafizur rahman

    Now i am reading this article but my mind stay in foridpur . village of pollikobi jashimuddin . when i was visit him village i saw a lot of instrument it’s used to jashimuddin. i think that jashimuddin is the greatest poet whole over the world. he always wrote his poem about natural think . his poem graves (kabor) always famous whole poem in bangla literature .and he always thinking rural life and wrote a lot of poem in rural life.

  58. Nakshi kathar math,is beautiful poetry.. I express so sorrow about Rupai and Sazu.The last living moment of life, Sazu waited so much for seeing her love, i mean Rupai.It is very pathetic… How can our poet create a lively figure..!!My favourite poet কবর (kobar) and Asmani… I just enjoyed so much.So our pollikobi really a good contributor to depict our villages life..

  59. indira pramanik

    he wrote his poem in simple word,he was a great but simple poet.a heart touchable sound moving in his poem.

  60. wow! wonder full article about poem of palli kabi jashimuddin!He was a great poet in bengali literature. i read his famous poem “nimonthron” i am crazy fan of his poem! i also read his NAKSHI KHATAR MATH, KOBOR,etc.

  61. There is no doubt that, Jasimuddin is one of the renowned poets in Bengali literature.His language of poetry is very simple and heart touching. He draws the portraits of rural life in Bangladesh.In his every poetry, the reader gets the scenarios of the rural area or rural life.Actually, that is his poetic style. By this style, his poetry is totally different than his contemporary other poets. But, With the process of urbanization, the scenario of rural area and life has totally changed.This is why being a member of the rural area it’s tough to really understand the appeal of Jasimuddins poetry. Nowadays, Villages has lost their own characteristics like trees, Ponds, rivers, mango and jackfruit orchards etc. For this reason, it is really difficult for the young generation to connect their ideas with Jasimuddin’s poetry.

  62. Jashim Uddin is my favorite poet and his Kobor poem is my favorite poem. I have read many times this poet. He have depicted the beauty of Bangladesh so adroitly.

  63. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    Here the information of Jashimuddin’s poems only but he wrote lot of song with our bangalee culture which have no information.If we think the poems are song then it.s ok.

  64. very few people thinked about rural area & poet jasimuddin is one of them. we never forget him anyhow. respect from heart

  65. jasim uddin is a successfull poet in Bangladesh. specially he was famuos for rural poet. we are proud feel to jasim uddin.cause he aleays was thinking about rural people & village.

  66. Jasimuddin is famous poet in bangoli literature. He wrote many poet about nature of rural area of Bangladesh. He dedicated him in this way.May Allah give him paradise..

  67. Jashim Uddin is one of my favourite Begali poet. I mostly like one of his famous poem is that”Kabar”
    He always wrote on our rural peoples & on their life.
    very nice topics sir.

  68. Jashim Uddin is called a Rural poet(Polli Kobi). because all his writings were wrote about rural or village related. In his writings he used very simple words or sentence. In his time the surroundings of villages was very simple but nice. that time the beauty of nature was outstanding. I think that pure beauty of nature helped Jashim Uddin to produced these outstanding writing like Poems.
    But now the situation of village is different is changed, everywhere we see the sign of development. For this reason we destroy our Nature and establish new construction. And in this way we can not find the Real beauty of nature which Jashim Uddin was saw.


  70. Abdullah Al Noman

    Really it’s very outstanding and effective reading store that will help to growth reading skilled. Thank you SearchEnglish Team.

  71. Jashim uddin is one of my favorite poet. I find the immense beauty of Bangladesh in his poems. Kobor poem is my favourite one.

  72. belayet hossain masum

    josumuddin is a popular poet in our country.. really it was vary effective article about our rural poet … I love his writing vary much. because I gather huge information from this article..

  73. “pollikobi” jashimuddin is my favourite poet and is known to most of the readers of bangla literature.he entire life writing about the rural life of Bengal pollikobi jashimuddin many good written in our country thats this famous novel nakshi kathar Matt and khobar poetry its my favourite .

  74. joshim uddin is rural poet, he spends his entire life to worite about village and rulal”s people .But he was born and growth up in urban area.

  75. today i have read 3 posts in zero category. i fell happy to read and increasing my knowledge by reading this kind of post……

  76. Generally I’m not interested in poem except romantic… But I’m so existed to read the poems of village where are overcome the beauty of villages after reading this article

  77. md abu doud mohammadpuri

    I am complete the post. but I don’t know 90% sentence of meaning.
    and 30% words don’t understand me.

  78. Pollikobi is one of my favourite poet one. He had written hundreds of poem in his life. He was famous for “Kobor” poem. He has explained in that poem about a pathetic stories of a grandfather who had lived in the village. When we read that poem,we falls into pathetic things.

    There is no second one of Jashimmuddin in the bengali Literature history. You should respect him because he has contributed huge amount for Bangla Literature.

    In a nutshel, He is only one poet who wrote manythings about our lovely village. We cann take fresh air from rustic area. There are many types of trees grown.

  79. I was written this post.This post is very nice. My favorite poet Jashimuddin i like him so much. He is a rural poet in our country. people like his poem i am also like his poem.

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