It’s Your Life, Your Education, Your career and Your Future: Not Mine

I created this group with the dream that Search English will become the largest and best platform in Bangladesh for learning English. I feel that we are already half way there. The group has now 8200+ members and within this month, we are hoping to pass 10,000. The group is super active with many posts and comments. Most of the members feel that it is a great place- free of cost and free of bhejal.

At the same, I had the dream and goal to make sure that people can improve- really improve. You see the basic idea behind Facebook or YouTube is to create user generated content. In other words, Facebook does not create any content or YouTube does not create any video. We the users create the posts and add photos in Facebook and make videos and upload in YouTube. Facebook owners or YouTube owners do not care whether you can be benefited. They only care for activities and more content so that they can make money.

It is very easy for me to follow that idea and I have people like Abul Khayer bhai and Mohan bhai to do something similar or create a platform for user generated content and earn money without bothering whether the members can be benefited or not. I wanted to focus on only one thing- members can improve their English skills by overcoming fear and shame.

The basic idea is that you will practice here a lot and no one will be able to criticize you, laugh at you or make fun of you. That is why, we do not encourage even pointing mistakes. You just try to get skill of speaking 2-3 hours and writing 2000 words a day. You should be able to do that within just 2-3 months if you spend a lot of time. Then, you start reading grammar yourself. By that time, your understanding or comprehension of English language should reach to a good level.

You have already seen the success of Partho Pratim Mazumder. He became successful only because he really tried and worked hard. He has got a career now despite the fact that he is just HSC pass. He even failed in university and a dropped out.

There is no short cut, there is no marketing. We do not want to sell anything here- no course, no book. All we care is that you can overcome your fear and shame and then you try to practice day and night. After that you try to become skilled in English grammar. After that, you try to use this skill in your education and career.

This is my dream and I am trying very hard for my dream. It is important to have a good environment and we have perhaps the best environment in Bangladesh. Here, we respect everyone and we especially respect girls.

In Bangladesh, we need to be skilled in English in our educational life. English skill is needed for our career and for freelancing too. There is no need to emphasize or explain the importance of English language in Bangladesh. We just need it and there can be no argument or debate over it.

If you believe that Search English is a good place to practice without any fear and shame then take it seriously. It is your life, your career and your education not mine. Search English is growing rapidly and with it the name of Razib Ahmed is reaching to more and more people. I have already achieved a lot of fame and respect because of my effort for e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB). Now, I am achieving even more fame and success for Search English. Next year by this time, at least a million people will know about Search English in Bangladesh. Many universities will invite me talk to their students and help them to overcome their weakness in English. Newspapers, online news websites, radio stations and TV channels will talk about Search English and me almost every day. This is bound to happen within the next 10-11 months or even earlier.

Again, my main dream is that all of you can become skilled and will be able this skill for your education and career. It can only happen if you are serious, dedicated and spend a lot of time here. Otherwise, I will become very successful but most of you will just watch it in TV, read it in newspapers and will have no benefit, no real improvement.

So, it is up to you as it is your life not mine.

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19 thoughts on “It’s Your Life, Your Education, Your career and Your Future: Not Mine”

  1. Yes sir . I agree with you. Search is a good platform for English learners. You created a Search English groups. It’s your valuable afford. I seeing that many people increasing his skills day by day. Many people trying his best. i hope that it’s will be a large platform in Bangladesh. Many people joined in search English in difference countries. They believe that it’s a good platform for English learner’s. I believe that search English is good platform for Learning English. if i follow Razib sir suggestion i will achieve my goals. So Everyday i come here for learning English. And i trying My best. if you pray for me ,i will success.

  2. kamrul hasan

    Now Search English is the most suitable platform for learning English. I hope, the intelligent learners will make the best use of it to be fluent in English.

  3. Thankyou so much dear sir. You have been doing good job for us dear sir. Your attempt really commendable. It is noticed that your contribution to increase Bangladesh economy will be fulfilled as soon as possible. Oneday you will be awarded by BD government. We are stay with you dear sir.

  4. Shafin Mahmud

    Search English is growing rapidly because of your encouragement every moments we are started to see dream that we will do something great in future depend on our strength. and also it’s the most peaceful place for learning English also aquiring knowledge as well.

  5. Alira Tanjira Alme

    Yeah its my life my living my career my future. ..
    search English help me to do something for that and am being dexterous by after day only for this powerful group….
    Thanks Razib vaiya for making this platform. ..I think that you make this only for decorating my future by your own hand..I am so happy ..good wishes for you and I determine that I will get a good future. .

  6. Search English has 260k members right now. Search English is growing very fast. I’m happy that your dream became true. Your hard work brought sweet reward…

  7. Really it is our life. So, if we want to achieve success, we will have to work hard. And if we can hold it, our dream will be fulfilled. If we achieve our success then our lives will change. We can speak freely with all of us without any hesitation.

  8. are absolutely right.the group is reaching the zenith. we all pray for this group as well as you

  9. Thanks a lot sir.Really Se group most important all begging student and weak student.Without shame and hesitation any thing write here.Freely write here and more skilled develop this group.Every member different opinion said
    and more english learn.Daily new words known here.Its most important for me.

  10. yes sir I am agree about your speech. It’s my life, my decision’s, my career, education also.
    If we practice regularly
    we can overcome as like partho mojumdhar vhai.
    Although he has dropped in his study but his passion and goal achieved by hardship. Nothing is impossible…. I believe that.
    Now, you are fame and honor. You created bhejal free platform where we are learn easily. It’s proved English is like any language by SEgroup.
    Congratulate who are helped and suggested you.
    Also congratulate SEgroup member who are trying improved English.
    I am not fullfill improvement in english.
    I am trying improved in English. English is helped for my study and make carrier.
    I want to be an software Engineer, this why I am studying diploma engineering at computer technology. Although diploma sector book is written by bengali language. Many word are in english at books but they are not qualified books. They are many errors in this books. I am interested at English but not skilled in English.
    It is hopeful SEgroup are arrangement in english wonderfully.
    Now, I can read easily and maximum word understood and tried to fulfilled learn.

  11. Yes sir as it is mine life so responsibility is also mine.I am determinated to cling this group and to be skilled.From your writing we get new stremina to do hard work and try to fulfill our dreams.

  12. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    You are right sir.You only giving us the our duty is fulfill our goal by writing more and more .

  13. I understand .how English become a power of life i will stay here until i do are my good guide line and mentor.i lost my most of time in wrong way now i want to do something .bcz i enjoy my life in are my idole

  14. shahh jalal anik

    exactly brother life is our own and we have to think about oue life my ownself.. search english provide the best oppourtunity to the weak learner. they can develope their skill to implement their time in this precious group..i always trying inpose my valuable time here.

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