It works, It Really Works

Within the next few hours, Search English group is going to have 6000 members. We feel happy and satisfied to note that all the regular persons in skype adda and in this group have seen one very big improvement- they are not afraid of using English any more. They have no hesitation now to speak and they have no hesitation to write comments. It will help them forever not in using English language but it will help them to become confident in learning anything.
We need this kind of confidence in our heart because it helps to move forward in life with peace and calm. We badly need it but most of us fail to get in our entire life. All the time, there are many people all around you saying that you cannot do something and you will never achieve it. We live in a country where English is a must in education and in jobs. We may like or hate English but we simply cannot avoid it.
I dream that many of you will start becoming addicted to English language and stick with us for one year. This platform is only 46 days or one and a half month old. We have achieved a lot within such a short time. Can you imagine what we can do if we stay here for one year?
I can imagine- English will become your major strength in life.

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29 thoughts on “It works, It Really Works”

  1. Wow sir..after one month, the group member was 6000…hearing the new i am surprised ..i seem the value of this group was continuing after creating this group every month gifts to Search English group more than 30 thousands people day will come soon where 6000 members will join everyday …i believe it will come soon..thanks a lot sir

  2. Alamgir Hossain Rafi

    Definitely sir, already I have realized myself about the benefit of clinging this group long time and why we should be addicted within very short time. I am determined to cling here in search English platform for long time and interested to do hard work as much as possible. Today or tomorrow English will be our inner strength you mentioned in your post.

  3. absolutely vaia, Your future plan is appeared now. you can see thousand of members strength become English.

  4. kamrul hasan

    we are determined to stay with this group forever to go ahead our life by being efficient in English.

  5. Already proven, How much beneficial commenting. we saw some person shown their success history. if we cling one year with SEG, definitely english will be our inner strength. I belive that from heart. thank you sir for creating search english group. your initiative really outstanding..

  6. Alira Tanjira Alme

    Within one month I can find the development of mine..I stay here of my level best..this group is the best place for me for developing. .its makes my life different from before

  7. Today is 27th june, 2017. The age of the group is nearly 1 year. We can see your dream is came true as many people improved significantly.

  8. Arifur Rahman

    Obviously English will be my strength if I stay one year.I have already passed six month and now I can write very well without translating my mother tongue. It is happening that once upon a time I did not practice or write any English, I was used English in myy exam paper but now I everyday write in English and also write about various topics. Now search English and reading section is most visited group and website.By this group and website many people are able to reducing their fear.So I think that if I take this group seriouslyy then I will do better in my future life.

  9. Rashed Talukder

    it working better than before. now to write, to read, to speak. many of members are move forward their own life taken with english. it more works for students, seekers, job holders and who are want to now earn doller from online. the group works without benefit. some platform are just earn money from students to teach English. but rhe students are not learn something.
    so I wiahes, I give up my shame, over come in hesitation and moving forwards to taken with english skilled.

  10. Well said vhaiya. English must be need in our life, if we like or not. I have a major problem, i can’t stay here long time reason of lack ptience. Vhaiya please pray for me. Really i want to learn english fluently.

  11. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    Yes Sir already we fulfil our dream.Now this group not like you mention.Now it ia too much effective group for learning.

  12. Now the group members are 350k. you said and we are seeing how rapidly the group are rising as well as a large portion of members are utilizing the group to learn english. Thanks for everything.

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