Is night the best Time for Writing?

I have heard this thing from many people that their best time of writing is at night. I do not know the reason but I think that they may feel that at night, nature is quite and there is less sound pollution to deal with if you live in a city. As for me, I am more of a night worker. I don’t know how I can change my sleeping habit. I wish that I could do it but it is very difficult. At day, interruptions are easier to happen. For example, a guest may come to your home. You may have to do the shopping and cooking. Then there is the sound of cars all the time if you live in a busy neighborhood like me. However, at night, there is less distractions. In fact, it is now 5 AM my time in my city and there is no sound at all. So, I can concentrate on my writing better. The only problem is that I have started to feel sleepy.

I don’t think that night is the best time for writing. I think that if possible you should try to work at day time because it is the natural thing to do. If you are awake at night all the time then you just make your health weaker day by day.

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23 thoughts on “Is night the best Time for Writing?”

  1. Making a habit is so hard..doing daily work, next we can make a habit…really night means calm and quiet …I like silence environment ..

  2. I am fully agree with your point. If it would be possible to write in the day time and stay comparably in quite place it is better to write in the day time. Though it seems to night is perfect for writing as for its quite and clam atmosphere but it is detrimental for health. Awaken in night obviously make your weaker day by day.

  3. night awake is unhealthy . so our responsible avoid it.
    i am try it. but don’t do this. everyday maybe 1 or 1 half hour i am awake. so it’s very bad for me . because i am unhealthy man .
    really it nice post . every man need to know it .


    Night is the best time but it is hard for me.however i don’t get much time in day for official activities.

  5. Md.Harun ar Arashid

    Yes night is the best time writing. I always prefer deep night reason all is quite and soundless. Night is perfect time for me so mind frees thinking and better writing.

  6. kamrul hasan

    I am becoming habituated to writing at night. I feel comfort of writing at night as the atmosphere is very quiet and calm and there is no disturbance. Imagination or thinking is very crucial fact for writing properly. night is the perfect time for thinking smoothly.

  7. Pragmatic suggestion. Night is for sleep although we refuse to maintain it. It affects our health badly.

  8. Shamim Hossan

    Silence of night is the best time for being emotion. In emotion mind, The various topic become arise on the mind. By awaking we can feel the silence of Night. It gives us various things for writing…. Day by day..I’m also becoming habituated to write at night. Because, in the silence of night i can be able to concentrate on my task. I know that this habit is not good for heath. But, i don’t get bother about it. because, it is high time for learning…..

  9. Alira Tanjira Alme

    I am totally apathetic to write night if we try we can write any time any situation. .night is for sleep not for work. .we should maintain some rules which is available

  10. I am different from u. I used to sleep early. and must a early riser too.. I think it’s the only good habit if mine

  11. Mohammad Touhidul Islam

    I think the best time for writing or learn anything with full concentrate is very early of the morning like 5 AM to 6.30 AM. Because at that time there have less possibility to interrupt your concentration.

  12. Rashed Talukder

    from 2011, I sleep at mid night. sometimes it 2 am, sometimes its3 am. sometimes early then.but most night I slept late like others. environment is normal, less sound at midnight. this time you won think deeply. that time doing sharply your brain. because then no disturbance. but its true that awake in sleep time is bad habit. its done decreased physical fitness.what I suffering now. but still now I sleep latel time.

  13. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    It’s depending on habits.Now 02:36AM but I am writing with more concentration.Although I know it’s not good for my health.But I will change my habits.

  14. Tazkia nuzat uzra

    I’m agreed to you in one matter that awaking in night is harmful for health and may be by writing whole night our that will supposed to be successful but next day our body won’t support us to work…finally the amount of lose will become bigger…
    But I think writing in night until 11 PM is better than writing in day time..

  15. Afroza Sultana

    Yes it is true night is for sleeping, we should sleep early and wake up early, than we would get a healthy life, but many times we like to work at night because that time no noise around us, we can concentrate our work easily, I like to work in night though it is not good for health

  16. yes sir i agree with you because at a mid night everybody is slippy I feel tired and mind send me please sleep and wake up in the morning so go to bed and start sweet dream and sleep.

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