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The day before yesterday i wrote a post about IRON WILL movie. That day i just wrote it is one of the good movie’s i have ever seen which is based on a true story . now i am going to write the summary of that movie because i think movie review is one of the good option’s to increase my writing skill. Another thing is i am feeling happy to write about this movie because now it is my favorite one like@Amrita Deb apu.

The story started by a 17 year’s young boy whose name was WILL IRON. WILL & his family lived in a remote village of border area in the United state where most of the time snowfall remain . Will’s family was poor & his father had a dog farm . His father ran their family by cutting wood in the jungle and carried those wood by a musing(musing means dog transport which is very common at the snowfall areas).

One-day when will iron & his father were backed from the jungle that time his father fall on aa frozen river & killed in front of will’s eyes. He couldn’t save his father because he was very little & river was blowing heavily. so he was very upset after his father died. he cried many days by sitting his father favorite dog. His mother decided to sell their dog farm because the family had needed money to run the family as well as to pay the Will’s collage fee. But WILL couldn’t accept it. He requested his mother don’t sell his father farm. when his father remain alive that time will heard about dog -sled race which will happened in Canada & the winner will be get 10000 dollar. AS WILL IRON lived in a border area which is very near in the Canada so he decided that he will take part in this race to save the farm. but his mother refused the idea because it is very hard to win. participants have to passed many difficult roads(mountains,rivers,jungles) which will started one border of Canada and ended another border of the united state.

But WILL IRON insisted to take part this race & did hard work for it. so he left his village one day before the race started. when he reached his destination he saw a place of full of people where a man announced about the race & introduced all the participants who will participate & their sponsors . He saw that most of the participants age were more than 40 . but he was not afraid to see them. After announcing about the race he raised his voice & told in-front of others that he also want to participate. but everybody was astonished to hear his speak & they thought that he was doing fun with them. but he raised his voice strongly to take it seriously. Then the announcer asked him to pay 10 Dollar for registration. WILL IRON had only 2 dollar ,so he told him to take 2 dollar now & he will give the remain portion after winning this race. After hearing his speech Everybody laughed loudly & forced him to out the room.

There was one newspaper reporter who raised his hand to pay WILL’S registration fee. The reporter saw the courage of that boy . For that reason he sponsored him. So final day came & all the participants started their journey as well as Will Iron. All the sponsors & media persons were in a running train where they could see their participant race. Many miles after after there were different stations where participants could take rest , sleep, eat & meet with their sponsors. Many days had already gone & all the participants became tried & took long time rest at different destinations & cooked & ate to regain energy.

but Will Iron didn’t take long rest & ate only his mother’s homemade fruitcake. In this way he just ran with his musing. As Will iron races for long hours for many days, he endured brutal cold, steep mountains, treacherous river passages and various other obstacles, and grows increasingly tired and sick. The reporter published all updated news about Will stone about his strong courage & desire to win the race. The reporter told WILL IRON many times when they met different stations to take proper rest or give up the race as his condition was deteriorated day by day . but WILL Iron didn’t hear his speech.

Among all the participant one was very bad because he tried to win the race & felt jealous about WILL IRON The devil man always tries to irritate others as well as WILL IRON. one-day when Will iRON passed a jungle that time the devil man injured WILL IRONS DOG which was very favorite of his father. so it became very tough for WILL IRON to continue his race. But he didn’t give up. He started his journey by his remaining dogs. In the mid-time whole country had know about WILL Iron as the reporter send updated news in his newspaper about his difficult journey.

At the last day his condition became so deteriorated that he couldn’t stand & collapsed near the finished line of the race. Many people were watching him & they raised their voice to stand up. because other participants were closing beside him. At the last moment he tried his best level & able to stand back up again & crossed the finished line first just ahead of the other racer. By strong determination & restless effort he won the race.

Thanks a lot razib ahamed sir for giving me such kind of motivational movie.


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