Individual Success vs Group Success: Which One to Select?


This is a common question for most of us. Since I am the head of two large Facebook groups, I have already achieved quite a bit of personal success. At least one million people know something about me or at least know my name. This number is growing.

So, it is easy for me to just cash in to this fame. I can totally focus on my personal success like give speech, write in media, talk to media, go to important events. Then, I just focus on promoting myself in the two groups.

Yes, it is possible and some people will surely clap me and I will achieve more success. However, from my teen years, I wished to lead some people towards something impossible or something very difficult to achieve.

Right now, I would really love 1000 persons becoming skilled in spoken English rather that I go to TV channels and radio stations and talk every day. It is not possible to achieve both at the same time. If I want to talk to the media every day then I have to dedicate significant portion of my daily life for achieving this goal. This is the reality.

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