If you want to be a Successful Writer then be prepared to Struggle

I know it from my own experience and after reading the lives of many great writers. Do you know Charles Dickens? He suffered a lot in life- especially in early life. It was not his fault that he was born in a poor family. In fact, he had very small scope to study. He had to earn money from a very early age. Dickens tried his best to learn from life. Yes, he learnt a lot from his experience in London. So, he could write about the people with uncanny ability and very few writers can match with him in this regard. Of course, Shakespeare can match with him and then, William Shakespeare was a poet and dramatist who struggled a lot in his own life too. He came to London and tried his luck in drama and it was not that easy at first.

This is the thing you must remember if you want to be a wrier. Of course, if you come from a well off family then you are lucky. However, in that case, you have to struggle in another way- you have to work hard. You have to dedicate a lot for writing. Perhaps this is reason that many rich people do not become successful in this field. Either way, you have to try a lot. For example, I am writing something here. If I and some of my friends and relatives read it then it has no value. I have to reach to a wider audience and it does not come easily.

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58 thoughts on “If you want to be a Successful Writer then be prepared to Struggle”

  1. Actually I am very happy to read this passage, At first thanks my Allah who give me power to read this passage. I hope that it is very important post for us. I am a middle class family’s offspring I know what is struggle. I believe that if I want to be an establish man obviously I have to hard work, In this world without hard work anyone can’t develop his/her life, Everybody pray for me so that I can hard work & can develop my future life.

    1. no doubt this is very useful article. specially i felt uneasy when i frist joined in reading sector. because that type of article i read may be hardly. and this is the reason i felt nervious. but this unticle give enough confidence. thanks razib bhai for you great mentality.

    2. Md. Mahaboob Hossain

      Nobody can’t success in his own life without strangle. but If I wouldn’t read this article I couldn’t know how to develop in life.

  2. no doubt this is very useful article. specially to me, because when i frist joined in reading sector i got very nervous. because that type of topic hardly i seen in my academic course. for this reason reading section i could not enjoy. but now this type of small article give me a lot of confidence. carry on razib bhai and special thanks to you all.

  3. Yeh, writing is a very tough work. Writers have to look many kind of thing in their writing. and at last the audience will decide about their writing mark. I think not only writting every work have struggle and have to do hard work. I think poverty is not a course to become successful in future. It’s a blessing and it’s give us more confident and create a great desire in front of us.

  4. Without tenacious work, nobody could able to gain the succeeds in his life.. To be a good writer, we need to do hard work behind this profession..

  5. my present situation is not like charles dickens ,for that thanks to Allah.but i want to get my identity by a writer.so if i have to struggle in life then i can fight with it.

  6. Definitely, nothing good is attained without struggle. Human life is full of struggle and success must be snatched away through struggle. Very incentive article indeed. thank you so much,vaiya.

  7. Nice writing indeed. To be a writer isn’t easy task. A writer have to struggle a lot. Specially who isn’t belongs to well off family. Though time is changing, hope writers will able to pass such troublesome situation. Good wishes for all writers.

  8. Yes sir…maximum writer has suffered much problem ..the great example is Najrul…thanks a lot sir..here needed 30 second to read

  9. middle class famiy always struggle with life.I did struggle from child because,I had some problem my family taken me.by the way, my present situation better then deckens?Successful without struggle with own and our society

  10. I think talent hidden in the miserable. Maximum time we can see that famous writer, poet,novelist are came from. poor family.Charles Dicans & Shakespeare both were born in poor family..So we should take care the poor child, so that theh can survive themselves.

  11. Charles dickness was a novel write, and William Shakespeare too. They were most famous writer in English histories.
    I like too much to reading William Shakespeare,s book. He is a national poet in England. His nick name was avon of bird. Charless dickness is one of best writer in English litterature.
    I enjoyed after read to completed this your,ss nice one of post.

  12. Those people are great example of success and for their success. We trt to learn from our every step of life.And always try to overcome our obstacles and keep moving straight forward.I think if we want to be writer then we must be read lot of things and collect lot of knowledge and infirmation fron this.And we can write easily about everything.

  13. Yes I know these two person briefly. But now it is clear to me.Poverty is a great obstacle to do anything. But if we determined at our wish it”ll obviously be fulfilled.

  14. Maximum successful guys come from well Off family. Because They got much opportunity to learn from their life. Their poorness oblige them to be hard worker.
    And They increase lot of experience from won working place.

  15. Today, whole the day, I was reading Tale of two city. Which is written by Charles Dickens. His father was sent to prison for debt. Charley had to work in factory. Then he became a journalist of London. Then soon become a famous novelist. His own poverty help him to understand the poor people’s suffering. Every successful writer had through this rude way.

  16. Comment*actually,i am middle class family member.i have to tring something for writing.yes,everyman first of all very suffere their of own life.he who come from rich family their very lucky.

  17. I am now stand up a turning point. I have to do something within 4 months. Graceful almighty Allah knows what i can to do.

  18. সাবনাম হিমিকা

    Comment* right… no body can success without work hard. we r read some writer’s biography we know this person lot of work hard.

  19. Poor situation help to struggle. When we become sorrow many positive thinking come out but in relaxation time increase laziness. I come form middle class so i know. .but now i forget that.

  20. Success does not come overnight. You have to struggle hard and dedicate your entire life to become a successful writer. To reach a wide audience, you have to wait for long time. You have to write their struggles in your writings. If you do not get any support or patron then your path to become a successful writer will be very difficult.

  21. yeah vai every human have problem we need to go ahead nothing will be not come without hardship we need to do practice for achieve our dream

  22. I don’t know what to say.in my opinion straggle is must,but as well as there should be joy through that straggle

  23. It’s not unknown to all that life is like a war,here every men want to lives with best way. For this reason, straggle is need to all.
    But some human beings start to straggling from her childhood, whose are always success to life that came last time. Although there are some different.

  24. We all know without hard work we can’t reach our goal.keep trying and faith on Allah.in sha allah everything is possible.

  25. shojib Rahman

    There are many success story in the world they could not good opportunity for success. There mentality had strong . They suffered his early life. No one can success without struggle . Struggle is a pre-condition for success. Many success people crated his own success by hard working and struggle .

  26. Sir, your writing always give me a lot of inspiration in my real life. Actually i am very idle person i wanna be a good English speaker and writer but in case i don’t work for it for my idleness. But your articles make me motivated to work hard in my real life. And i can understand that life is not a bed of roses if we want to achieve something then we have give so much time in this sector.. So, thanks a lot sir.

  27. shojib Rahman

    Your opinion is really true. i believe none can’t develop his life without struggle. Who are success in this world everybody faced struggle. if we want to success we should prepare struggle .

  28. Alira Tanjira Alme

    Not only for being a good writer in sector of life if we want to be triumphant then we should struggle

  29. Tasfia Tabassum

    It is the real story for every good writer who have leave their life for creating something. Most of the writer have been fallen same situation. If we see the history of our country, like Rabindro nath or Nazrul’s life, they have struggled with their life. They have done work without any rest. They have tried for making a new morning day after day which have been reflected in their creation. They were not a famous writer one day. They have cope with the life of hard work.
    So if we want to be a good writer, we should leave everything which will bring a new day, a new hope. So be devoted person and do hard work. 🙂
    One day dream will be come true. 🙂

  30. Life is not bed of roses.
    life can be life when it fell in struggle, UN safety and then we can recover from it.

  31. yeah…we should get lesson from Charles Dickens ‘ story.if we don’t work hard, we will never be succeeded

  32. When anyone starts their work in a new field. He has to struggle. Here does not matter who is rich or poor. If you do not hard work, it does not matter who are you. You do not the success from your relevant field. So, you have to hard work for your field. Then you will gain success.

  33. I am not certain where you are getting your info, but good topic. I needs to spend a while finding out much more or figuring out more. Thanks for magnificent information I used to be looking for this info for my mission.

  34. Sonia Islam khan

    I think writing capacity often natural and god gifted. It you want to be a writer you must hard work. Then you will be successful.

  35. Asma Bintey Nazim

    Life is not a bed of rose for everyone, specially for them who are comes from middle family…… Everytime It has been proved.

  36. Rashed Talukder

    writing is so struggling. for writing to needs lots of patients. writers have also need to prepare all sides. similarly every professions have need patients, motivations, and struggling mind. but writing profession is difficult from another professions. there have every task is difficult also differents. they arere do not do any physical works. they are do everything is with their minds. theirs tough task is that a long time have to seat a chair. its really tough.

  37. Yes,I also want to be a writer, I want to write in magazine and daily newspaper but I have bo knowledge about it I have spend lot of time but I could not improve in this field.I remembered Adison,he has endeavoured 1800 times to light bulb light.He is the great example of passion and patience, I also build this passion, I do not need to becone famous or fame, I always improved my skill gradually and learb deeplh anything. Because I am a weak student from my childhood. So now I try my level best so that I can fulfill my dream.

  38. Loneliness naiym

    Money is the life. And life is money. Without money any work won’t be done. In every spere of our life money is nedded.Also in writing.
    You are right. Rich people don’t successful in writing. Because they think that why we will spend tk in this sector. It will be better to do business.In business we could earn a lot of money. Because, in writing earning money is very difficult. so they don’t be successful in this sector.

  39. Obviously This topic os essential for that person,who’s want to be a good writer.Our national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam faced many obstacles in his life from childhood. He struggle all the time in his life to till last moment.This is the best example in our country.In the circumstance, He become a successful poet.So if we want to be a successful writer, struggle of all obstacles in the life.I apprisiet this hard working

  40. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    writing is always not for only money.writing will be on it’s way and money will be it.s own way.

  41. now I understand you will want to a position in life.it’s not easy.you have to lot of struggle…… &, that’s the real true in life…..

  42. In this Article , sir wrote that struggle can brought out good writer . If you want to be writer you have to work hard Although your birth and growth out to rich family . Who want to be writer a from poor family then you have to work hard more and more .Because of earn money for family as well as you have to survive to writing sector. wilium shakespure had become internationly by struggling . .

  43. Jobayer Al Mahmud

    Hard work is must to become successful in any sector..It is the only key to become successful in life..But human’s nature is he wants to get success in a hurry..For this reason,failure in earlier attempt breaks many people’s eagerness to his work..But the people who continue their struggle become successful in life…

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