If you are a Writer Then Don’t Neglect Writing

In my life, I have seen some people who think that if they become a writer then they must spend more time on smoking cigarette and drinking tea or coffee rather than on the writing process itself. I do not agree with them. Well, I have perhaps similar kind of problem. I give more time to reading and browsing Internet than the writing itself. This is the thing I have to overcome and change. Well, writing is a very lonely and boring job. It needs some decent amount of effort and concentration. It is a very active work.

On the other hand, reading is much easier. It perhaps needs less attention and focus. We are more passive when we read. I have learnt that the most important thing to do as a writer is to give more and more time for writing. The best way to do is to set a daily target of writing a certain number of words. It may be just 500 words per day or it can be even 3,000+ words per day. It depends on your time and ability. You should set a daily target and try to achieve it. Don’t think of quality at first. The more you write the easier and better it becomes for you to write better and faster.

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  1. Absolutely, writing comments in a Search English is become so easy for us to write anywhere. even I could realize that my quality also develop. So it’s important that I am continue my writing and I also determined for it so.

  2. nice

  3. I never thought to be a writer. Once I had a dream to be a teacher! However, after doing a teaching job for a couple of year, almighty decided something else for me! I joined in the group to improve my english communication skill. I have started writing. I know my writing quality is poor enough but sometimes my subconscious mind wish to be a writer….. Whimsical mind don’t know what should do…

    1. your have nice and effective dream our society. go ahead apu.salute you.best of luck

  4. Of course,a few month ago,most of the time spend with friend,chat,or timeline within facebook.but while i can know who for mine have a big opportunity for something learning.then i can,t wait at that time joinned becomed in this group.today i am very who i can something welfare se group authority.

  5. yes At the beginning we should progress our writing using easy and simple words. After bringing fluency, we should emphasize on quality writing. we need to be decent reader to be good writer. We should love to read. we should love to write as much as we can. we should have passion on reading and writing. very splendid article.

  6. Sir, writing is a great fact..but some people people ignores us as we are writing ..i have a cousin brother who has helped me much before two month ago..he gave me three dress..i have four dress now but his giving dress is three..but he ignores me now as i am still writing always ..he dislike me for my writing ..but now he doesn’t any help me..i wish i will be writing. As writing is so good job seems to me..please pray for me sir..please pray for my situation.

  7. I will be trying overcome and change present situation. I wanted to be a freelencee when,I saw information and technology program in BTV by mostafa zabbar.but now nothing certain dream.

  8. Yes, I think so.
    As a writer his think is not to be continue as like normally. Because, he need to anything extra to write good something. He is a writer, he try to making such as thing that can be help for glad to others. So, as a writer his attitude to be different from others it’s simple I think. I think, sigarrette, tea, coffee and more if things are need fir a writer for perfectly work his brain as smoothly that is very important for a good writer.
    It’s my opinion.

  9. Now I am trying to write.I want to speaking fluently but without writing it gain impossible. So I try write comment post.

  10. I want to write 1000words post in Search English but I don’t write it.Cause I don’t know how can I understand that my post have 1000words.Its seem to difficult for me.

  11. By writing regularly it is easy to become a writer. In any filed who do a work regularly and sincerely, if he can do it as his habit he will be the muster of it today or tomorrow. But it writing if you are a good reader it will help you so much. But avoid writing if you think that you will start one day, it is not possible to write. In brief, if you want to be writer you have to write regularly, easy equation.

  12. Exercise makes a man perfect.That I Learnt from this post sir.Actually, we need to spend more time on reading and writing section.Thank you sir.

  13. I should give more time to reading .thus i can reach my destination snd full fil my aim.

  14. Writing is a very difficult task to do. The more time we will spend here, the more we will become efficient.

  15. Now i think that to learn english is not difficult. My reading skill is increasd. In the past, I don’t like reading english. I hope in the future i can write english myself.

  16. Of course there are no alternate to give quality time to be a good writer

  17. i totally agree with you.

    we should always stay here and spend time more and more.

  18. of course sir.writing and reading are not same reading is more easier than writing.when starting to write at that time word can’t remind what i want to write.

  19. yes i agree with you.actually we have to give more attention on writting.for my lazyness i am avoid writting section.but to learn english i have give very much attention on my writting section.

  20. I agree with your opinion . If we want to be a good writer in English we should write regularly . At first we can’t able more worlds . If we writing regularly one day can able many words .It depends our mentality and spending times. If we regularly fill up our target and writing continuously we will be a good writer .

  21. Writer isn’t any simple person name. writer should have enormous knowledge and capability to writing qualification.
    this is the key of writer, he’s must effort to practice regularly. maintain regularty some times so taugh. passionate person never deserve bore his desire work..

  22. absolutely right!

  23. typing is more easier then writing. So many years I write from my social Id. My post are long n long day by day. But now I face a problem. My interest of writing is less then interest of typing. I’m so worried about it.

  24. The writers must put his/her efforts punctually.

  25. Your opinion is authentic for a good writer. If any person want to be a good writer i think they should abstain from waste time. And should take hobby in Reading for itself.

  26. Yeah sir this is true. ..Though writing is a lonely process but if we feel some attract for it we never fell ennui

  27. I am agree with your opinion but if everybody become writer then who will be reader..So,it is need to neglect reader

  28. Certainly it is a better thing is that the more we read or write the easier we can learn or write.A great speech.we have ti follow this rules.

  29. Writing is a very hard work.I never thought to be a writer.I have a dream.I want to be a successful marketer in future.But I am very weak in English. So, everyday I try to develope it. But I can’t. What should I do now?? I don’t know.But now I try to develope it.And I will be trying to do it.I hope one day, I will develope it.So pray for me all.

  30. If u want to take writing as your profession then have to set a daily target. I think otherwise its not necessary.. some have only hobby of writing..

  31. Exactly right sir. Some writer think that without smoking or without drinking tea, coffee, a topic will not be written by him. It is a negative thinking.
    But I think, if anyone want to be a writer, he should give more time in his reading.
    When a person read more, his thinking power is rising. He can think exceptional than others. His writing speed is too fast than others.
    So every writer should give more time in the reading section.

  32. If you have no target you can’t do any work accurately and attentively. even righting.
    so,set your daily target and try to finish it.

  33. thank you Razib Sir for your advise.I will try to write as much as possible

  34. hmm. present times popular writer Sahed zaman was facing a question tha how page he write a day? he answered that he has translated 500 words at a single day.

    yes. we have a target at first.

  35. Thanks for your nice advice. I try all time obey by your advice

  36. Writing is really very difficult job but impossible is nothing. We should write without any hesitation. When we wants to write something perhaps maximums are feeling uneasy like me.

  37. Writing is very lonely work also difficult, but great job. From now I will try to keep your adivce.

  38. This type thinking is wrong. When you want to be a writer don’t take excise tea or coffee and don’t never smoking. Smoking is harm full for human body.

  39. Writing is not a easy task. To write better you have to be concentrated.If you do another things with writing, your essay will not good. It is right that you have to set a target and you have to fulfill it.

  40. writers have need to write any topics. bad and good every topics have to write a writer. neglect is neglecting is no need a writers. another point is a writers have drink tea and cigarette. otherwise without this bad things more writers can’t write. I’m also agree with razib sir. everything is depend on your mind. so you can do that what you want.

  41. Yes….writing habit is very important for a person to increase his or her ability..

  42. Reading and writing is the powerful things if you want to successful person because without reading you can not obtain knowledge and wisdom so read a lot. When you achieve more knowledge then you want to write something from your inner mind. So we should to do it and ebdeavour to keep it regularly.

  43. writing is the best prosses to focus our all things but we don’t realized it.If you neglect write, you haven’t learn ever writing well.If you will be good wrirer then you must be write and write.the more you write,you will become a good writer.

  44. I think that if you want to be good writer then reading must be need. if you be a good reader then you become a good writer. you know that most of the writer when there write some thing they spend more time there thinking .

  45. I know and have also seen that types of writer but they ddin’t see like you.

    1. I know and have also seen that types of writer but they didn,t see as like as you.

  46. It is great idea. Ever people try to that idea. Of course, going to learn more. So also me.I am trying that idea. Everybody pray for me. I want to go ahead. …

  47. that’s a great idea.i want to apply this technique.I also want to be a good reader and good writer.i know writing is not so easy.At first i have to know a lot of things and idea about the topic which i want to write.To gather knowledge i have to read a lot of article first.

  48. I read this post only 2 minuets wow I feel happy. Thank you thank you so much Razib vai

  49. who want writting as a profession they should not neglect writing . many writer think that if they do not do smoking and take tea or coffee , they can not be writting , they also think that As a writer have to have this sort of habbit. But Razib has proved its prossible to become writer without any sort of bad habbit .He suggest that u will reading instead of smoking and drinking .. if you want be writer you have to work more and more . As a new writer have to set up daily terget of decent amount word and try to achive it.

  50. Very fruitful post..Earlier none inspired us like you to write.For this,fear enters deeply in our mind and we can’t speak and write because of shame..From today we will try to overcome this situation..

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