How to coup with writing rejections

Have your writing been rejected today? If the answer is yes, then of course you are deeply frustrated and feel discouraged. Rejecting in general is perhaps the toughest thing in the world to get along with. I do not know any good way to console you expect the fact that I am just like you in this matter. May be, I have suffered more rejections than you or may be not but I have suffered quite a bit. However, that does not mean that you and I are not skilled writers or we should give up writing altogether. Instead of being sad lest us try to get over it and be successful.

Failure is the pillar of success
When we were in school, we used to memorize this sentence. That time, I did not understand its real significance as like many children my dreams were very limited and most of the time I used to get the things before wanting. However, as I grow up more and more, I could touch that the world is a very tough and competitive place. Each day means competing with others for everything- from buying fresh vegetables at a reasonable place to finding a good spouse or job. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. However, in my own life I have seen that I can get very few things in the first attempt. On many things, first I need some practice and knowledge and then try again. If this is the case in many things in life why not in writing too!

Try, try Again
There is an obvious difference between writing and other professions. Those of us who want to be a writer actually dream for it. Hardly any of us with dream of becoming the next Bill Gates join writing. If you want to be the next Bill Gates and your writing has been rejected then accept it as a blessing and leave writing and join business. But for those of us writing is a dream, we should stick to our effort and simply continue trying on. Constant trying has one good advantage- it gives us another more opportunities to be successful.

It has happened to them too
When we get a rejection letter or email then we feel jealous for the successful and established writers. Media and publishers are crazy for getting writings from them and the same media and publishing companies are just only sending rejection letters. However, a little search in Internet will reveal to you that many of them have suffered rejections more than you and I. It is so good if you try to read about the rejections that famous writers faced in their own life.

A natural part of life
Rejection is really a sad but natural part of life. Try to think of how you deal with rejections in other areas of your life and then apply some of the principles when your writing gets rejected.

Keep a record of the rejections
Keep a record of the all the rejection emails and letters so that after you overcome your frustrations, you can analyze them and try to figure out what went wrong. If you can realize what went wrong then you can surely be better prepared next time.

Why rejections?
Please remember that every time your writing gets rejected does not mean that you are not a good writer or your writing is not up to the mark. There are a number of other factors too. For example, a magazine will publish only one article written by freelance writers and against it 70-80 submissions have come to them. On this kind of conditions, a magazine or a website tries to accept the submission of the writer who has good track record in the desired field instead of a new writer or a writer from another track. Sometimes, our writings get rejected because we did not follow the editorial guidelines very well. That is why it is important to try to realize the main reason behind suffering a particular rejection.
When we suffer writing rejections we have two choices. We can either get frustrated or we can try to realize the reason behind writing rejections and then try to improve our writings next time. The choice is really only yours.

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17 thoughts on “How to coup with writing rejections”

  1. Thankyou so much for giving us encourage as well as strength for staying in this platform after being rejection again and again. Obviously dear sir, rejection which is not end. We want to be a writer so it is simple matter to reject again and again in our writing. Abruptly we couldn’t writing good, day by day by practicing more and more maybe we become a writer. Still present rejection is a easy matter for us. At now from rejection we get opportunity will learn many things. Where is my weakness? What is my mistakes? We could find our error from rejection. Truly so effective post.

  2. Rejection have a deep impact on our mind. And it make us depresse as well. But if we find our our lackings and try to improve ourselves then we could touch the beauty of success. For that we need to stick with our aim.

  3. Apparently, rejection might make you disappointed & depressed. It is not a bizarre. It’s quite natural. Here is the point why do you take it so seriously ?
    Have you ever thought to be as great as greatest writer of English leterature like William Shakespeare over night ?
    Have you wanted to be rich like Bill Gates ?
    Certainly, the obvious answer is a big NO !! Pressumably , You write for your honest living or merely for your amusement apart of other professions. Don’t you ?
    Similarly, it is your duty to write down your idea & view on particular topic . You have done well. Your job is finished . Now , it is entirely up to those people who are responsible to hold , publish or even reject your work. Why should i bother with someone’s Job ? Let them do it freely.
    Secondly, it is also no doubt true that any great achievements never accomplished without repeatedly failure at the beginning stages. There is a word that goes like this ” failure is the piller of success “….I think this short , simple but worthy sentence says all about……….
    Furthermore , if you don’t get the taste of failure how do you feel the sweetness of success !! Definitely, it does not mean that you will never try it again,. Will you ?
    Therefore, you can not but do practice, practice & practice.
    Eventually, this constant , vigorous effort will take to the wonderful world of your cherish success for which you have been longing from ages.
    Shortly, failure is a natural beauty of life from my view. It may happen to anywhere & to anyone. You should accept it as it comes without being over reacted.
    Finally, you must start wondering or investigating why have you rejected ! What did go wrong actually ? What is my strength & weakness ? What should i do to overcome my shortcomings on top priority basis ?
    Most importantly, you have to take this failure as an ample opportunity to rectify yourself. So be ready to take it positively & productively. Because it will help you immeasurably to be a skilled writer. It assist you to find out your mistake & help you to do needful to improve your writing further.

  4. As a human frustration and dejection is not uncommon. It happens with us. But the fact is that we take it normally and try continuously they can win it. Can focus again their work.

  5. really rejection means not avoid that. so rejection means seek your weaken or strengthens . really at present i try it.

  6. Md.Harun ar Arashid

    Our vision rejection is not factors it is simple matter. when you work every day some work some person like that and some person don’t like some person avoid it infect it is reality and true.

  7. Arifur Rahman

    when we start to write something then we think lot of things about this topic.But writing rejection is one of bad things which are effect of writer mind. If writer recover or tolarate this rejection and try to improve this then writer always can make good writicle.Thank you so much

  8. Alira Tanjira Alme

    Constant trying help us deeply for being successful. .failure is the key to success if you do mistake why we feel Shame trying to do continuously finally we get our achievement
    thanks for giving this article here

  9. Rejection or failure is the first step to be successful. Patience is another vital thing here. In lieu of losing hope if we keep trying persistently, we will be succeed in sha Allah.

  10. Thank you Sir for the post. I wish to be a content writer and still I am practicing to go for the intermediate level from the basic level. From this post I have learned that after having the expertise in the language and also knowing the need of the editor’s we should go for the professional writing. Every single rejection should be taken as the Next Opportunity (NO=Rejection) and try had for the happiness we could have from writing.

  11. Rejection is a part of our life.To get any success at first we should think about response.It can be positive or negative. but always have to set up our mind positively

  12. Loneliness naiym

    Well said, Rejection is a part of our life. In many work we are Rejected. But we should not lose our hope.We have to think about it that How to overcome from this situation? Then surely we could be successful that’s no doubt.
    My Dream is to be a BCS Cader. I think it will be an important post in my future life. Because, in one time getting chance in BCS is so tough.So, we can apply for next some time and so,it will be an inspirational post m for me to be a BCS cader. insha allah I could by following your post.
    Thanks again

  13. Every person have done mistake. men can learn best possible thing from mistake. and writing is a very diffiicult task from the front. so we shouldn’t think about our rejection . just have to think how to we do better in next

  14. it’s a very important topic for who are new freelancer or who want to be a freelancer we have to stick with our practice that whatever will be happy happen we shouldn’t give up our practice one day we will be a successful writer

  15. Rashed Talukder

    The article has a answer of question of among our group. the article has comprise and give example magazine where is reject many writers article. interesting things there have few clues bearing inspiration. I am talking about our group matters. several our group has most posts aren’t approved by technical problem. this matter due us depression. but it also such painful matter. thank you Razib sir for give this article. at least it will gives us strength and inspire.

  16. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    At first time we should not think about rejection. It’s make frustrated and naturally it hamper doing better things.If it happened then need to think the reason behind rejections.And keep a note of rejection is must.Thank you sir for this very essential topic and content.

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