How to become successful from Nothing?

All of us have the dream to become successful in life. Unless you are born in a rich family, you have to struggle and start from almost nothing. This is a common problem for most of us. During our childhood and teenage years, we dream to become a doctor, engineer, rich business and we dream big most of the time. However, not all of us can achieve success and in fact, most of us have ordinary life. In this article, I am going to discuss about becoming successful from nothing.

However, when we reach the age of 19-20, we have to face the reality. May be, you had the dream to study in a good subject in one of the top universities of your country. However, when the time comes for university admission, you find yourself struggling for even entering in an ordinary university. Most people think that studying in Humanities or Arts means having no prospect in future career. Many people struggle to get a job after graduating. So, they start fearing that may be they will have to remain unemployed for whole life.

The main point is that we give up easily, we fear a lot and we become frustrated within a short time. I admit that it is logical to get frustrated when you do not have a job or when you fail to get admitted in the university you dreamt your whole life. However, it is suicidal to think that it is the end of the world for you and you cannot do anything in life. When you start to believe that you don’t have a future then it becomes impossible for you to try for success.

During tough times, the most important thing is to ensure that you can keep your mind calm or even you can inspire yourself. It is almost impossible for most of us. However, you have to try for that. The main challenge is here and you have to try with all of your heart during desperate times. The battle can just be win or loss during such desperate times.

Believe in your dream, keep the dream alive in your heart and mind. All right, I am convinced about keeping the dream alive, now what next? The next thing to do is to determine or pin point about your goal. The problem is that during our young years, we get lost inside 4-5 dreams about our life and career.

In order to earn money, you have to be skilled at something. Bill Gates used his skill from an early age and changed the world. Diego Maradona just focused on playing football and he became perhaps the greatest footballer of all time. All right, they are famous celebrities and you and I are just ordinary people. Many people earn a decent amount of money by just selling tea roadside in the city that I live in- Dhaka, Bangladesh. They can do it because they just focus on making and selling tea day and night.

To become skilled in something, you have to try for it. You have to know about it and train yourself. Knowledge and training these two things help you to develop your skill in something. Most of us do not give value to these two things. The more time and effort you give the better. Make reading a part of your daily life. Be eager to learn all the time. Start practicing from today. These things are not so tough and even if you fail then it is no problem.

Actually, failure is not a bad thing as long as you try seriously. No one on earth can become successful all the time. If we can learn from our failure then it becomes our experience and next time, we use our experience so that we can become successful.

One of the problems that we all face is the lack of focus or concentration. We get distracted by different things. We also do not like to work. These are common problems for all of us. Dreaming that you will work hard 10-12 hours a day is fine but implementing it is a different ball game. How can we ensure that we will work hard day after day? At first it is very tough. You may dream that from tomorrow you will work hard from morning to night. Then after waking up, you may struggle to work seriously after just 30 minutes.

What is an effective solution to this problem? Aim low but aim seriously. Just start with one hour a day. For that one hour, you will totally focus on your work. If that is tough for you then do it twice a day of 30 minutes each. It is surely possible for anyone. Then, gradually increase your time and take it to 2 hours a day, 3 hours a day and within a few months, you will be able to work seriously for 8 hours a day.

When you seriously try to do something you will face many obstacles. People around you will make fun. This is one area that you have to fight with all of your heart. Do not bother about them. It is your life and as long as you are not doing anything illegal or immoral, go ahead and keep on trying. You will notice that after one year many of them have started to admire you.

It is not that you will achieve overnight success. What will happen is that if you can focus on knowledge, if you can train yourself and practice a lot, if you can work seriously 8 hours a day then success is bound to come to you sooner or later.

So, let me summarize the main points:

Decide and tell yourself that you are going to try your best no matter how bad the condition becomes.
Pin point the skill you want to acquire. Try to be specific.
Make a habit of reading and read a lot about the field that you want to master. Read, watch videos in Youtbe and talk to others about it.
Start with just one hour of focused effort and gradually you will be able to reach to 8 hours a day.
Don’t bother when others make fun of you.
You will notice significant change and improvement within a year.
If you are convinced that start from today.

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29 thoughts on “How to become successful from Nothing?”

  1. much deep talk u told here!!!! I thought more than reading this post..for this reason, there needed 8 minutes to read with understanding this deeply post…thanks a lot sir..please pray for me to stop my alll tension and cling with u…i try my best…Thanks a lot sir..

  2. May be the first inspirational post at this platform which I have read and that is this post.Thank you so much vaiya for these guidelines.
    Actually, Aim is the most important fact and we should try to focus ourselves on a specific aim to be skillful. But what actually we do?
    We go run for 3-4 times for our future career and become failure to get enough skill to any field and that’s why we can’t become perfect for anything.
    Our aim could be lower or higher but we should take it seriously and do hard work for it.
    Another interesting thing is,
    Starting hard work.
    We can’t become a hard worker for our dream within a short time. For this, we need maintain regularity along with our patience.
    Thank you Sir for this awesome post.

  3. Obviously dear I want to write more and I start it from now. Yes like everybody I have a dream and I am working hard to achieve my dream. Every people have a dream but alittle number people have to do it on the other hand a large number of people couldn’t come true their dream. We suffered alot problem in our life as well as in dream. To come true dream and move forward is a very difficult in our life. A poor number gladiators have to defeat all kinds of obstace in their life and they become winner.

  4. M.K. Hasan Shawon

    Ma Sa Allah,one of the most inspirational that I have observed.An unique strategy easy to be implement In Sa Allah.Thanks a lot dear to inspire us through your wise instruction.

  5. Very motivative and encouragement post. You are the best teacher ever. Your direction, instruction and the way you showed for us, no words is there how to express/describe. Feel very lucky for being a member of SE and for getting you as the teacher in this group.

  6. Dear, big brother I am reading your post which is like wonder of story in our human life I am doing enjoy so much. Your, suggestion is as best to those people whose are really interesting to reach their target or goal. Here, you described so beautifully how can people they go forward to their way and how types problem will they can be face and how can they also get solution also.
    It’s very necessary post to peoples whose are want to be complete their dream. I must try to follow your better suggestion.

  7. Success never come overnight. Moreover, we have to achieve it through our consistence hard work and persistence effort. If we take stern steps to fulfill our dreams than no one can resist ua except Almighty. This post is full of motivation and inspiration also showed the appropriate way to success. Thank you.

  8. Arifur Rahman

    Really this post have inspired me lot and I have got lot few knowledge from this article.I determined and I always maintain my work according to my plan and don’t late to taking action.thank you so much.

  9. Alira Tanjira Alme

    Its a very inspirational article for us..and if anyone read this article who is in depression coming round soon from this malady and try to be successful with hard working. ..
    There is no shortcut to win in life…we have to be more painstaking figure and having a dream and also do work by the way of dream..Today or tomorrow you will win..

  10. Farida Easmin

    Nobody can’t attain success overnight.
    If anybody want to become successful one he/ she have to be a strong dreamer.
    Dreaming makes human hopeful.
    Human hope give energy to live for next day.
    So be an industrious person & attain your dream sooner / later.

  11. Loneliness naiym

    Good solution to become a successful man from nothing.
    I will try to abide by this rules. insha allah sooner I will be a successful person.
    Thank you so much sir to write an articles about it. Its very important for all of us. It will change ourselves if we follow this tips and rules.

  12. Abu Bakkar Siddik

    i am agree with your complement is that we need to be more structure to achieved our goal otherwise we can’t meet our desire goal. for achieving our aim we have to voyages towards reading inlaid our fields. without working hard any one in he world aren’t being familiar with us. we should fragmented our daily task and giving effort can makes our day.Thanks Again RAZIB AHMED vaia for your tremendous sharing related to our practical life.

  13. Great motivational information.I have got a new stamina to read this post.Yes ,dream,determination,patience,hard work =success.

  14. Yeah, The most important thing is we have hang with a thing so that we will be a master in there. and others is we have to know know about our talents and interest. if we can catch these thing then success will come to us us in a decent rate.

  15. i will try better myself what ever i face any problem
    i determine my work i will be a professional freelancer
    i will work for 10-12 hours everyday
    inshaallah i can do it

  16. Rashed Talukder

    more inspiration getting from this article. when I read it I acquire enjoy and get interest and inspire. abreast I read it more time. sometimes I lost my attention and attraction to search english. but when I read few post and article like that I again get interest and energy. anyway, we should read it more time.

  17. Thanks a lot for giving very precious guidelines to us who were bron in poor family. We must need to obey your instructions strictly to change ourselves fully. We all are grateful to you.

  18. It is great post for motivation.By reading this post If one start work hard as instructions he/she will reach the success which comes through a long hard work at not overnight but a long time.

  19. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    In this post our sir shows us the real way to be success from almost nothing.
    Everyear lot of students fail to admit their choicest subjects or places so they can’t belive on their dream,they can’t keep the dream alive and they can’t determined about his or her goal.But if we determined and concentrated with our dream tjen by hard working we can overcome this problems. Hard working is not easy for all.But we can start from small.First day if I worked one hour and continue one weak then from next weak it’s easy to me do the work two hours.This way if we worked hard eight hours per day then success will knock our door.Thank you sir for this post.

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