Hero Alom: A common man and our Hero

These days, Hero Alom is making a lot of noise in social media. After reading about this person, I have nothing but great respect for him.

Those of you who do not know about Hero Alom. His real name is Ashraful Alom. He lives in Erulia Union of Bogra district where he runs a successful cable TV business called Sokal-Sondha Cable Network.

Ashraful was born in Bogra. His father was a chanachur seller and was quite successful. Ashraful was ten years old when his father remarried and abandoned him and his mother. To support himself and his mother, Ashraful started selling chanachur. Because of the hardship, he could not continue his study. He failed in the exam in class VII and dropped out of school.

There was a small video shop near his house. After selling Chanachur all day, he used to come to this shop and watched videos. When the owner decided to sell the shop, Ashraful approached him. He wanted to run the shop and pay him back in installments. He was not even fifteen year old he was running two businesses. Every morning, he sold chanachur and sat at the video shop at night.

A person named Abdur Razzak who used to live in the same village was a regular customer to Ashraful’s video shop. He grew very close to Ashraful and later adopted Ashraful.

In the meantime, cable TV came to the village and Ashraful decided to start his own cable television business.  Abdur Razzak also helped Ashraful. His business took off.

In 2009, Abdur Razzak got Ashraful married to a girl who used live in the nearby village.

It was Ashraful’s long cherished dream to be a hero. He knew that he neither had the look nor the physique but it did not dent his spirit. In 2008, Ashraful produced his first music video and released it in his cable TV network. People liked his music videos. Over the years, he produced 500 music videos. He does everything script, music. He bore all the expenses for the videos.

Recently, someone uploaded his music videos on Youtube and it became viral and Ashraful became popular overnight.

After seeing his videos on Youtube, many contacted him and offered him to work in music videos. According to recent news report published on Channel i Online, Hero Alom recently got offers to work in a short film, two TV dramas and TV commercials. He even sang a rap song which will be released soon. He even got offers to go abroad to work. He got an offer to work in USA. His entire team would go and stay in USA for two months. He got offer to go to Singapore. He made a music video based on one of the movie songs of Salman Khan.

Recently, Hero Alom went to the Mirpur Stadium to meet Mushfiqur Rahim, the Test captain of Bangladesh. Here is the video:

He wants to work with Mushfiqur Rahim in his upcoming music video. Mushfiq also hails from Bogra. When other players heard about Hero Alom, they also came to meet him and took photos with him. They told Hero Alom that they watch his videos and like him and encouraged him to continue his work.

Hero Alom is now very popular in his village. He ran for UP Chairman in 2011 and 2016 but failed both times. Still, he is hopeful and wants to go for a third time.

During the recent Ramadan Eid, Ashraful Alom came to Dhaka and gave an interview at ABC radio 89.2FM. In this one hour forty minute interview, Hero Alom tells his life’s story, his struggle, and success. After listening to the entire clip, my respect for him increased even more. I am sure, you would also enjoy listening to this interview.

Why I like Hero Alom:

To me Hero Alom is a true “Hero” in every aspect. He faced great difficulties and overcame them. His struggled since he was ten. In his situation, any person would have become a drug addict, or hoodlum and it is very common in Bangladesh but Hero Alom became none of that. He worked hard and became a successful businessman and then went on to fulfill his long cherished dream of modeling. In the interview, he said that he does not drink or smoke. He has only one addiction in life and that is modeling. He also said that many of the female models did not like his appearance and refused to work with him. He paid them more money. Now, people all over Bangladesh see his videos and everybody likes him. He is getting offers to work in movies and TV dramas. In our country, these days, people love  shortcuts. They want to get everything by doing nothing. In such a time of moral decadence, a person like Hero Alom sets great example for all of us. His struggle teaches us that we must not be afraid of hardships, we must not be ashamed of ourselves and our appearance, we must work hard to achieve our goals in life and we must always remain humble.

What members of Search English can learn from Hero Alom:

Hero Alom is a great source of inspiration for Search English members. We should learn a few things from this man.

Do not be afraid of what other people might think:

Hero Alom did not bother what other people would think of him and his music videos. In the interview, he said that he worked hard and became successful and earned money. So he did not care what other people would think of him or his music videos. He spent his own money to make those videos.

In the same way, if you are really serious about learning English, then do not bother about what other people would think about it. Yes, you have finished your university or you are a job holder and people would make fun of you after they learn about your learning English.  If you have to start all the way from reading school-level grammar books than read it. Do not let other people’s thoughts get to you. Remember, this is your life and you have to live it. Other people-your friends, loved ones, families- they do not live your life for you, they do not go to your office and do your work for you. You go to your office, you do your work, you earn your money. Why would you think of other people? You want to learn English because you want to further advance your career, have a higher post, and receive better salary right? What is wrong about it?

If you want to improve your speaking skill then speak up. It does not matter if you make mistakes. If you want to develop your writing skill then start with writing comments in Search English posts.  Just practice writing every day.

Do not lose hope:

Some of the members in this group are young and they are frustrated about their lives. They gave up hope about themselves. Listen to the radio interview of Hero Alom and you would understand what kind of hardship he went through. He gave up his studies to earn money at a very young age. His paternal grandmother (দাদি) had a small piece of land and she let him and his mother build a house in that land but his father would not let them live there. Still, he did not give up and look where he is now.

So do not lose hope. Keep writing posts regularly. Read other members posts and write comments. Write posts. If you like movies then write about movies regularly. If you like football then write about your favorite football matches, football players, favorite football clubs. KEEP READING, KEEP WRITING AND KEEP FIGHTING!!!!!

Be passionate:

You must bring your passion to learning English. Hero Alom had a long cherished dream of modeling. He knew that he is not a hero material but still he made those videos. He spent his own money. He first saw the movies and carefully noticed what kind of clothes the actors wear and their dance moves. He bought those clothes. He hired the video-man and editor. He paid money to those female performers who performed with him in his videos He danced with them. He had no hesitation or no apprehension about what he is doing. His videos are crass. Even I do not like them but what I felt in those videos was his passion and his devotion and that made me respect this simple man.

In the same way, you must be passionate about learning English. You want to write in Search English. Alright, then take a good internet connection, buy a PC. Read the posts regularly. You are afraid of writing in English because you would make lot of mistakes. Do not be afraid, do not hesitate, start writing immediately. Do not worry about mistakes. Yes, you will make mistakes. Your sentences may sound funny but do not stop. There is a saying “To err is human.” It means human beings make errors all the time. If you are afraid of mistakes then you would not learn anything.

Do not be afraid of hardships:

Hero Alom worked hard all his life. He sold chanachur, he then started his own CD rental business and then cable TV business.  In the interview, he said that even today, he personally collects the dues from his cable subscribers. He has nine employees. He could send them to collect the subscription fees but he does not do that. He visits every subscribers’ house personally.

In the same way, you must not be afraid of hardships. You must practice writing regularly. You must read English articles regularly. You should practice speaking regularly in skype adda. During holidays, when you have time, you should spend it in practicing writing or reading. In this way, you would become highly proficient in English language.

Always remain humble:

Hero Alom is now getting offers to work in films, TV dramas but that success did not change him. In the interview he says, “I do not feel like I am a big celebrity. I am still the same person. I did not change.”

Have a good heart:

In the interview, Hero Alom said that he came across many people who said bad things on his face and it heart him very much but he did not say anything to them. On the contrary, there are people who love him.

Hero Alom likes to travel. He wants to share that joy with other people. For the last few years, he regularly organizes picnic in Cox’s Bazar for his cable subscribers. Every year, he takes hundreds of people to Cox’s Bazar. They pay the boarding rent and he pays for all their foods. It is a huge expense but he does not feel bad about it.

In future, he wants to build a shelter for old people who live alone.

After reading about Hero Alom, I felt like writing an article about him in Search English but I did not anticipate that it is going to be long article. Thank you for reading it!!! KEEP PRACTICING ENGLISH, KEEP FIGHTING!!!!!

Source- https://searchenglish.com/hero-alom-common-man-hero/

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14 thoughts on “Hero Alom: A common man and our Hero”

  1. Wow..great hero …our northern hero ..thanks a lot…i will write a post about hero alom as soon as possible

  2. I have heared the name of hero alam for last 6 month ago.Really, he is a great man in our country, he struggle a lots in his life but he didn,t give feed back when someone mada criticising to ser him but noe he is a real hero in our country… best of luck hero alom bro…From him we should learn some thing and continue our work for become successes in the life. If we can continue our hard assiduity behind learning something from search English group. InshaAllah this platform will gives better something in lieu if tenacious task…

  3. Hero Alam is the burning question of the day. His reputation has spread all over the country. Every corner of the country ,tea stall, market, bus station,crowded place you can listen the name Hero Alam. You have drawn a nice presentation of Hero Alam. Good article. Thanks

  4. Shafin Mahmud

    After reading this post my respect is become very high for this person. I really inspired a lot from his story. I haven’t any importance for this men from the beginning to start his popularity. but after this post I am interested to know something more about him

  5. Arifur Rahman

    Great story I have ever read.Now I am fully charged by reading this article.Really he has been struggle for his life when he was ten years old.

  6. Alira Tanjira Alme

    Really Hero alom’s story is a great illustrate for us for making us fit for our career. ..if he do from his bottom and helpless life why we can’t do..we get a lot of understandable thing as our motive. ..Thanks for adding this story here. .
    Indeed he is the Hero Alom…

  7. Loneliness naiym

    I was just speechless when I had read about Hero’s personality. Just salute him for his job. And I also got inspiration from him.He is doing hard work for fulfilling his dream. And I think hr could. He is now a celebrity but he never mind that he is a celebrity. He is a simple man. We also know that those people who were lead a simple life they shined in life. And Hero also sinee in life. I’m looking his bright future.
    By his ugly appearance he is being a celebrity. But how can possible? All will be possible if he/she working hard sonner or later they will be successful that’s no doubt. We have to learn from hero ALom. By reading about his life I have got inspiration.
    Insha allah I will fulfill my dream which I cherished in my mind.
    Thanks sir for writing about his life.

  8. Wow!! Excellent write up. I have seen the interview of hero alom. Many people criticize him for his music video or his attitude. People make troll of him. After having huge trouble he didn’t stopped. Great spirit indeed. Writer depicted some important tips of english correlating with the criteria of mr. Alom. Those are very effective for us. Thanks.

  9. Obviously sir he is very inspiratinal man for our.we can proficient us by hardwork. i got a lot of inspiration to read about hero Alam.

  10. After reading this post I fell full of veneration and respect for him.Though people make ridiculous and mock him.His life story is really inspire to us…respect boy. .

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