Have you written anything Today?

I noticed that I waste a lot of time every day and I do very small amount of writing. I browse Internet, check my stats, watch TV etc etc. Thus, I waste a lot of time and this way, I find very small amount of time to do the actual writing. I am a blogger and freelance writer. So, if I don’t write then I cannot earn money- this is as simple as that. Anyone who is either a blogger or a freelance writer has the same condition like me. Today, I was thinking that one of the biggest problems that I face is that instead of doing the writing, I think about other things a lot.
For example, one of my problem is that I get easily distracted with other things. When I sit to write then I constantly think about the quality of the entry that I am working on. I also think about the length. I am worried whether I am giving the correct information and appropriate analysis. I guess that many writers have the same problem like me.
I encourage you to read something in this regard:


  1. Just thinking and thinking I can not find what can I write. But I start to write without so much thinking , I can not make out how would I write this.

  2. To be a writer we need to write everyday. Although i don’t waste time watch tv or other things but I have less time to practice.

  3. we should do hard works and in few times should entertainment. but what do we do? we are take more time entertainment and do work few time. I think this lazyness is our main problem to success. another point, no working no money. to earn money do hard work. every where have same logic. without hard work we can’t earn nothing, no experience, no benefit. so do not waste time.

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