Grammar, Accuracy, Time and Effort

Almost every day, someone asks me this question: Why are you against grammar?
I am not against learning grammar; I am not against speaking and writing accurately. If you can do it then I have no problem. I do not tell anyone here to write in wrong English.
Here, in Search English, I am trying to create a platform for learning English. I want people to learn and practice here at free of cost. This Facebook Group, Search English (dot com) Website and Skype adda- these are the three components. We are adding two new features soon. One is audio content and another is PracticeBD Facebook group.
We are going to record audio conversation and then put in our website. As for PracticeBD, we will practice writing in Bangla and also translating from English to Bangla.
On the other hand, you can practice translating from Bangla to English in this group (Search English). The basic idea is very simple- spend a lot of time every day in using English language. At first try to be fluent. Leave fear and shame aside and use English language.
To us, English is not a subject to pass but a language to use. We are writing a lot here now. We speak at least four hours every night in skype. We are doing it every night.
I just want two things from all of you:
1. Spend four or five hours a day (if you can give 8-10 hours a day is even better)
2. Do it every day (yes, do not miss a single day unless you are sick or if you have some kind of emergency)
First, let us become fluent; let us develop a habit of using English four or five hours a day. When we can do it then we can easily study English Grammar four or five hours a day.

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12 thoughts on “Grammar, Accuracy, Time and Effort”

  1. we need to invest time to practise English in this group as much as we can. The more time we will spend there, the more efficient we will be in English.

  2. I like the concept of practicing english with out thinking about any error and fear. It’s useful indeed.

  3. Rashed Talukder

    we are always think english as a fact what we understand and takeing mejor fact and its almost impossible to learn. actually mejor fact that we have become fear from beginning our academic learning started. but resently we realise and believe that grammer rule is not main and first matter. to speaking english has no need to fluently grammetical rules. there have main point try explain what you want to say him. when you won write as like this group members if write wrong that time grammer learn is no tough task.
    sir always saying in group take it seriously. to learn english you have spend to 4-5 hours per day. if you can give 10 hours even better. sir says spend time here for learn, do not want vejal. so many members are asked why don’t caught mistake?? if catch mistakes skills is devolop more. but this thought is wrong. and its practical experienced of Razib sir. you can try this matten one time.

  4. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    In high school level our english language was covered by grammar and so fail to break this cover to see the real english.

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