Glory Road Movie review

Glory Road movie is similar to search English group. In this movie, there was a coach who changed the many black player’s life. Actually, it is based on a true story.

Texas wastin collage appointed a new coach for their Basketball. in this college there wasn’t enough good basketball players & the college hadn’t enough money to hire good players for their Texas team. so the coach hired some black players to compete for the national championship with other teams. Actually from the beginning when the coach went to the different black boys they won’t agree to play. As they are black so they always think that they won’t be a good player & people don’t love them. They always feel awkward as they got that types of position in before. But the coach was very stick &believe that if they try they will be national champion one day. The coach always forces them to do hard work. Every day they did practice long hours.

sometimes they (black players)did quarrel with the coach why he gave them a lot of punishment to do hard work. In this way, many days had gone &they practiced a lot. unfortunately, they lost many games despite being hard work because there was no unity in their team. So the coach taught them to play unity. In this way, day by day they increased their unity & tried to follow what their coach said & won many rounds. At last the final round came & they won the match with great difficulty.

I said before that the movie is similar to the Search English group because in this group there is a coach(Razib Ahamed) & we all are the weak learners. In before we thought that we couldn’t able to do anything or learn English. But after following sir’s rules now many of us have improved a lot & changed their lives. In this group, we get a friendly environment where we can practice without hesitation. it is our bonding & unity. In-sha-allah we will move forward more by following our sir speech. Thanks a lot, sir for your proper guidelines. We all are grateful to u.


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