Freelance Writing: How to Survive the First Few Years?

When you decide to become a freelance writer then you decide to embrace all kind of financial uncertainty and insecurities in life. At first, it is very difficult to earn money because it is not easy to get projects. Well, if you are living in third world country like me then you are even in worse situation. So, how to pass the first years? It is not a wise thing to do your current job until you get some writing opportunities that would bring some money. You have to develop some relationships with some magazines or publishing houses. It is not easy at all.

That is why, it is a good thing that you do not leave everything and become a writer until you find a source that can generate some revenue for you through your writing. This is a big dilemma because then you cannot give time for your writing. If you work in a job until evening then how you can focus on your writing in a tired body. In fact, I have no easy answer to this question except saying that you have to work hard and survive. There is no easy solution.

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52 thoughts on “Freelance Writing: How to Survive the First Few Years?”

  1. Thank you vaia, I am giving my one year for developing my skill. I really determined gor this that any worst thing will happen I won’t put down it. and that is also my commitment.

    1. Md. Mahaboob Hossain

      I so much delighted after reading this post because everyday I extremely busy of my job purpose but now I am inspired from the last speech of this post. Thank you sir you are a genius public.

  2. yeah freelancing is a tough job,if you don’t got much project to is confirm that if you want to be a freelancer ,you have to struggle.

  3. All posts of zero category is really good. I loved to read those. Reality is pointing in front of your eyes through such writing. These contents will help new writers to set their mind. Thank you.

  4. Yes i have only one target which maximum time give in this group until i can,t english easily.although i am very searious.i know english all in just i will remain in this group for improve myself

  5. I am realizing that there is no easy way of achieving something and every beginning follows lots of hardships. Every field demands constant hard labour. however very alarming article for us. thank you.

  6. Thanks a lot sir…it is really so hard work..some people seems writing is so easy ..but writing is so difficult work. I try my best..please pray for me

  7. I did try freelancer but I am loser because I gave not enough time for practise.if you want to freelancer,if you more time spend of behind . no shortcut way freelancing.nothing else.,there is no easy solution.

  8. We need to hard work for reaching our target, that’s why we would be try to our job then I think financial will be solved easily.

    So, we try to our best effort to making positive something.

  9. It is not easy to achieve this skill.We have to give time here and utilize our time.Time management is difficult thing in our life.So we always care about time and nurtuting it.Then we will able to achieve any skill.

  10. Hard-work is the most important things to shine in life.But it’s not quiet easy I think.People always ignore it.They don’t want to do hard work.They want profit or success in an easy way.It’s our nature.

  11. In a brief it is a nice description, a short view. Who will be the freelance writer, they can be benefited by reading this article.

  12. Being freelancer is not an easy job in a country like Bangladesh. There are many problems, such as how do I get my money, for whom do I work etc. But this scenario will soon change.

  13. yeah vai freelencer work is also hard as like as others work a good relation can take you uper and that’s why you need to do hard work

  14. Nothing is possible without hard work. Writing is also a tough job. If u want to write something on any then u have to have a sound knowledge about that topic and u have to put some quality thing in this so that people can get something different from that. Every sucsees comes after hard work.

  15. Nothing is possible without hard work sir.I don’t want to be a writer I just want to be good communicator in English. Where everyone understood what i want to say and i also want to understood what he/she says.

  16. yes bro you said the mind talk of mine.I back to home after office at 8.30/9 pm.after reached home i felt body wants to is so difficult to doing a private job and after job to give time anywhere.where i have no weekend.In my weekend i have MBA i have a tight schedule.But I tried to give best effort on Search English group for my good career.

  17. shojib Rahman

    Yes .There is no easy solution for a good writer . Every work has many condition As like a good writer has many condition .No one can success without hard working and failure . Every success story has many failure story. But failure person do’t stop his regularly work for purpose his goals. There is no short curt way to achieve success. So every one should try to reach his goals by theirs practicing .

  18. Rashed talukder

    I feel very bad. why I read this post late. I’m a lazy.that’s why I getn’t more important things.

  19. shojib Rahman

    Yes..i agree with your opinion. if any person want to be a good writer he will face many problems in first years.

  20. Alira Tanjira Alme

    In freelancing world there is no shortcut. .be a freelancing writer we should maintain the routine and work hard .

  21. Loneliness naiym

    Yes there is no other word to say that without giving time no one could be successful in frelance job.

  22. Tasfia Tabassum

    It is an informative post for them who want to be a freelancer. A freelancer should not think about money in his first step.
    Sometimes we see that some freelancer is very disappointed when he does not get any job which is related with his life. That time he leaves his work.
    But a freelancer should be patience, should be waited a glorious day. You have also mentioned an important point that he also should to make good relation with the magazine house or publisher.
    Thanks sir for sharing such types of post.

  23. If writing is very easy then everyone will try to be a writer. because if he can it bring him money and fame.
    but it is impossible.
    because when it will more easier than it will lose its demand.
    so don’t find shortcut in this sector.

  24. the post seems that it would written for me.I don’t get enough time after returning home while I am a primary school teacher 🙁 and Ive to work hard at school.:(

  25. Freelancing is very difficult job.I like it. I want to do this. All ready I complete freelancing course and try my skilled develop and get try job.

  26. I think, if everyone starts their work at the morning, then they will complete their work before lunch. After lunch, everybody needs some rest. In the evening they should learn something about their work. Everyone should go to sleep at 10 to 11 every night and should get up early in the morning and starting their work.

  27. Sonia Islam khan

    Without hard working we can’t achieve anything. When you want to servive your life you must hard work.

  28. writing of zero category is really easy and standard. By reading those writing anyone can improve their english skill and he also could aware about many important things.

  29. Asma Bintey Nazim

    You are right, sir.Actually there is no easy way to earn money rather more and more difficult.

  30. Rashed Talukder

    easily nothing to dominate. to be a professional machanic have done more hardship. similarly a writers also have to do hardworks. have to dedicate more enjoys. and financial problem is major fact. most of persons can’t tolerate it.

  31. Still now I have no basic idea about frelance writer but I have heard about more than uncountable time from internet.My one of cousin also freelance writer,he always spend his time infront of his pc.He has five pc in his life.He was also good student and and achieve English BA and MA from JU.Still now he earned more than 50k in every month.

  32. Loneliness naiym

    yes sir you are right.I have heard it from my friends that freelance writing is so difficult work.Anyone has to keep patient in writing then they could be successful.

  33. mustafizur rahman

    i have no idea about freelance.but i think that if any person want to be a good freelancer then there spend a lot of time in reading.

  34. i actually read editorial page on a regular basis and write it on my papers of daily star newspaper.will it be helpful for me to become a good writer as well as reader?

  35. Most important post for freelancers. That’s true first time is very difficult for freelancers. It’s difficult to overcome.

  36. To day i am going to write to who want to be writer . i think writing is decent job many of us who want to be writer . To day honorable sir has disclose how to survive a few year As a frelancer writer. In this article he has express that its difficult to survive in earlier live. its not easy to get writing project. so you have to have good relation some newspaper and magazine. i want to say, who want to be frelancer writer at frist should make habbit of writing .

  37. Jobayer Al Mahmud

    By reading these post I have gained knowledge about freelancing and blogging and what we should do to become successful blogger or freelancer…very instructive saying without any confusion

  38. I think freelancing is not a tough job. We are making it tough because we don’t try to get desperately. In Bangladesh, maximum people don’t know which side he or she is best. That is the biggest problem for the freelancer. So, we should try to learn more and if you are good at any side that will bring up for you a good result. I hope so……….keep it up

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