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For many of us, life is difficult and just standing up on your own feet can pose a big challenge. We have to deal with many problems in our everyday life. One of the major problems is earning a livelihood or earning enough money to pay the bills. What often happens is that we lose our way and we feel helpless. So, life becomes complicated. I have talked about it in my previous article. Now, I am going to discuss about dealing with this problem. The most effective way is to find your strong point.

Each and every one of us is good at something. May be , you are good at writing, I am good at speaking, he is good at playing and she is good at marketing. It is important to find out your strength. People may laugh at you but do not bother. Instead, try to find your strength. Strength here indicates two things- interest and skill. For example, you may like to eat tasty food but that does not mean that you have the skill of cooking. You may appreciate good books but that does not mean that you can write short stories or novels.

You may love several things at the same time too. So, finding a single interesting thing may become difficult. It is up to you to reach to a conclusion. You may take advice from others- consult with your teachers or seniors. This may help you to make a wise decision. Even if you make a mistake then do not worry. It is natural to make mistakes. You just need to understand that you are making a mistake and then come out of it.

After you can find your interest, you have to try to be skilled in it. You love cooking and you dream to become a chef- start knowing about this field and at the same time, practice cooking. Know about recipes, spices, cooking books, utensils, fire, cookers- everything related to cooking. Again, do not be afraid to make mistakes. Instead, if you practice something with passion and care then you will sooner or later become skilled in it.

If we can start acting this way then we will start enjoying our work. At first, do not focus on money but focus on making yourself skilled on something. That is why, you need to find your strength in life. Money will come sooner or later if you can improve regularly. You may not become a billionaire but you will surely start earning enough money to pay the bills and then save some.

We are afraid of failing but we should be afraid of not finding our strong point in life. I have witnessed ups and downs in life frequently. I have experienced it in my own life. So, I know that failure is not entirely a bad thing. Even if it is a very bad thing, it happens to us a lot. If you can keep on moving with your head high, you will surely become stronger even during your failures.

In the last one year, I wrote more than 2000 posts in Facebook as some of us tried to set up e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB). It is a trade association and so far 300 companies have joined. We had to face many difficulties but I kept on posting in Facebook along with other activities. At first, hardly anyone noticed, then some people used to laugh at me and make fun of me. However, I knew that writing was my strong point and I used to post 5-6 or even 10 times a day.

As a result, after one year, I have now 5000 people in my friend list and 900 followers. I am the admin of the e-CAB Facebook group consisting of 15,000 members. I am also admin of Encouragebd Facebook group too and it has 1300 members. A few days ago, we had a get together party from this small group and 33 persons showed up in a restaurant. I spoke in several universities about e-commerce in Bangladesh and went to different TV channels six times in the last one year. The future looks to be only brighter from here on for us.

I am known to many people now from home and abroad because of my continuous effort in the last one year. I have achieved something significant in the last one year and the association is now doing fine. It was not a solo effort but I played my role in my own way and made the best use of something that I am skilled- writing.

So, I urge you to find your own strength and use it in the best way. What is your strong point?

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29 thoughts on “Find your strength and Use it”

  1. Wow..i read it within three minute sir ..i understood quickly too..thanks a lot sir ..i try my best..i got much inspiration from this post ..but it was old ur followers are 1500+ …may Allah long live u..please pray for me..really, when i started reading any post of u ,i started my phone aire-plane mode for this reason no one stops my trying read..sir again i request u ,please pray for me

  2. Thankyou so much dear sir. Your advised really very effective for us. We should find out strong point in our life. Strong point help us to good one. Most of the time we fail to find out our strong point. Life is mixed with full of troublesome situation. For this hard situation we take various types of decission without thinking about our passion or our strong point. For many problem we couldn’t find out strong point. Personally most of the time I want to come back in my track owing to attack many problem. But after then I become strong again in my determination. Dear sir my strong determination to be a good content writer. From now I am practicing I know it will long way but I have patient to wait for that day.

  3. Actually, we are human not try to find our strength point and we are pass our days as usually like everyday. Yes, at the same time I realised it I am strong of many things, but I couldn’t find perfectly one what can help to reach my goal. I will try to my best to find it what is actual or better to improve my life. I am feel to glad really after read your wonderful post.

  4. So effective writing it is. I knew the key point of this post that is at first find your strength. Believe me, I tried my best to find any strength of me but I failed. I’m good for nothing….

  5. Arifur Rahman

    In this post, wrwriter said to us find our strength and improve the best way.Basically I have no strength I think I have many weakness that’s why I am trying to recover my weakness and build my strength.

  6. May be, my strorong point is English that’s why I always feel good to read and write something in English. Now, I don’t feel good to speak in Bangali because, English is very needful for me and at any costs I have to be skilled in English. I have taken search English very seriously and inshallah I will do good something by it.

  7. Palash Sarker

    Thank you Sir, for the article. Not finding the strength so far has been the major factor for my failure in life. It’s not a good experience although I have been keep trying. I have seen that I have got great admire for Data Entry, Graphics Design, YouTube Video Marketing, and Content Writing. Almost 10 years ago I have achieved my Hon’s in English Literature and after that every single day I have tried to improve my skill in English Language. I never have felt that this skill is what is in my soul now. Search English Facebook group of Razib Sir help me to find the strength what has been in my soul for almost like last decade. I joined the group not more than 3 weeks and almost everyday I have written a comment (more than 2 sentences). Now I am thinking to attend the offline workshop of Razib Sir after Eid to go for the next level. I believe if I go through the guideline of an experienced mentor like Razib Sir I could be a content writer within a couple of year where of course I need to work hard every single day. I wish one day my dream will come true!

  8. Alira Tanjira Alme

    Really Razib vaiya you are an unique figure. ..
    How much adept you are easily understand by your thinking ability and also writing type. ..
    we should be search our strength where we have soft corner then we should be work hard that purpose. ..
    Be successful its very urgent and if we do mistakes its nothing fact. …
    Today or tomorrow we will the winner. ..

  9. Thanks Razib vai for your valuable suggestion. I never think what is my streanth. But now it is in my mind & search what can I do in future. I must discover my lacking & try to fill that.

  10. I find out my problems and try to how way i will solve.This post help me again to take right step.I will determine to my goal.I imagine my past situation when i was so much scared to write or speak.But i dreamt that if i would be a speaker. Now i create confidence myself that i can do.thank u sir..

  11. I am so much inspired from this post that’s why I read it three time and I decided that I read it everyday.When I read it first time I could not count my reading time.And today when I read it first time it was took time only seven minutes and after that 5 and lastly four.It was amazing.Yesterday night I was heard about you that you would read one things many time and gauging your improvement that how quickly finish to read a write up.Applaud to you for this inspirationn

  12. Loneliness naiym

    My strong point is Accounting. Because, I’m good at in this subjects. But, I want to be a good English writer or teacher in our locality. Though, I’m reading in Degree(BBS). But, I wish I could read in English department in masters.But, that’s not possible to me. because I’m a student of commerce. sir,you taught me to read in finance department but my families financial condition is not good.. I don’t know what I will do?.But, now I want to be best teacher in English and want to be a high school teacher in English department. and I want to astonishe them that a Degree students can teach students well in English more than an English department students. I think I will be successful.
    I want to prove it.

  13. Farida Easmin

    I never tried to find out my strong points. I am efficient on few sides like teaching, cooking, writing.
    Cooking is my hobby. I like cooking I love cooking but as a profession I don’t like it.
    Now I am so efficient on writing in English.
    before joined SE I have no idea is that hiw can I implement my dream.
    When I start practice here day by day I will be very hopeful maybe I can prove my talents.
    Day by day English is becoming my strength.
    I am very confident on myself that I can be a good writer by use my strstrength.
    Its very motivational content vaia.
    thanks for your wonderful inspirational post.

  14. Abu Bakkar Siddik

    Alright, everybody in the planet they have a strength but they didn’t recognized it properly that’s why they weren’t meet their selected vision . i hopeful that if we recognized our strength than we could able to acquire our goals. sorting out our adroit and make a continuity to do this it’s help us to be master of something.

  15. I will find my strength.Really I didn’t think in this way before.Every person has her/his own power to do better .So,we should find out this strength so that we can be skilled .

  16. Everyone has some strength point but they don’t know what is that.After reading this article i realize that it must need for betterment in a good path.So we should find out which point we are strong and love to do well..

  17. Yeah vaia, it’s the most important thing to know about our strength. and now I can easily understand that English is the my biggest strength. I want to go step more up with this..

  18. i am trying to find out my strong point in writing and i deiced that i will be a freelancing writer thank you vai for your motivational post

  19. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    Very eesential post for all men even a disappointed person who lost their way to lead a better life.It’s too much encouragious and inspirational for stand against the all obstacle of life .To find out one streangth is very important to overcome our hasitation and weakness.Thank you sir I am getting too much energy by reading your post.

  20. Great motivational post.Thanks a lot for giving valuable post.Actually I am trying with heart and soul to be skilled in English at any cost.

  21. Just awesome and tremendous article. I don’t know what is my strength or strong zone.Even,I didn’t think previously in your way.But I think I also have a strong point.Just I need to find out this strength. Hope that, I will find out my strength and I will try to be skilled in my strength. Thanks for your sharing for feeling.

  22. I can’t find my strong point yet.But I am trying. It is may be teaching some one. When I teach someone I fell comfortable. But it seems to me that when I will be an older it will not give such pleasure as this time.

  23. There is a proverb goes ‘ Practice makes a man perfect’. So practice is necessary. When we start to practice we will find some mistake in our work. Bout we shouldn’t know worry about it. Instead, we should believe in the very proverb “Man learn through mistake” we should take lesson from mistake and try to not to do it again. Hopefully we can reach our goal if we don’t leave the rudder of ship

  24. Tamjeed Fahim

    There is a proverb goes ‘ Practice makes a man perfect’. So practice is necessary. When we start to practice we will find some mistake in our work. Bout we shouldn’t know worry about it. Instead, we should believe in the very proverb “Man learn through mistake” we should take lesson from mistake and try to not to do it again. Hopefully we can reach our goal if we don’t leave the rudder of ship

  25. Jobayer Al Mahmud

    For many days I’m trying to find my strong point but it’s a matter of sorrow that I can’t find it yet..As I’m a student of madrasah I want to be skilled in both Arabic and English language..Because if I can be skilled in Arabic I can realize Quran and Hadith quickly and smoothly and then I can spread the lessons of these to others..And English is must..Because many famous books are written in English and these aren’t translated yet and if I ain’t become skilled in English,I never succeed in reading those books…

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