Fear and Shame

The biggest obstacles of learning English in our country are fear and shame. We are always afraid if we are making mistakes. We are always worried if others will laugh at us when we speak or write. We feel ashamed to think that others might laugh at our mistakes. From our childhood, we develop a fear of English because many students fail in this subject.

This has become a national problem for us. We are too afraid to speak or write in English. Without practicing, how you can become skilled in anything! We only lose confidence if we are afraid and ashamed. We get the feeling that we are good for nothing. Whether you like it or not, English is an important skill for any educated person in our country.

Without English skills, you cannot get a good job, you cannot have a good career. You need to be skilled in English for your educational life. You need to become skilled in English even to teach your children now or in future. I mean, I do not need to write an essay about the importance of learning English in Bangladesh.

So, forget about fear and shame and start using English. Start writing comments and posts. This is the simply the first step. Just do it.

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26 thoughts on “Fear and Shame”

  1. yes sir fear and shame are main obstacles for our learning.I was fear and shame to speak english.but now I am free from fear and shame.now I understood that fear and shame is my main barriers for speaking English. so I have to free from it.when I joined in this groupp,I wasn’t able to write for fear and shame.I thought that if they will laughe at me and make me fun.But now I able to write many post and comnent.I also able to speak well at anywhere.now I just think that I have to learn…

  2. yes bro, we can’t learn in English only for fear and shame.. we can learn English with enjoy a lot without fear,shame and hesitation.
    thanks bro.

  3. Palash Sarker

    Yes, Fear and Shame are two characters what have done the massive down fall for our last 3-4 generations after the liberation. We (average educated people of our nation) are not good in English and these two characters always successfully bloke our ways to practice regularly. Now time has changed. Only a writing skill, and a computer with internet connection a village people can bring foreign remittance what could be huge achievement of a nation. It’s no more a dream rather it’s a fact (village people in India, Philippines have been doing this). So we should forget about the negative characters Fear, Shame and just concentrate on moving on.

  4. Alira Tanjira Alme

    English is just a language not else. ..why we get fear or shame. .we should relinquish our shame and fear and practice regularly

  5. Yes. I agree with you. fear and shame is the main obstruction and problem learning English our generation. We should overcome it because English is an internationals language and most usefully popular communication language. Now age every think is English. The Internet is an opportunity for us. We can learn English easily anywhere without cost. Yes, Seach English is Opportunity of Learning English without cost. So forget your fare and shame keep practice.

  6. It’s true that fear and shyness are hindering us to learn this language. It’s also true that people laugh at us when we do mistakes. Albeit it is impossible to get a better future without English language. So, in any cost we have to learn it.

  7. Arifur Rahman

    Fear and shame both of are gretest obstacle to learn English. Recently I have made a vidio in my room. But when I was making it then my another roommate come in my room then I stopped to make it.So still now I have shame in my mind.I want to remove it.

  8. Its major problem our learn english. 12Years rrad english but don’t increase our knowledge.First reason shame and afraid.

  9. Rashed Talukder

    fear and shame both of nagative and worried wards for english learners.this reasons crore then bangladeshi peoples are get not well job although have good result. our mother tounge is Bangla but job language is english. both of important.we are learning bangla from beginning from mother and nearest. so we can easily learned bangla language. our academic system is mejor fact to fear in english language. the academic books have try to teaching grammatical rules, vocabularies, underatand some stories and the teachers are forced for learn it. that is why students are can not learn homeworks. starting fear. gradually the fear is increasing. when we are passed school life we are take admission any learning english coaching centre.and their system is so funny. students are fall in shame. so again we fall in frustration. so last time we are failed in english in our life.
    but Razib sir created a valuable platform for those students to learn english. it is really a big and last oppurtunity for us.

  10. Yes sir, i quitely agree with you. Fear and shame are major things to kill our confidence. We should must be avoid completly. If we can’t avoid it, ever we can learn english properly.

  11. Really fear and shame are the biggest problem for learning english.when I want to write something in english that time I could not it cause only for fear and shame.

  12. Yes sir . You are absolutely right. To get a good job even to get a tuition we need to improve in English. So we should be don’t care what other says . Obstacle like shyness & hesitation need to forget to improve.

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