Epic Poetry in the 21st Century

We all are fan of epic poetry. There are many poems in differentcountries and some of the poems are considered to be a part of national heritage and treasure. Think of Iliad and Odyssey. They were written originally in Greece but in our time, they are considered to be a part of the heritage of European civilization. Well, you have to agree with me on one mandate that most of the epic poems werewritten many years ago or I should say many centuries ago. I cannot think of any notable epic of the twentieth century in any language.

What about the twentieth century? I wonder whether we can find any national epic in this century. What is your idea about it?

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14 thoughts on “Epic Poetry in the 21st Century”

  1. I do not see this kinds of possibility. Now a days writer has not so patience to do this. Actually capability is also the question. Lack of competition is so more. As we see at first Mudosudan dutta with his ” Meghnadbod” 1861 Then here comes Nobin chandra with ” Roibotak” 1887 , Kaikoubad with Mohassahn 1905, Ismail hossen siraji with “spen bijoy kabbo” 1914.

    But now it is rare.

  2. We can’t see any epic writing in recent years. Now we have been reading the writing of 19th century writer. So it’s so tough time for the writers of recent year.

  3. Tiny but pragmatic article. You are absolutely right. Now a days we people are impatient enough to write or read anything that is lengthy. We try to find our shortcut in everything.

  4. now a days very few people are addicted to read literature. men are being robots.. they do not get time for reading that’s why writers are also loosing their inspiration to write or create any notable writing…. free verse and blank verse are also responsible for that I think….because of these poetry is losing its smoothness and rhythm. so, readers also don’t get any pleasure by reading this. what amuses us the writing of the previous centuries

  5. Rashed Talukder

    if you would like to create epic poetry you need a lots patient.but now this time our poet is differents. how can we’ll get epic poetry from our poets??

  6. I heard the epic of Megnath.but not read any one epic.but in my childhood I read the name of epic but not reading . It’s not touched my capacity. but now I think, what am I fool.I am not perfect in our mordern life.If you learn for anything , you will go to china.so I am redy for reading any epic or history or literature.

  7. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    In my high school period I just knew a epic like “Meghnadbod”of Modhusudhan Dutta,”Mohaswasan” of Kaikobad only.I don’t know the period also.But in 21st century I didn’t see any epic of our own language.

  8. Jobayer Al Mahmud

    Epic has to be written in “Okkhor Britto”prosody…Most of the poet in our country now write their poem in prose prosody let alone Okkhor Britto…So I can’t see any possibility of writing new standard epic by our poets

  9. I’m big fan of epic poetry. now a time you don’t get any epic poetry likes previous. now a time majority readers are addicted to Social media. thy don’t affectionate to reading any poetry. thy don’t understand that previous epic poetry’s a word carried lots of meaning. so we should read out epic poetry by which we can known our tradition.

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