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We have a very active group here. Actually, today, I have realized that we are gradually creating or at least making a new field popular in our country- English and ICT. Many of the participants in this group and skype adda come from freelancing background. Their goal is to become skilled in English language so that they can earn more from their freelancing projects.

The basic idea here is very simple- become skilled in English language and then use it for your job, business or online freelancing. This is my goal and my dream. Anyone who will spend 8 hours of time a day here for one month should be able to speak in English for one hour and write 1000 words.

I know that they will be able to achieve much more but that is the bare minimum. What about ICT? We are using computer/laptop/smartphone, internet, Facebook, skype, website. Thus, right now, my goal or target is just increasing English language skill of ordinary persons so that they can use it to shine in their professional life. What about the other way around?

There are many people who have some good skills of English language? I myself come from this background. Is it possible to bring them in freelancing so that they can earn dollar for themselves as well for our national economy? Right now, I think that it is not possible. If someone is skilled in English then earning money is not a big deal in Bangladesh. At least, you can earn money easily by teaching students at your home.

I am going to write about it a lot in the coming days. What do you think?

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13 thoughts on “English and ICT”

  1. Nowadays English is going to be brand in our country. There are immense opportunities to earn money after being skilled in English. we should also have ICT knowledge to utilize our English Literacy.

  2. Alira Tanjira Alme

    English and Ict is related to our modern world. .if we have no knowledge about this we can’t achieve a good career or future. .Online earning money is totally linked with this

  3. After joining this group I knew lots of ways to earn money but none of them are free of cost. You need to be skilled in English to earn money.
    Word meaning
    Bare অনাবৃত

  4. Rashed Talukder

    ICT means Information and communication technology. once a time Bangladesh had weaked connections of internet. on 2001, when my family had bought a mobile phone then we need Ariel wear for connection. these days you couldn’ think about internet. gradually devolop internet connection more and more. that time we never thought skype adda. but now we are can talk each others with video call. its seems to you talking your friends who is your front. present time we can useing skype adda, facebook, google, whatsapp everything is possible by well internet.

  5. Right bro. I quitely agree with you. English skill is must be need to earn a good job, freelanching or teching other. And ict is a one the most revoletion in present world. We can’t pass a single without ict. Ict skill must be need to go higher lever in ourself.

  6. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    Sir by reading your post I really improving me.You have magic in your hand.Your writing is so much easy to understand than another writer. I liked it’s.

  7. Monimul Haque

    We all know english is an international language.We can not think without english in modern life.To get a good job,to communicate,to do bussiness,english is definitely necessary.

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