Earn Money Online: Spam Online

Really, it is a pity that we have so many spammers in Internet who are always trying to earn money at the expense of common people. The spammers try every way possible to earn some money. Sometimes, they use legitimate ways while often they use not so legitimate ways. Their only target is to earn money online. So, they do not develop content and they just develop spam. They do not care if others read or not read their spam. Rather, they just care to earn more money.

Here are just few ways that spammers try to earn money online:

  1. Send spam mails containing nothing but advertisements of different products. Their goal is to spread the message of a product to millions of people in Internet. Fortunately, most people have become smart now but still some people will buy their products.
  2. Sometimes, the spam mails contain adware or spywares and this way the spammerscollect information about your surfing habit.
  3. Phishing is a great example of illegal activity in Internet. They just do not stop. I often get emails from phishers who pretend to be some big banks on which I do not have any account.
  4. Spammers make many worthless blogs and then fill up with garbage content that has no value to anyone. They do it to get ranked high in search engine results. It has become a big business. Fortunately for us who try to develop real contents, search engines are fighting back and trying to pinpoint spam contents.
  5. Cyber thieves would send you emails that they are very rich and have millions of dollars in Nigeria or another country and they want your help and transfer the money in your account and give you 25% of the money. This is a very dangerous game. If you get any email of this kind never ever go for it.
  6. Phony lottery companies send mail to you that you have won millions of dollars. The funny part is that they even do not know your address and even your name but they have decided that you have won the lottery. How it is possible unless they want to con you?

I really feel sad to see that the number of spammers is not decreasing in Internet. The worst part is that we live in a world now where money is the only important thing. It does not matter how you earn the money as long as you are earning it.

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149 thoughts on “Earn Money Online: Spam Online”

  1. I often get such phishing email those I never open even. It’s just waste of time. few people Concentrate on money only not in content, who are the real loser.

  2. wow nice story I read it within 3 minute, I know its long time but it’s my first time reading practice, I have many problem fo reading, so now I start reading
    then I will improve my reading habit

  3. Yes, spamner try to make the men fool. Someone befool by them. One day a spamner called me and say that You have won airtel lottery contain 4 lukh 70 thousend Taka. I asked him that,”Who am I”. but he failed to give my answer. It is not a legitimate way to earn mobey.

  4. Alamgir Hossain Rafi

    What a Splendid informative and educative article it is!!! I am just reading thinking what I am learning from this article. Spammer doesn’t think about the quality think only for increasing the numbers of member and try to appeals others by using advertisement in their article.

  5. Once I had suffered a lot for phishing attacked. I was in office then and was surfing the internet as well as facebook. I was also contacting with some others through skype. All on a sudden, one of my prior familiar person sent me a link in skype and I clicked that link and got attacked virus. It was a cyber attacked and I was trapped there for ignorance. I had wrong notion that skype was totally free of all types of virus and phishing attack but I was proved wrong and lost all the data from my official pc.

  6. At first thanks brother for your valuable post.we’re show many spammers working for dollars earn.but somebody success they’re working and some failure they’re works.but it’s really one kind of sin.I mean this way is wrong way for earn.so always avoid this way.we’ll try to best for earnig with right way.

  7. Abdullah Al Mizan

    I have received lots of spam email every day. There are offering me millions of dollars. But never i did their trap.

  8. All countries have a spammer. Bangladesh has a good reputation in spamming. The spammers occurs their spamming in various ways. It is really sad for us. We can easily come out from it with our best understanding.

  9. Zahirul Islam Polash

    Today’s my first day in this wonderful website “reading.searchenglish.com”. I’m surprised by seeing this amazing website what is created by Razib Ahmed vaia. Thanks ever so much to him for giving us such a unique opportunity to learning English language easily. I feel comfortable after reading this zero category post. It’s the first post I have read here.

    I have started my reading journey from this zero category post. Already one post I have read. A must try to read all the posts gradually which are published here in all categories. I promised with myself to do spend a lot of time here for seeing my success like others mates of this group. I feel zealous by seeing their writing skills and I am also pleased by reading their skills and activities etc. I’m so much thankful and grateful to them as grateful to Razib Ahmed vaia. I’m inspired more by them. I’m very glad.

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    1. great , Acctually zero category most impotant who weak in reading llike me . Recently i have noticed that many many mail to my may be its spmar , there are offered you are win lotary but i never buy any lottary ticket . Actually that is propaganda, we should abhor this type of email. they are always time trying to earn money or sell product . but we all smart we did not buy there product . they make various of website but they did not develove there are content . fill up there website with Garbage.

  10. Zahirul Islam Polash.

    Thanks for sharing with us such a burning issue. Now a days we are facing so much problems in online and in our mobile handsets also. Now and often we got some unimportant messeges from spammers. Those are aware of this issue they are avoided them and those are unconscious about it and believe the spammers they fall in loss and faced many problems in life. So if we get call from unknown numbers and if they want to know our addresses or bKash password or bank account numbers or others informations, we must ignore them and cut the call and block them. We can also share this problem by giving their mobile number with police station. Police can take action against the spammers by tracking their mobile number and can get informations and locations about them. Besides frequently we get some email from unknown addres . We must aware of it. We never reply of their sms.

  11. Spammers are increasing rapidly day by day. They look after just for money. They don’t want to acquire a perfect skill for live. Some of honorable persons are fall victim of spanning trouble. So we should always conscious on the spammer.

  12. I read this message.Really i think it’s very helpful learn to english for us.Thank you Razib sir for your good step.

  13. Although one can earn money through spamming, but it’s totally illegal and anytime it can be stopped if the authority take strict steps against it. Now the search engines are becoming so much smart, they can find out more perfectly excepting the fake contents. Once ranked contents and websites through spamming now being penalized by the Search Engines like Google, Bing. Surely the upcoming days will be more user friendly, they will get more precise result from the internet and the spammers will face terrible moments. Still we have time to be correct in using internet leaving spamming. It will be better decision for all, the users will get better information, the contents developers will be able to earn more money through halal (legal) way.

    Only mass awareness can help to decrease spamming, to develop proper content, to make the internet more user friendly. Thanks a lot sir for the post.

  14. In my email account, I get hundreds of spam mails. These are all about products, including medicine, lottery etc. It is an irritating thing. I block these messages, but they don’t stop sending these useless messages. So, it is better to avoid this thing.

  15. At 2014 my mobile send messages a spam. spam written i am lucky winier. my phone number wined 20000$. an UK media company. bat i Search Google. I can’t find this company or any mach company in UK.

  16. i have read this.. past weak some one give me a message i am wiener fb lottery may us dollar.. this person give me a lottery id. i find this google but this id not available in google search.

  17. Kawser hussain

    Thanks for sharing such an important news.Now a days it is a common way to earn money through phishing site But they do not know money is not everything.They are using a wrong way and many of us losing many valuable data and also money.It is a important topic for all of us.We should aware about their worst work.
    I read this post for improving my reading skill and I also get some essential news.It is very helpful for me.I love reading post through this site.
    I am trying hard to improve my skill.Pray for me so that I can achieve my goal.

  18. Comment*Nowadays it has become am anxieties issue in virtual life.The sprammer try to harras peoople in online in various way.Only consciousness and following proper guideline to using internet can prevent this problem.

  19. Nowrosh islam nisha

    Yeah,sprammers are deletorious for our society…we have to be more conscious while using Internet…

    This is my first approach… I have joined here today and I feel lucky to join here because I was searching this types of group from earlier… thanks to the admin for this amazing group…I wish I could go long run with you and could enrich my vocabulary and improve myself in English …

  20. Helpless Bahadur

    it is very essential post for us
    now I am get alert this kind of crime sms
    and it is matter of sorrow that day bay day our mentality has reduce at present men can do anything for money
    shame shame shane

  21. Nowadays as like Bangladesh spammer persons increasing day by day.
    so we should avoid this person.

  22. Nowadays as like Bangladesh spammer persons increasing day by day. this post is very helpful which persons always Getting Burning from spammer people..

    so we should Be a awareness people and avoid this person.

  23. Ramanujan Moy

    I have searched a lot to understand the meaning of “unless they want to con you”.Would anybody please help me ..

  24. I also get this type of email. I remove this spam email everyday. We should aware about spammers. this post is very helpful for everyone who use online for work. thank you.

  25. This is the great conscius and awaee. nowadays online spamming is the dangerous issu. a little unawareness can face us to a biggest in dangr. When we open our email to be care cause spammer are always attack by email. they are endureth Email. by the way thanks foer written conscious and precious post.

  26. when I read this story with translation. I can not translation this story. more line I can’t translate.
    How I will reade. please, sir tell me.How I will do??

  27. Mac Chowdhury

    I was face that many time… even now I have some that kind of mail in my mail box but I don’t ever open it and not give any response to them. thankd for your kind information.

  28. Very good post to become aware about the spamers. Its really very informative.

    oh one thing,

    I got in this post two words joined together that is “spamerscollect”. Need spacing between this two words.


  29. Ya that is true. I am a online worker and I know how is that scam. Many friend reply that Bangladeshi have
    Lots of repureputation in having spam. Friend its wrong. There are many telent in our golden country.
    Many famous person eran maney from online through white way. Google a legend in the whole world every body know it. Google is given donation hunge of money every year.many bangladeshi are included taht list. They are not spammer they are legend.they are our real hero. Al amin kabir, moshiur monty, solaiman sukun and many other.

  30. one of my friends got such a message that he won a lottery from a British Bank(UK).. he tried to get the money.. they told him to send $1000.. but few hours later he understood that this was fake.. and he survived from losing money

  31. Sharif Hossain

    You are right sir. Spammers are increasing day by day. They want to earn money from online but they do not want to developed their skill. They spam mainly in social media sites and web sites.

  32. Tasfia Tabassum

    Very important post for us. Actually spammers want to make us foolish. They do not know that how many concern we are! They live in fools of paradise.
    By the way,I have also gotten such types of text by spammer. I did not show any behave after getting that text. I think I do not want to be a millionaire. It will harm everyone’s life. So we should concern about it.

  33. Alira Tanjira Alme

    Internet is great boon for us but we are facing some illegitimate working system daily only for that

  34. this a real story which happened in my life. one day a dangerous spammers introduced with me but i don’t know he will be a spammer. gradually he starts try to contact with me & i am also. i had no idea about spammers previous. he has tried again and again to make fool me. but i was stick. he proposed me that he will give a huge money from his beneficiary’s fund & also said that 30% money for me as exchange my duty. he gave me a bank link which was Nigeria. once he proposed me that send him 30000 taka only as a cost. i understood his fake plan so, i was not stopping contact with him. finally, he was fail. but he was try again and again fool me. so everybody be careful those spammers. thanks sir alert us.

  35. Yeasin arafat

    There are a lot of comments…to find the comment box I have to scroll many second .I became surprised that so many thirsty reader are available here are very interested to learn english made me envious .

  36. Sarowar Uddin

    This post have important information. i read fully. then i understood about Internet crime. sometimes came to me few email about foreign job. when i open this mail then i understood it elusory mail. phishing Internet crime is very dangerous for us, who don’t know about enough Internet knowledge. they have possibility to loss money. i am aware by reading this post. Thanks Razib sir.

  37. This topics illustrated about spammers. Day by day this problem increases. Their only target is earn money. So, useless things or maggages send ours email or another sources. Actually, it is so irritating matter because they don not take permission for send this massages. They try to publicity their product. Sometimes people they fall in trouble but maximum people are conscious from there. So, I think it is a curse for internet users.

    1. This Post is very important for we. It is a common thing that we suffering. I have a story about spam. One day i seen a message on my Mobile there was i won 1 million $ From Mobile company & they said , give your address by email. They given a email address. Still i have this message.

  38. I have got an email of this kinds . But i believe that, nothing is free in the world. In every work there is a direct or indirect benefits.. if anybody want to give you benefit with no specific reason, you should think why only you deserve that benefit. Why not other one????
    At last, thank you sir……..

  39. Salman hossain

    I think this is a very important post for us.I have already faced this problem. It is a very big problem in Internet. I hope in future this post will help me.Thank for your informative post.

  40. 3 years ago I had lost my favourite Facebook account by clicking one phishing site.It was very painful for me. now I got many phishing link. bt never try to enter. we should aware of it. thank u sir for this important topics.

  41. I have already given this same spam mail.
    But firstly i did not believe it.i got that mail many times. I think that is fake or sometime very dangerous for us if we did not realised that,And Also this post is very helpful foe me,really very good,i appreciate your post ,thanks a lot sir for give us this helpful post

  42. Palash Sarker

    It’s very sad that Bangladesh got the blame of spamming in the world online market. It’s because we try to earn huge within a short period of time by not working to improve our skill rather doing mischief (money per click, writing review by using VPN for high authority sites, stealing other’s contents and many more). The blame would be hard to remove. Although there is a huge opportunity to earn foreign money by having skills of International level (skills could be in the field of Graphics Design, Content writing, Keyword Research, SEO, Blogging, Online marketing, Email marketing, YouTube video marketing, Web design, Web development, WordPress Theme development, Software Testing, Data Entry, Data Analysis, Auditing, Creating Mobile Apps and many more). We must remember an experience is the combination of 90% bad experience and 10% good experience and so we should work hard for ages before hoping to get the success (although we need to keep continue to improve/update our skill to adjust with ever changing world job market). No shortcut rather work hard for at least 2-3 years before trying for a stable online income.

  43. At first I want to thanks Rajib vai for this important post. Most of the peoples are victims by the spamer or fishing. One day i attacked by fishing but when they didn’t see any response they cut the line. We should avoid this & take care of us.

  44. wow..I’ve known about spammer now.I will keep myself away from them and will inform it to my friends and family

  45. At this moment, I had read the whole article 2 times. I want to be a onling marketer,but not like that spammer. I will work in onling to maintain proper way. I believe that, if I can work at legitimate way, I will success.

  46. Moajjem Hossain

    After reading this post, A past event of my life comes in my mind now. At 2010 I was a student of Class 10 & I had a Email of my own at that time. I used to check my email id regularly. Suddenly oneday I got an email with a heading that ‘Congratulations , You have own 1 million Dollar’ & the summary of the email was similar that you mention earlier in your post…then I had decided to consult with my father. My father became very happy & he suggest me to contact with the Email Sender. The email sender was from Nigeria 😀 . Then the email sender collected my Address & many information regarding me for sending the money, even he prepared e certificate & he sent the same to me. After seeing the certificate I thought that its true.

    Then my father suggested me to print the Emails & I printed all the emails that the email sender sent me.

    Then the most interesting thing happened. I told the email sender to send the money on my Bank account & accordingly I gave him a bank account number. After one day he told me that he contacted with his local bank to send my on my bank account but the bank refuses to send the money as it is huge amount. So he gave me an idea that he will send the money via Courier service. I agreed with him…after that he told me to send 750USD for courier charge! :O . For earning my belief even he send me a copy of delivery report of DHL Courier! :O . & he told me that the just made a courier for me & the courier is on the way of my country. So he pampering me to send the courier charge quickly. Then my father went to our local DHL Courier office with all the printed email copies & The courier copy that he send me earlier. The officer of DHL laughed at me & said these all are fake email & called SPAM.

    After this event I made a google search about the Keyword Spam & found that this most of the spam story are like this. 🙁

  47. Sometimes, I got this type email. I know, this type email send spammers. That is why I do not open that’s. Just select that’s and click the delete button. Also, remove from trash.

    I know, if I click that link, I will lose my confidential information, which will help the spammers to get me/us.

    So, I suggested that, please do not open that’s email. Just select and delete that also delete from trash.

    Hopefully, you will stay safe zone.


  48. sharmin siddiqui

    Online income is best way in our modern life. We can earn more money by sitting in the house, but some people are misuse this way. They always try to get money from worse options.


  49. wow,this is very important articles for us,actually spammers are sending this mail in much more mail address,just yesterday I saw this types of mail there they wrote they are sending a box which is covered by a fuel paper nobody know about this,it’s very pinpoint mail to me because I know about them but others people whoever doesn’t know anything about this.

  50. Konok Baran Chakma

    Methinks this is a common issue & problem in while county. i seem that these persons very easily understood that who are always facing this problem especially who are users mobile phone. cause in my experience that Everyday, every moment our user operation give us Message / call. Really it is very bore/ anxious circumstance.

  51. Rashed Talukder

    its as like blackmail. they are bamboozle us. we should never covet. its really covetable. most off peoples have became betryedable e mail.so we should be careful right now. now days this like of betrayer that done with local peoples with tackling mobile oparetors companies. betryer are make many trap for earn money. so be careful all.

  52. Older never spam, I don’t know about,the first thing to about this.I glad to know that as bad as it ensure.many are earn money by this way ‘some one do illegal activities in internet.so e be careful,when we use our mobile phone.last year .one night i got amassage in my mobile then i shere it with my brother.My brother said to me please no reaply.Ididn’t reaply.today i feel it.Why my brother said that.really i am excited to reading the news.Thanks to razib sir to share this topic.

  53. Older never spam, I don’t know about,the first thing to about this.I glad to know that as bad as it ensure.many are earn money by this way ‘some one do illegal activities in internet.so e be careful,when we use our mobile phone.last year .one night i got amassage in my mobile then i shere it with my brother.My brother said to me please no reaply.Ididn’t reaply.today i feel it.Why my brother said that.really i am excited to reading the news.Thanks to razib sir to share this topic.

  54. today i read this topics.. would you tell me the bengali meaning of Spam,phishing, spyware,adware..

  55. Arifur Rahman

    Spaming is one of the great harmless things in internet or online words.Few people has created trap to earn money to dispatch spam in the email or another inbox.They don’t care about read or not read their spam, if someone open or read their spam then they can earn money. Hence we always pay heed to our GMail or another media so that we do not victim their trap.Thank you so much for your article and encourage us.

  56. Md. saiful Islam

    Few days ago i got a email who comes from cocoa cola. they wrote i own 1000000$ by winning lottery system. when i saw this mail i was surprised and i know it is funny mail.

  57. mustafizur rahman

    wow that’s a great article. i think that most of the people suffer this system . i also suffer this problem another time in my life. but they cannot convince me. i think this is the wrong way for earning money.

  58. Mohammad Sumon

    I read this post and I understand all.One nigerian girl was want to fall to me on her trap. She failed to fall to me. It was happened with me. I can understand that was a trap so I leave to talk with her. Her name was sharlyn.

  59. indira pramanik

    it is very valuable and essential post for us.thank you sir.some words are unknown to me but i read it.

  60. Thank you sir for this cautionary article. Spammers email bother me. I used to enter that spammers link before. But now i can understood it.

  61. really. it’s so easy way of learning. I read it so easily without fear hesitation. it just like ABC of English language. I was enjoyed it.

  62. Wow its very interesting things that, previous two part of zero category I read with very comfortable. I think, we should read everyday of the #Search_English post and comments on posts. I start today. I committed to myself that everyday I will read from search English. After finished category zero, I will give a total review on it.

    Specially thanks to Razib Ahmed vi for his lovely creation for us, by which we can make skilled our self.

    Please keep me in your prayer.

  63. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    This is a great threat for online business or sevices which is increasing day by day.so we all have to be concern about spammers.

  64. suhana khadija chadni

    i have read the whole post..it is very informative..i have decided that i spend at least 30 minutes everyday in my free time instead of facebooking as i am very busy with study for job..i believe that within 6 months i will be able to write English properly.. thank u rajib vaiya and the whole Search English group..

  65. Exactl, Spammer increase rapidl, we should protected every time everywher. because spammer will attack us various ways, like as Email spamming.

  66. Some of lines are easy to read and some of lines are very hard to realize because i dnt know the bangla meaning of those words but i can read the post easily

  67. Got some new idea about spammers. There is a another world in Internet world where some people wants to make money by use others foolishness. Its a trap, if we aware about this thing then they never make us fool.

  68. This article is most important for any new businessmen. we all time mistake in staring time so if anyone read this article I am sure, he think must be about his development.

  69. Its is impotance that we spend our most of time in internet . i offten that get mail there are offer i win lottery truthly it is strange i do not ever buy any type of lottery nevertheless they offered me i won lottery . now many of us has become smart that why they do not bother about this offer nevertheless many of us fall this trap

  70. mohammed omor faruque

    very important valuable post for us. thanks for the knowing us about online spammer and thief. i got this kind mail from nokia mobile comapany and other individual thief. thank you so much brother for this post. can he do anything to collecting that data?

  71. In the era of modern technology, spammming becomes a common web crime. This passage discuss about the spammers and their activities as well as few measures to overcome the problem.
    Spammers use illegitimate way to earn money in online. For this purpose, they develop spam but not content.
    Some spammers send spam mails which contain nothing but advertisement of different products. Their aim to spread these mails to the millions of people. But nowadays people become more careful and they do not open spam mails. Another type of spam mail that contains adwarwe or spyware which is used for collecting information of anyone surfing habit.
    Pishing is one of the illegal activity of spammers where a pisher acts as some big banks in which we do not have account.
    Other spammer creat valuless blog which contain unwanted materials and garabage. Fortunately, true develpoer provide fighting back against spammer by trying to develop useful contents and pinpoint spam contents.
    Cyber theives pretend as they are very rich and they want to transfer money in individuals account and they want to share 25% of the money.
    Another type is phone lottery companies who send email to the individuals that they have won millions of doller. But this prank activities can be easily identified as they do not know individual identy.
    At the end point, It is one of the major crime which can harm common people who are unware these illegitimate deeds.

  72. There are many cyber crime in the world.Spaming is one of them which happen based on Internet. It is one kind white Colour crime in the Internet world. The prime goal of Spamers are to earn money from online cheating.
    Some effects of Spam:
    1. Identity stolen for using illegal way.
    2. To visit unwanted website
    3. To increase their website views
    4. To stole credit card number and password

    Not but least, It is one kind crime for cyberworld. Be careful and need to aware about spamming and scamming.

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