Dropouts: Try to Come back in Life


Dropping out means leaving school, college or University without obtaining a certificate or degree. It happens everywhere in the world. It is a common problem almost in every country. When you dropout from school then you do not have a good future and you are most likely to earn less money compared to your educated friends.

According to Wikipedia:

The average Canadian dropout earns $70 less per week than their peers with a high school diploma. Graduates (without post-secondary) earned an average of $621 per week, whereas dropout students earned an average of $551 (Gilmore, 2010).

Even though dropout rates have gone down in the last 20–25 years, the concerns of the impact dropping out has on the labor market is very real (Gilmore, 2010). One in four students without a high school diploma who were in the labor market in 2009-2010 had less likelihood of finding a job due to economic, downturn (Gilmore, 2010).

It is not a rosy picture for you. You have to suffer in every step of life. You will also suffer during your marriage. I understand moist people do not want to dropout from school or university and many of them actually have no choice. However, you must try to come back in life. In the age of Internet, there are many options for you.

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