Dream and Effort


I studied in humanities or in arts group in all my life. So, at first, computer was a scary thing. However, I was attracted to Internet as I am always fond of knowledge and information. It was not easy for me to become skilled in using computer and Internet. Luckily or unluckily, in 1999, a new computer magazine was published in Bangladesh called ‘Computer Tomorrow’. They needed a freelance writer who could translate or write articles based on foreign magazines.

It was not a job for me but a freelance work. At first, it was very difficult for me as I did not still own a desktop PC. So, often, I wrote about the things that I had no idea. So, I had to struggle a lot but I decided to work very hard. I used to go the Computer Tomorrow office and spend hours every day reading many articles in English language. I started doing it from 1 September 1999 and by the end of the year, I gained good knowledge about this field of IT (Information Technology).

In 2000, I wrote many articles, reports and interviews for different Computer Magazines. On 1 January 2002, I decided to leave my job and totally focus on learning about Internet. I spent two years in a cyber café- day and night and night and day, 15 hours a day.

Again, it was not easy at all. It was a challenge and now I realize that this simple effort has changed my life. Now, I am the president of e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh.

I inspire all of you because I have seen that if you try for something from your heart you can achieve it. I have not become a Bill Gates or Steve Jobs but I have become the first president of e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh. Now, I am trying for this platform of Search English for all of you to learn English freely.

All of you are lucky because I have used all my knowledge, talent, effort and experience to build this platform for you. So, the only thing that you need to give is time and effort. We will have one after another success stories from January 2017. Of course, you have to be regular but the future is bright. I can say it from my own experience in life.

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17 thoughts on “Dream and Effort”

  1. good idea. really sir, when I read your post, I think again I born in the earth and also increasing my confidence..


    You are right sir.from today i will be regular in this group. I still stay there allthough much obstacle come. I will try from my heart to prepare me as a good writer.

  3. yes we need to put regular efforts to make our dreams true. you are putting tireless efforts to make the search English group vivid so that we can practise English spontaneously. Now it is our turns to make the best use of this group through constant practice.

  4. Shamim Hossan

    Yes, Sir…You are right. You create a open platform for learning English by hard working. Most of times in a day, you spend your valuable time only for us. Even you share your experience toward us. you always motivate us for learning English. For our own success, We should practice spontaneously.

  5. Really we r lucky sir. bt problem is we are lazy. we are not hard worker like you.we wast our time only using facbook aimlessly . I hope I will be regular here. and give enough time to develop my skill.

  6. One thing about you that I like most is ‘you always think out of the box’. Everyone don’t have such talent or creativity to think like that. From the begining your imagination capacity is different than others. Thats why you the here in this position now.

  7. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    I reading and understandiing lot from your writings.I don’t know your magic.You making easy to get english.

  8. thank u sir for sharing your life events to us. I believe that if someone serious about something and spend more and more time, he/she become succeed. just wait some times.

  9. Thank u sir for sharing your life events to us. I believe that if someone serious about something and spend more and more time, he/she become succeed. just wait some times. I am very happy and also try to apply in my life.

  10. Really we all lucky because we get goodest person as a teacher . really you are hardworker person . It is so difficult to work 15 -14 hours a day. i think you will have alive after your death because many person have beneficial for inspiration speech .

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