Don’t Give Up Your Dream of becoming a Writer

I often wish that I could give up everything and just work on this blog only. Well, life is not like that. I have to write about the things that I do not like that much to earn money and pay all the bills. This is life. Well, I do not regret it because what is the benefit if I have to suffer tension about money? Then I can write in this blog anyway. It is a natural part of life.

In fact, most of the days, I became too much tired and even sometimes it is difficult to write anything in this blog. I dreamt of writing short stories and novels but I know just write some blog entries and get good number visitors every week and every month. The only good thing is that I have not lost the dream. I know that when I can have some kind of financial independence then I can come back here and regularly write stories and novels. I have many ideas and I know the characters. They are in my mind. I just need to get free from the tension of money and paying bills.

I know that this is a common problem for many of you. Just don’t give up the dream.

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15 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up Your Dream of becoming a Writer”

  1. সাগর আহমেদ

    I am still worried about money or paying bills.Many times I think first I have to achieve the best skill in my profession and then I will tension about earning money.But you know that everybody’s needs money for living even breath.Thanks for your inspiration article.

  2. Thanks a lot vaia for your important instructions. I am really inspired also I can understand that Our dream is our strength . we should never stop to see that. and always work hard for making it comes true.

  3. Yes vaiya,
    this is the most common problem for our writers in this country.
    But nice to hear that you are dreamed to write short stories and novels.
    Hope that, You will be started to write very soon in your blog and also you will get your financial independence.
    And really, true to say that, it will help or new writer’s who are really dreaming to write in nearly future, that they must need to get their financial independence before starting to be a writer.
    Best of luck to you all.
    Thank you Razib sir.

  4. I never wanted to be a writer but I avid to write. This group changed me alot. I found a new me within myself.

  5. Every journey is quite difficult to get across. we should be stick to our goal or hope how far the situation would be difficult. we will never lose our hope while we will be way to the reaching at our destination.

  6. I’m not differ with you sir.We all has some dream such as writing or others we should bear on it rising in a good stead.Although it seem very tough but we should clinging behind here with firm and sincerely.

  7. Alira Tanjira Alme

    A strong dream do everything for a man’s life…we have to just care of our dream which we cherish with hard work

  8. Rashed Talukder

    a man living on a dreams.most of man can not get job, position as like own dream. but everyboday often their wish they’ll get chance to fill dream. but practical life is difficult from imagination. sometimes maybe you think that you never reach your goal. that time you fall frustration and give up your dream. its not like a stuggle person. fill up dream is not a easy matter. you have to faced a lot problem. if you come back to see vejal you won’t success. so don’t afraid this situation. patient, struggle and efforts are won give you goal.

  9. Yap! Money is the biggest problem of surviving life. If you have not much money, you can fulfill your dream.

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