Do you like to read English newspaper?

I like to read newspaper most. Actually it’s my favorite hobby. Almost everyday I try to read newspaper. Now I am staying in my village where we don’t find any english newspaper. but I don’t want to miss it. so I took some english newspaper from Dhaka. now most of the time I pass my time by reading newspaper. The most interesting thing I understand almost 95% all articles. it seems like i am reading bangla article. day by day My vocabulary knowledge is increasing. I don’t use any dictionary for new words rather I try to guess them. it’s really work. I am happy to see my improvement. I want to be highly skilled in english. I think newspaper can help us to increase our english level. The more we read, the more we learn. I belive it from my heart. so everyday I try to read many things. you can also read newspaper for increasing your english skills as well as knowledge. Happy reading.


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