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Hey my friends , how are you ? Hope you are well by the grace of Almighty Allah . Alhamdulilah I am well too .

To accomplish my today’s task , I am here . In this session , I would like to  write about Digital Bangladesh . But I will not write exactly like as a paragraph about this topic . I will try to share my knowledge or thoughts or views .

Yesterday, I have faced a viva voice  where Digital Bangladesh was a hot topic . Except some of candidates , All of we have asked questions on this topic . Still now I am did not hangover from my viva . I am thinking that Maybe I could give answer like another way or that was not right or my efforts was not sufficient .

Well , the main concept of Digital Bangladesh is to build a society which will be Information and Communication Technology based(ICT) society . its means all the information will be available in online .

Digital Bangladesh is one of another crucial steps of touching the high dream project called Vision 2021 . And Govt. Also has taken many more project for fulfilling this project.

To build digitized society is not a big deal now . Because if you notice the statistic of using internet or technology , it will be more clear . According to the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC),  in the end of September , the Total number of internet user in Bangladesh is 91.194 Million . And in case of Mobile phone user , It has reached  155.810 Million , in the end of September 2018 where Grameen phone operator subscribers are comparative high.  ( This two ratio was also interview questions . So if you are going to face any viva , I would like to say , you should notice the latest news of the respective sites.)

To make a radical change of a country , it is also depend on the change of rural sites . There are some project also running and hoping that within 1 year , it will be completed . Some uch as UDC( Union  Digital center ) , e-service center in DC offices , e- centers in 147 upazillas  and village post offices and 254 agricultural information centers.

One most hunting question was that how many pillars are taking to make Digital Bangladesh ? . There are set four pillars to make Digital Bangladesh such as

  • Developing human resources
  • Connectivity
  • Encouragement in industrial Sector
  • E- Governance

The last question , Which I could not answer that is what is the latest news for ICT which is approved 3 days ago . Lastly I got answer from internet that “ National ICT day “ will be observed as “ Digital Bangladesh day “ in 12 December which proposal has been approved by c The cabinet.

Thank you very much for reading .

See you soon with another post .

Stay well , keep smiling.

Allah hafez.



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