Dhaka: My Dhaka

I was born and brought up in Dhaka. I am a person who has been most of the time confined to this densely popular city. I know that the rest of the country is very beautiful. I visited Chittagong thrice and I was amazed with its beauty. Sylhet is beautiful, Khulana too, Commilla is a small but peaceful town, Barishal of Jibananda or Michael’s Jessore, Tagore’s Shahjadpur, Atish Dipankr’s Bikrompur or even Narayanganj are beautiful, beautiful and comfortable.
I lived in a rented apartment in Jigatal for 12 years but never talked to the next door neighbor. This is a common story for many of usi living in Dhaka. Yes, life is often like a machine for us. I know that Dhaka is the most densely populated place on earth. It is small, full of jam and environment pollution with any kind of bonding among human beings.
Still, I love Dhaka. This bonding has happened perhaps because I have spent my life here. It is a part of my root and I love it. I have suffered a lot in my life with full of ups and downs. The history of Dhaka is just like that for the last 400 years. Thus, I feel a close bond with this city.
I am a proud citizen of this city. I dream that someday I will be able to do something outstanding and my name will be a part of the history of Dhaka.

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87 thoughts on “Dhaka: My Dhaka”

    1. Md. Mahaboob Hossain

      I pray to almighty Allah from my heart that you will achieve your goal within a short time and you do something for us.

  1. Dhaka is the capital of bangladesh & many people are live this city.i am one them.here is many problem for live.i realize,Tarffic jam is the main problm in dhaka city.

    1. Zillion of thanks for describing your living status in your life.I am so glad to listen to your valuable writing.
      I come from Madaripur.I was born and brought up in the village but I came in Dhaka after finishing my Dhakil examination in 2012.Dhaka is the dense population and road is all time in a jam, we don`t get comfortable than after Dhaka city is so beautiful.We can get every facility in the city what you want in your life.Actually, it`s our main platform as they will do job and everything.

  2. Outstanding description you pay of your dhaka.you love dhaka because live dhaka. As a Bangladeshi all people want to live in dhaka.But it’s not a easy.
    You always paying hard work for learning English, so oneday your name obviously written on the history of dhaka.Thanks a lot Razib vai.

  3. I didn’t visit so many place in our country, but I visited two the most beautiful place of nature in our contry which is sylhet abd Chittagong. They experienced of visiting those place was surely amazing. I enjoyed a lots. Except this I live in Bikrompur, Here also so many interesting and historical place like atish dikankar house, sir jogodish chanra bosu house and the biggest satu in the Bangladesh is constructed here is padma setu.

  4. Wish you good luck sir. May God grant you success and give you the reward of your hard work very soon..

  5. mosa mahmuda khatun

    Not only me but also Everyone knows about Dhaka. But I am very happy to read this article. Because this article described in Dhaka city in a different way.

  6. It’s better easy to me, I’m reading this topic so interesting. I hope next time too many easy topic given for us,

  7. Shaila Sayeed Tanny

    Dhaka is polluted by over population.People from other districts come here for their different needs.Sometimes they are compelled to come this city because wellknown hospitals,educational institutes, shopping centers and all necessary things are available in Dhaka city. To solve the problem decentralization is needed

  8. Yes sir…Dhaka is a most densely population city arround the country but it’s most attractive city for all category people….

  9. I am from Faridpur. when I was come to Dhaka in 2012 for my Study, after Complete H.H.C i was come to Dhaka then first time, i has no friendship , i couldn’t know how i make a friendship . it’s very difficult to me , now i have lot’s of friend . now i know that how to make friendship so it’s very eassy. so i believe that everything is possible , if i do try and hard working then we will be success. now I live in Dhaka at Uttara,

  10. Dhaka will be more beautiful and peacefully city if we can able to control traffic jam. We love this city very much.

  11. Well, I prefer to read this topic after revealing the headline. Dhaka: My Dhaka, I just love ❤ the headline because I’m also from Dhaka. I’m feelings is just same as the writer. I have written two posts regarding Dhaka in Search English group. I don’t know who is the writer of this content. I would be better if admin panel mention the writers’ name. Finally, no matters how worst the city is I love this city more than anything.

  12. Thank you vaiya for loving our dearest dhaka. Yes vaiya.
    Dhaka is a densely populated city and not a healthy city.
    Everywhere in dhaka we found the pollution of environment but people used to live dhaka for their livings and still now people love dhaka and gradually, A large number of people are coming to dhaka for their academic educational purpose and job purpose because of, It’s the most development city in Bangladesh.
    As you say, People are not friendly here. If anyone face any trouble, nobody come to help him.
    Everyone is busy with himself. Nobody has any time to visit or take care of her neighbour.
    But I like the dhaka city. We are responsible for this situation and we need to change to have friendly living environment in dhaka city.
    I also visited Chittagong, Commilla and bikrompur but as like you, I also like most my root Kurigram where I born.
    I have a wish to go back my village for living there with the fresh environment and pollution free friendly area.
    Best of luck vaiya.
    Thank you again for the post.


    this is a good describtion our magically capital dhaka city
    yes our capital is day by uninhabitable but we klove our capital mostly many of people come here changes his/her fortune
    finally i said that i love mostly this dhalka city

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    Let’s start from the first one article.

  15. I was bron and brought up narayanganj.narayanganj is a beautiful places.narayanganj as talk easterners dandy.traffic jam is the main problem for dhaka city.

  16. This is helpful for me. I took nearest one minute. the sentences are very easy and words are well known to me. thanks a lot for nice initiative…

  17. Abdullah Al Mizan

    Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and a it’s a very density and crowded place. Although there have several problem in Dhaka city but i love Dhaka city. I am living here more than 12 years. I have passed my best time of my student life and my career also started from Dhaka city. When i was very young then seems Dhaka as a dreamland. I heard like taka is fly in the Dhaka ciry, It is the city of colorful light etc.

  18. Mahnoor Rahman

    Yes ..Dhaka is a big city in our country. Many advantages are in dhaka.People goes there to make their life beautiful but the reality is different. It’s a city of struggle. I don’t like dhaka for jam,dense & the condition of environment.

  19. Dhaka is 11th number of city as population in the world. Dhaka is really very city we are known it as well as.
    I am completed my honor,s in EEE from this lovely and memoriable city,s. I was live I Mogbazar wirless it has my lot of beautiful memories that I never forget from my life. Now, I live in at Narayongonj it’s the smallest district in our cointry. Here, I do a job in a private co. ltd that’s why I stay here as permanently. Sometimes, I lot miss my that’s favorite place then I felt into my hard alas if I again get that’s wonderful opportunity so it’s happen not to be bad. Yes, Dhaka is like place where problem is peoples have no good behave with another. Here, we can look everyone try to fighting to others, sometimes this bad scenery given me more pain. While, I first enterd in Dhaka city then I faced some new experienced that was not so good.
    One day I given salam to a middle age,s gentle man and he was looing me strightly but I didst understand why he was making that after some days I realised why the gentle man was looked at me like that.
    So, we need to build up this city as a good city where peoples live with comfortably and must be present respect between peoples.
    Otherwise, we are human beings must be going loss our humanity which is very important to every alive human.
    It’s my personal opinion.

  20. Dhaka is the capital city in our country .i am living in Dhaka city during 8 years.and monipuripara farmgate imy residence .7 year have passed this farmgate area .yes every person are busy their work and all person are trying their to lead good life.some people are trying their best effort .so we have to learn so many things

  21. MD Ashikur Rahman

    at fast take my salami,Assalamualaikum.
    I want to say with happiness that,Before I can’t remember any thing, I can’t understand ami thing, I can’t throw any thing, I can’t bear any thing,. had I these problem .now something change our self,now i learn thought individual tendency ,
    only for Razib sir.
    thank you so much sir.
    now I m encourage. in English day by day.
    now I have every time Optimum value time

  22. Md. Mahmudul Hassan

    Really I like this article cause most of the word is part of my life though I didn’t visit too many district in Bangladesh but I visited in Chittagong, Noakhali,jessore and barisal also. I live in Hazaribag.I like this place. Few peoples who live in dhaka don’t know about hazaribag but this area is known as tannery factory.Its a good news that tannery is shifted from here to savar.

  23. I have taken 2 minutes read the post.This article is very easy and interesting .Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh but it’s very densely populated.lt has many important place.

  24. Really this city is amazement for all of the people in this country.Most of the people lived in Dhaka and they try to earn from dhaka and live in dhaka.But few of people loved so much dhaka.Because they are ancient or they have passed many years in dhaka for that they create a deep love about this city.You know we love our motherland. We love bangladesh,we love dhaka,we love our district,we love our village.

  25. Alamgir Hossain Rafi

    This city is densely but very beautiful.
    Our capital city of Bangladesh is very busy city with traffic jam and huge population. Our city os really unable to live yet now because traffic jam ctowds
    I love village so much for living but I have to live in city that’s why I love city also.I love my country very much.

  26. Zillion of thanks for describing your living status in your life.I am so glad to listen to your valuable writing.
    I come from Madaripur.I was born and brought up in the village but I came in Dhaka after finishing my Dhakil examination in 2012.Dhaka is the dense population and road is all time in a jam, we don`t get comfortable than after Dhaka city is so beautiful.We can get every facility in the city what you want in your life.Actually, it`s our main platform as they will do job and everything.

  27. Thanks sir, often we feel upset for living in capital of our country. But reality is I like Dhaka. I wish I will stay in village although I have No any land in village.
    I live at mirpur in Dhaka in our won house.

  28. Nice description about Dhaka. It’s happened because In Dhaka people are like to become introvate. but vaia you really make our country proud. we really proud for you. One day this city will well known for your this effort.

  29. We have to confess that Dhaka is densely populated city and its common problem is traffic jam. But it has been changing its appearance. Now a days I see some improvement of the city which is commendable. Hope, all this problem will be solved very soon. Bangladesh is a beauty queen. A natural beauty.

  30. Nice say.easy and beautifully describe Dhaka in short as well as other parts of bangladesh specially jibonando’s jessore

  31. Although now I’m live in Rangamati nevertheless i love so much Dhaka.
    Dhaka is capital of Bangladesh.

  32. Rashed talukder

    sir, not only dhaka,yourbname will be write history in our country. after 2 years, you get more award. I believe that last time you’ll be able to get noble.

  33. tayaba tabassum

    I love my motherlland…and I pray that your name will be part of the history of Dhaka…thank you sir

  34. Yes..i agree with your opinion . Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. There are many people living here. On the other hand it’s environment also polluted. But Dhaka citizen people get more facilities more that villagers . Now i feel better in Dhaka city . But i think Village environment is so suitable for a peaceful person .

  35. Tasfia Tabassum

    I also born in Dhaka. I love very much this city. Although there are many problems like jam, densely population, people are not friendly, every person is busy. In spite of this problem, I can not think of my life without this city.
    If any person think positive about this city, he will seen a beautiful scenery in his mind. It is an exceptional city than other city. The night of this city is full of light and morning is very business for doing work. It will help to reach ur goal easily.

    There are also many opportunity. Such as: u will get good hospital which is need in ur emergency moment. U will get famous school, college, university by which u will be advanced in ur student life then the student of other city. And also u will get many shopping mall for buying anything. U have not to go other city for any need.

    So, I like very much the place of my birth which is known as Dhaka. 🙂

  36. everybody love his birth place. specially if it is brought up place. we should not realized when we stay there.but when we go to so far then we have understood that how much we love our birthplace or owns countries.
    who born and brought a city they love it so much if there many problem like jam, air pollution, sound pollutio.. they don’t like a village so much. but a village growing people don’t like a town like his village. so its natural.

    however, I am from Dinanpu.. I love my city very much.

  37. Dhaka! is the capital of Bangladesh. That is why it is the popular place to every person. Most of the person move to Dhaka to change their daily life. In the words, fly the money in Dhaka. But this is a proverb.

  38. Sonia Islam khan

    Dhaka is most populated country. If theres have many problem. But I like this city very much.

  39. Asma Bintey Nazim

    I born and live in Chittagong. I also love my city and i also like dhaka city though i never going there……hope oneday I will.

  40. Rashed Talukder

    Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. Dhaka is main point of our country.its most powerful aand popular.Bangladesh has most important parts are situated in dhaka. but sir one thing I feel worried, our villages has more peace with everyones manner friendliness. here, everyone help each others. but the dhaka’s has this kind of help missing. by the way, sir I believe that your name will become in history in our country.

  41. Cordial thanks to yoi for this tremendous explanation of Dhaka city,you said that Dhaka is densely populated city in our country. When I was lived in Dhaka in that moment it was also populated.I thought now it has colossally populated.I hope that you will able to do a part of Dhaka city one day.May Allah heo you.

  42. Loneliness naiym

    Those who are brought up in any city or country,he/she will love it.Though Dhaka is a populated country but you loved it because of your bounding.Its is natural that you will love your city and I also love my city.But, In your dhaka city we are face many problens.such as,excessive jam,Excessive sound, excessive population,the daily necessaries rate is high and many more.So, many people face difficult situation..
    Moreover, In your dhaka city the natural beauties are inadequate. so, some one can’t refresh their tiredness. A natural beauty can refresh your mind. Then you can feel well.
    I’m proud to be a child a of Chittagong city.Because,here we have no adequate of natural beauties. We have BMA(vatiary),Bandarban,Rangamati, Khagrasori(Sajek,alo tila) Cox’s bazar, Patenga sea beach and many more. This is very popular palce in Bangladesh also in the world. You know that Cox’s bazar is the longest sea beach is the world.So, every year many foreigners come here in cox’s bazar..
    When I get bored. Then I go to BMA(vatiry). Because it is near at our home. It takes 30-40 minutes to reach there.Here also have another place. The university of Chittagong near is also near at our home.It takes 40-50 minutes to go there. But, A little time I have gone there. May be 2 times.There have a waterfall maybe.Some days ago in eid vacation we decide to go to there.but we talked it with some of our friends but almost many friends talked that it is dangerous place so we didn’t go there.I will post it with later about our tourist place.

  43. Outstanding description! Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. but I wasn’t born in Dhaka.I was born in out side of Dhaka that’s place ic Chandpur.Because In my childhood I was going there in my relative house.that’s time something is happened with me,that was one of aa memorable moments in my life.From that time, I never gone to Dhaka.In the age of 26, I went to Dhaka and introduced in new life.that’s why it’s a another memorable day in my life.Actually Dhaka is the place where there is get many opportunities to any man. as a service, education, communication, and so on opportunities here.so Most of the people go to Dhaka and find out any job and live there.but I love my birth place.

  44. yap, Dhaka is the city where if anybody want to shine his life he has to do hard work,I’m from Khulna and I’m living in dhaka city from last 3 years,when I came in this city that times I thought how can I stay here too much dirty and population city,but now I’m in love with this city, I am learning lot of thing from this city,now I’m saying if anybody wants to find out the meaning of he should live in Dhaka more then 1 year.and other hand you paying your best to be a part of history of dhaka,I hope one day it will happen and this day not so far..

  45. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    Dhaka is the capital of our country with lots of population because of it’s important.I was born in small village of Bogra district.But I have visited many time for my official purpose.So I know here life is so much difficult than the others.Here every single man need to more sruggle for live than the man of another cities.For this reasons I like more my own village.For your practice of struggle your dream will be a history which I believe.

  46. Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. but I wasn’t born in Dhaka but I was born in Sylhet. I feel proud in my sylhet city. specifically I want to say something to you (Sir).
    we are really grateful to you sir. cause you make this platform for us & also weak students. Insha Allah ; you will be successful in your life

  47. Dhaka is capital of Bangladesh we all know this.Though I’m not from dhaka by origin but I an living here from last one year.I’m from small town feni.I like my feni so much because I was born here,brought up here and my most memorable days I mean childhood life spent here.When I went first in dhaka that time I didn’t like dhaka because of so much pollution, population, traffic jam and so many. But now I’m used to with them.Now I enjoy Dhaka’s life. I visit some fantastic places of Dhaka like Shongshod vhobon,Dhanmondi lake,Nilkhet and so many places.I think oneday Dhaka’s problem will solve.We will see a peaceful Dhaka city.

  48. i was born and brought up in naogaon district . i was being live there from my birth to ssc. After getting i was admitted polytectnic in barishal divission . there had been living from 2010 to 2014. After bring out result i have admitted privet university for bachelor of science in mechnical engineering in Dhaka . that why i have been living from 2014 to still . now i am used to live densely populated to this city. now i am living in Nikunja-2, Khilkhet . Here, Environment is not crowd like other part of Dhaka . I love both Dhaka and Naogaon .Perhaps , possibly i have to bulid up my carieer at Dhaka .

  49. Jobayer Al Mahmud

    By learning English in search English many people’s life are being changed..For this,we hope in future your name will be reminded as the best entrepreneur for changing many people’s life…

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