Day 11: Just Read for Two Hours  

The first 10 days were very tough for basically two reasons. Firstly, you had no habit of reading. So, you felt tired. Secondly, the syllabus was a bit too much for most of you. Well, you needed to pass the difficult stage and make a habit. It was a tough challenge for almost all of you.

From today, the target is that you do not have to spend more than two hours of your time. I am sure that by now, you already can read much faster compared to Day One. So, within two hours, you will read a lot.

I am giving a link and you are supposed to read just for two hours. There are 50+ posts in this link and you just read for two hours. If  you can read 10 posts then so be it. If you can read 20 posts then no problem either. Just read for two hours and that is enough. If you want to read more than that you are most welcome too.

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