China is the second largest economic country

In the world, The GDP growth rate is remarkable in this year to compare to the other years. At early ’80s chines economy was volatile because of under-performance of the economic sector. After the 2000s, it has been doing well because of catching up the advance technology & exploration of new businesses. Actually, Chinese people are performing very well in the business sector. Many people are working on different types of innovative ideas which open the door of the strong economy. Although in this year China is facing a lot’s of the economic barrier to do business with other countries but it is not stagnant. now chines economy is very near with US economy. With China, now South Korea is also growing faster rather than other Asian countries(except Singapore & Hong -Kong). it(south Korea) is considered the third business hub for startups. A new report published that It is one of the best countries in terms of GDP per capital. once both countries had more volatile economy & growth rate but now their economy is very strong .because of diversifying of many area.


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