Character of Jim in The Gift of the Magi

The Gift of the Magi is one of famous short stories of O. Henry. James (Jim) Dillingham is the hero of this short story. He is a hard working but poor young man. He loves his wife and it is clear in the story that he all the time tries for the happiness of his couple life. He is ready to sacrifice everything for his wife.

Many men perhaps are not like Jim. They do no understand the beautiful part of couple life. You may argue that characters like him can be in literature only and they are not found in real life easily. Yes, may be you are right. However, if we look at his character then we can perhaps realize that becoming like him is not that difficult. It is not that he was a very romantic person in modern sense. He could not afford to take his wife to Opera or sea beach. He even could not give his wife that much time because from morning to night he had to work very hard. Still, he loved his wife from his heart.

If you are a husband then perhaps you can follow this quality of Jim of The Gift of the Magi. Just try to love your wife more from your heart. You can start it from today. It wont cost you any money or even any extra time. It is just a matter of feeling. You can respect her more. You can depend on her more. You can share your feelings and emotion with her more.

If Jim can do it, you can too.

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18 thoughts on “Character of Jim in The Gift of the Magi”

  1. This is very worthy post. we all should follow the couple how to make the conjugal life happy and bless. very grandiose sharing. thank you.

  2. Sir i am not a married person . i am unmarried person . so how can it possible for me. just kidding .
    very nice post . very essential for couple person. at present many husband & wife are unhappy . so they need to read this history.

  3. kamrul hasan

    Yes, love is just a matter of feeling. There is no any cost to love someone from the core of heart. There is a good lesson in this story how to love one’s beloved wife truly from heart.

  4. Wow such a nice article with an excellent suggestion. I wish every man who will read this article will try to be a good life partner. Money is nothing but feelings is everything.

  5. Alira Tanjira Alme

    Jim is like a illustrate for us…if we are passing a poor life so what ..?love is totally different and your heedful attention is main foci here. .Nothing else

  6. Rashed Talukder

    they are both tried gifts each other in Christmas event. they are both was poor but happy couple.jim had a handwatch but the chain had broken. magi had a long and beautiful hair. jim sell his broken watch for bought comb for magir hair. and magi sell her hair for bought for repair jims broke handwatch. alas!!! what was done they are. its call real love..dedication and so on.

  7. The gift of the magi i heard the name bt the story summery is not known to me .its an important topic for our real life ,i konw couple life is for love and trustworthy ,so respect your partner and love until you die.

  8. I feel very much both of them. but now a days,there are rare person who’s love like them.we learn from the story.

  9. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    To be a honest men ,succes man all thinking of yours is necessary for us.It’s another nice post.Thank you sir for making us honest.

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