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One of my favorite past time is to type against time. I mean that in order to increase my typing speed, often I type in PC about any topic and count the minutes. For example, sometimes, I write about a topic for 20 minutes and I write whatever I like and then after 20 minutes I try to find out how many words could I type. It has a good blessing. It not only increase my typing speed but also increases my thinking speed. Because of this matter, I can think faster than before. Well, it is not so easy and when I started it nearly 2 years ago, I could just type 10 words per minute or sometimes just 8 words. Now, it has increased significantly. I can type more than 30 words per minute in this way. Of course, my typing speed is over 60 words per minute but it happens when I type something not write. Writing is a different matter and of course blogging is different too. In blogging, while I type I have to be very careful if I am making any mistake. I have to also think and try to write a sentence in a beautiful. Grammatical correction is not enough. I have to focus on making the language simple but beautiful. I have to think of the topic and think of reaction of the readers.

However, I am happy that my speed has increased a lot in 2 years of continuous trying. I feel that typing speed is vital for success in blogging. If you cannot type fast then you cannot write enough in your blog and that is not a good thing. I really wish that every blogger and every writer take this matter seriously.

I have seen many people in my society who want to be a writer but does not want to give importance to typing speed. Of course, here, many people still write with pen and paper but I have totally stopped writing on a paper. I just use computer and it is surely a great blessing. I can correct anyway I like and I can also save documents. My hand writing is terrible and that is why many times, others have problems about reading my writings. So, I am very happy that others do not have any problem about reading my typing.

Blogging is gradually becoming typing against time. Look at the top blogs. They post so many entries and cover amny things in their field. That is why many people read those blogs. So, the bloggers covering these blogs have to type fast. Otherwise, they would not be able to cove so many entries every day.

So, if you are a new blogger, I would recommend you that you spend sometime everyday and try to improve your typing speed.

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27 thoughts on “Blogging: Typing against Time”

  1. Absolutely, I believe that strongly.If we don’t write then we could not increase our writing speed and thinking power.

  2. Now a days we never think to write in paper. Write and read on online and internet is being a popular media. Sure, writing on pc at a time increase the typing speed and also the speed of thinking.

  3. No tension, my typing speed is very fast. Because I was training by rules and practice with a broken type writer. So I am not worried about my typing speed. Happy blogging.

  4. Yes,absolutely right.Typing is one of the most important matter to be a writer.Who are wants to build up their career as a writer he/she need to seriously focus on typing speed.It is matter that how shortage time you can write a article and deliver to you client.Client will be staisfies if you can deliver his expected very soon.

  5. Good topic. Alike you, my hand writing is terrible so prefer to write on PC. Now a days i use smart phone. One of the demerit that i observed that I’m doing simple spelling mistakes while writing both in phone/ pc or in a sheet of paper. Im sad for that. Oh yes, im not a blogger.

  6. I have a little spreed to writing. but also worried my spelling mistake that’s way I’m satisfaction to use smartphone..

  7. shojib Rahman

    Thanks for your good post. Typing speed is important for a writer. Now i am a good typer before than.

  8. Alira Tanjira Alme

    For blogging or being a good writer we should spend more time and try to enlarge our typing style

  9. Loneliness naiym

    Yes sir, I’m agree with you. those who are trying to increase their typing they need to practice everyday. by reading this articles I have learned a things from now I couldn’t write any things on paper I will write it on my pc.Thanks sir.

  10. practice make a man perfect. I take only one minute or a few second to read one post. bt take a lot time to comment. coz my thinking and typing speed is slow.. and when it is in english then its more

  11. Tasfia Tabassum

    I have noticed that, u have tried to give us advice by maintaining sequence. At first u have said blog, blog writer than the typing matter. I am really astonished by reading ur post.
    U say about reality which help a reader. I never think before like u. I m also want to be a writer. But I m very slow for typing anything. As u have said a valuable speech, I will try to type quickly. It will be an extra ordinary side in any job place.
    Thank u sir for sharing ur thought.

  12. increasing typing speed is needed to all blogger. it will save time and gave him new experience.

    I haven’t pc but have a Android phone but I can’t typing so speed. sooner I will buy a laptop then I will try it my best. thanks for discussed.

  13. Asma Bintey Nazim

    So, if you are a new blogger, I would recommend you that you spend sometime everyday and try to improve your typing speed.
    copied from sir’s post…

  14. Rashed Talukder

    right sir, typing and writing aren’t same. typing is increase early. but to devolop writing skills have to practice more. but its true that typing speed is need every bloggers. if you can’t type speedly in computer you won’t entries more post per dayy. so to shine bloggers life and in blogs you have to increase typing speed more.

  15. Thank you so much for your remarkable write up about typing agains time.Yes time is valuable in this section without time management anyone can not to be a successful writer.So we have to count time when we decide to write about something.

  16. Increasing typing speed is cery necessary for a blogger or a writer in this wrting profession. It’s so effective to checking writing speed with a time.who’s speer is as quick as he become entire many content,but when you type speedily, finished your content then you review your post and corruption, where error. My writing speed very well but typing speed not so I practice increasing my typing skill.

  17. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    If you see then you will remark that I improved to making comment here than 1st comment.So I think if I read your all writing then I will be able to make sentence simple and beautiful .I think if I follow you then I will be able to improve gradually to typing also which is most important to entries on blogg.Thank you .

  18. So nice post.thank u sir.Really if i didn’t read this post i couldn’t know the connection between writing and typing speed.Its an more important topic for any writter and typer.If someone want to be a good writer , then his/her must have to knowldge about that.

  19. Thanks a lot sir. I bought a laptop about 3 month ago but my typing speed is too slow . but I think if i flow your instruction then i able to increase it day by day. thanks a lot again

  20. Jobayer Al Mahmud

    As I’m not a blogger I can compare it with my slow writing speed in the exam hall..I take proper practice for exam but as my writing is very slow, I get very few time for writing last questions..For this,I can’t maintain my quality..Thank you very much sir for this instructive post…

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