Blogging: How to focus and not Get Distracted?

Now, there are many professional bloggers and some of them are very successful. I feel that my biggest challenge is that I need to overcome all the distractions and give my total attention to blogging. I have written about this matter earlier in this blog too. I feel that I have a number of things that I get distracted. Let me name some of them:

  1. Television
  2. Browsing Internet
  3. Reading Newspapers
  4. Going out of home

These are the four basic distractions I have. I know that they are not bad. Watching TV is not a bad thing. Browsing Internet is of course a very good thing. Reading newspapers help to remain updated about my country. I have to go out of home sometimes to do shopping or see others. This is something we all have to do. Well, the problem is that often I cannot find enough time for blogging. For example, today, I slept until noon and then at the evening, I felt so tired and slept again. In the afternoon I watched TV and at night I read newspapers and browsed Internet. So, I could hardly work today and it is now 3 AM. So, if I work now then tomorrow again I will feel sleepy.

I know that what I am doing is good as watching TV, reading newspapers and books and browsing Internet- all these works are making me a more knowledgeable person. It is valuable since blogging is based on knowledge. If you do not know then how you can blog. However, blogging is also something more. You have to write daily and write a lot. You have to write comments in other blogs. You should read some about blogging and SEO. Really, you should think of your blogs a lot throughout the day- everyday. Yes, it is a reality.

What I am doing is great but I guess that it is time I totally focus on blogging. If I could do it for the last one year then I could become very successful in blogging. After, I get a decent amount of success then I can surely again go back to reading newspapers, watching TV browsing other websites.

My problem is that by nature I am an encyclopedic person. I love to know about different topics and about different countries. Although I write about South Asia only, I love to know about the world. I know it is a great quality and very few people have such passion about the world like me but at the same time I have to focus on blogging at this moment. I can always come back to knowing the world but this the time I have to build a good profile for myself in the blogosphere.

If you are a newbie blogger and you have the same problem like me then I would strongly recommend you that you must take the problem very seriously. It’s not that I am a lazy person. I am indeed a very hardworking person with a lot of passion behind my work but I have spread myself too thin over many things in my career. I should only focus on my blogs and I just started this.

Hopefully, I would be able to continue my effort of focusing only on blogging for the next one year.

By the way, I wrote nearly 550 words in this entry withon just 15 minutes.

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30 thoughts on “Blogging: How to focus and not Get Distracted?”

  1. Those are common cause of distraction. We face it really. At this point I am same. When I try to write something I feel I should study about this. Then I start to Search on internet. Then I lost my self with a lots of information. I want to know more and more. I forget about what I am searching. I get new topic. Then I started to read this new things. I lost myself in ocean of knowledge. Then I can not write for what about I am searching. What it was supposed to do. In thus way,most of the time I spend when I try to write something. What can I do? @ Razib Ahmed vaia

  2. this kinds of distraction also happened with me..when I think that now I give my time to write something,then my mind was going other bad habit is watching tv more.nowadays I am trying to free from this distraction. now I am trying to give my time in se group.
    I know learning English is mire important for me.I have to give up my favorite time pass for learning well.

  3. this kinds of distraction also happened with me..when I think that now I give my time to write something,then my mind was going other bad habit is watching tv more.nowadays I am trying to free from this distraction. now I am trying to give my time in se group.
    I know learning English is mire important for me.I have to give up my favorite time pass for learning well.

  4. 550 words within 15 minutes isn’t a easy thing. It require tremendous effort, prompt writing and thinking skill… Thanks for sharing useful topics.

  5. tremendous 550 words within 15 minutes. this is the grat achievement for you. eally you are real hero for us.

  6. shojib Rahman

    You said about four things Television, Browsing internet, Reading newspapers , Going out to home. i think it’s so important for Educated person.

  7. Alira Tanjira Alme

    Really vaiya you are the hero in Blogging world and your working system clarify that you are different from others

  8. wow! only 15 minutes you had writen this post. you are best blogger Sir. your Idea, your hard work reached you a success person. I wanna be a blogger but I’m lazy or not hard worker like you.

  9. Rashed Talukder

    indeed its important and effective. to knowing another countries, cultures, positions everything is possible to watch, reads and visit. so that is assential to learn. if we watch televisions news, movies we can get all news and also update. to watch movies we can know anothers countries cultures. further, to browes internet we can get to required news. thus we can learn more and more knowledges. its very necessary for bloggers.

  10. I also love to know about many things but I could not keep remain those things.Because of I can not repeat this and I lose my track about writing.Watching tv, browsing internet and reading newspaper those are blessing for us.We get lot of knowledge from this.From newspaper we get updated news in our world.So I think that which things I like and love then I will focus and explore about it.Then it will set in my mind and I have achieved lot of knowledge.

  11. Loneliness naiym

    Outstanding writing.
    A valuable post for Freelancer. Those who are new in this sector they need to know about this. Then they will get success in this profession that’s no doubt. In this sector the 1st one year is most important for Them.By doing hard work in one year they can able to attract thr readers. So, They have to follow this post.

  12. I read the content within 3 minutes but I know it’s not better for me.I should try to more and more.when I be a perfect reader then I become a good writer.then I focus as a writer.If I want to be a freelancer, so I need to read newspaper, watching TV,go to websites and visit many thing then I focus my activities properly.Actually this content is needed for those person who are want earn money by blogging.I need it for enriching my knoledge.

  13. writting and every profession isn’t easy. If I think I can write a artucle that nobody can write. It’s totally our mistake. search on google you can see about other writter intelligence

  14. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    550 words within just 15 minutes.Its a very taugh to me think now.But you showing us the way.Now we are making lots of words on our heart every day to make confidence because of yoy dreaming us.So when it will be fulfill then we will be ready to avoid any type of distractor.

  15. I also love to know.My thinking is work for knowing something new,not for success.I know oneday i would be a success person ,if my knowldge is improve more and more.

  16. Ahmed Rubaiyat Haider

    Writing this so lively content only within 15 minutes !! it contains 550 words indeed. A fantastic job I must say.Thanks for the article.

  17. Jobayer Al Mahmud

    watching tv was a distractive habit for me but now I don’t watch television and I haven’t seen any match of the ongoing Football World Cup..But browsing internet is steel distractive for me..I enter into google for searching some new things but my subconscious mind takes me to fb and I waste my time there in chatting..

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