Blogging: How many Entries Per Day?

This is a question I often come across in different blogs and forums. Some bloggers say that you have post frequently while others feel that you should not post a lot. Now, let us see the arguments of these two sides.

Those who feel that you post a lot of entries everyday argue that this is the best way of catching the attention of Google. I agree with this view. The more entries mean you have more pages for Google to index. It also helps you to cover more news items about a particular thing in your blog. For example, now World Cup Cricket is rocking many countries on earth. I am trying to cover it in my professional blog. I am trying to post as many entries possible everyday and it is really paying off. I have witnessed 3 times increase in the pageviews of the blog in just 30 days.

On the other hand, those who want to post less entries in their blogs argue that posting a lot of entries will only destroy your blog’s quality. I hate to admit it but I agree with this idea. It is a reality that everyday if you give 4 hours for blogging and if you write just one entry in these four hours instead of writing 4 entries in 4 hours then the quality of your blog will improve. Yes, it is true and good for the ideal world but our world is not ideal. Of course, if you are an outstanding writer then you will surely get your readers sooner or later but for the average bloggers it wont work well.

So, my verdict is for posting as many entries as possible everyday. However, I am not asking you destroy your quality in writing. I am just asking to make a balance so that you have some quality but at the same time you can post more frequently. I know that it will take time for your to understand and find out the right balance. So, do not be impatient and keep blogging.

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23 thoughts on “Blogging: How many Entries Per Day?”

  1. I seem one will better which is good ..writing much non- attraction post in vain ..thanks a lot for suggesting me sir

  2. While reading this content regarding blogging, a little desire of being a blogger peeped in mind!ay be my whimsical mind thought that….

  3. thanks a lot of sir for your valuable information to us. it’s very helping us which people want to be a good blogger.

  4. Rashed talukder

    I haven’t idea in blog side. but I seems to entire a write need one day at least 3000+ words.

  5. Md.Parvej Mosharaf

    Actully this time our rurar people think about blog. this is a hole of anti islam. Its a very bad impration for a muslim. cos when I want to starting a bloging then I have to think my religioun. Cos whene people are knows about me I am a bloger they dont think about me possitive .

  6. Tasfia Tabassum

    Thank you sir for ur nice explanation about blog. I did not know about it before. It will help them whose want to be a blogger.
    U have said two side about blog. Most of the blogger in our country do not know the system of blog writing.

    I think a quality full post is very important than the quantity. Thank u sir for ur valuable post.

  7. excellent explanation. now a days many blogger entries at least 10 even more and most of entries be qualitt less. so it is best to entire a ew pervdays if it has quality.

    wantvto blogging but seemed it is to hard.

  8. I think! it is a great opportunity for the newbie writer. Who can try to improve their writing skill to write about current trend. It also helps to get their readers. Who inspired theirs for writing.

  9. Rashed Talukder

    blogging is a profession what is write continuously. blogging is increasing shouldn’t decreased. try to entries as much post what is sufficient of still your performance.

  10. After reading your post I have to say about blogging that if you write more than one post it will be increase your writing quality on the other hand it wont be work well for other blogger but google satisfy to your posting.So if you are well writer then you have to write more post in your blog.

  11. You explain the content very nicely. before joinig this group I can’t hear about the blogging.Blogging is the profession where a man writing something about any comments. Perhaps he should be experienced about the blogging site.everyday post,at least one content.nighter he not well as a blogger.I hope, if I be,a fruenly writer then I write your site if you give any chance.

  12. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    To be a good blogger one should follow you.Because you keeping more force to creat a quality content than post more.I am also think so.Thank make me decide about this.

  13. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    To be a good blogger one should follow you.Because you keeping more force to creat a quality content than post more.I am also think so.Thank you for make me decide about this.

  14. Yes i also agree with u .If we write so many entries then we improve our written quality.Firstly we have to learn to write about many much quality are there we have to prove it later.

  15. i think also that it will best if we write more article for our blog everyday . As a result the visitor comes regularly

  16. Jobayer Al Mahmud

    I think your advice is helpful for novice blogger..By giving frequent post,you will be known to all..Just like some actors who always try to keep them in news by doing whimsical work..But to get the permanent place in reader’s mind you have to write quality based entries…

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