Blogging: Diversion tactics to Face Blogger’s Burnout

Last night, I wrote about getting some relaxation from the pressure of professional blogging. In fact, last night, it was a good tactics and I enjoyed it much. Within just a few hours, I wrote 16 entries as a diversion tactics and I enjoyed it a lot. I realized that instead of getting blogger’s burn out the best way to relax is to write about off topics. Today, I am in good shape mentally and I do not feel any tiredness or exhaustion. Instead, I am working whole night and writing some nice entries.

Today, I was very busy and I was out of home until 8 PM. Then I came home and started working from 11 PM. Yes, my body is tired now but my mind is fresh and by drinking a cup of coffee, I could overcome the physical tiredness. So, now I am in good shape both physically and mentally.

In past, to get some freshness, I would take some time off form blogging and enjoyed movies, reading books, browsing websites or just being totally out of home. That meant being out of blogging. I am happy that I could find this diversion tactics of just writing anything I like and then posting it in this blog.

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19 thoughts on “Blogging: Diversion tactics to Face Blogger’s Burnout”

  1. It needs diversity to remove monotonousness from the work. We lost time in that time. If we can utilize it by doing other activities which will give us freshness it will be better.

  2. Wow can u manage ur time daily for writing? I am thinking ..u manage whole time, giving se,ecab,home, office etc..all are good with u..carry on of luck

  3. Sometimes diversity is essential to change the mode. The best thing if we can find this diversity within our own work or tract.

  4. how it possible to manage your day sir. I seem your day make 30 years.ha ha. you spend a lot of time to write blogging then some time to fb group, some time to ecab a few time to your personal work, sufficient time to sleeps, how it possible within a day means 24 hours.

    it is matter of sorrow that if I am a hard worker like you then I became first in my departmen.. but I am lazy too.

  5. Asma Bintey Nazim

    There is need to take rest and relax from work for sometimes otherwise you will feel bore and monotonous…..

  6. Rashed Talukder

    writing profession is boring types. but it can’t everyone. whom are love to write I, bloggers, writers they are find clue to do speed in writing. our Razib Ahmed sir shared his own clue. he take writing position diversation tactics.. its really effective. if you take your job diversation you can do this easily. because our body, mind need to entertainment. so try to do it.

  7. Loneliness naiym

    Yes, Now,im also follow this rules
    In past, When I was read academic books for preparing examination. Then, after slme time I felt board, then I watched movie in tv or used fb, chated with friends or went out from home and gossiped with friends.Its so bad things. because,by doing this I had killed my valuable time. But, now I’m coming far from this work.Now, when I read reading section, then if I board then I go to search english group and doing comments there.I think its better for me to learn English.

  8. Sir, you are the best person,seen in my life to till now.I make my daily routine many mamy purpose. but now I make my days for practice in english.your speed is so high. I know , I will do it, when I give much time herea and become patience. it’s not cover in a day,but cover one day. SEG is inspiration for me.I believe that someone belive any thing in their heart and soul and take a plan to get it.and doing hard work.then must be he /she success. I am slow but steady, so I will do.I am not youth but my mind is youth.

  9. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    Boringness comes in everywhere either it good or bad works.So freshness is need to be more strong and to think any new idea. So for refresh reading book, enjoying movie,some time out of works are so important to writes something new.

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