Believe in Me

Believe in Me
I am Razib Ahmed and for the last two years, people mainly know me as the president of e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB). I have tried my best for e-CAB and now it is a well established trade association in the country. We try to support the online shopping industry. Right now, more than 550 companies are members of this organization. However, these days, many people have started to know me for Search English.
I am surprised because Search English is only a facebook group- nothing else. It is not a company yet, it is not an association. There has been no report in the media about Search English so far. Perhaps, the main reason is that this group has more than 116,000 people and most of them know me. This is a very active group.
In the last six months, we have done the unthinkable- we now write in English round the clock. We have stopped approving one sentence, mcq and translation posts. We try to write long posts. It is a part of our daily life.
I have a very simple dream. I want each and everyone of you here become skilled in English. Of course, you have to give a lot of time and effort. You have the best platform in Bangladesh to practice English. You do not need to spend any money here and at the same time, it is bhejal free. No one is going to bother you, insult you or laugh at you. Until now, all of you (who have given at least one month of time) have seen noticeable improvement in your English skills.
Today, Lina Apu came to e-CAB office and she told me that she was no longer afraid of English. Yes, she is very busy but she was also very confident that she would improve a lot if she could give time.
Always remember that it is a group where we will practice English. Do not bother about likes and comments. Do not support anyone who is doing bhejal, attacking others. Let us have a peaceful atmosphere. Let us support one another. Let us praise all the persons who publish posts here. Let us pray that this platform becomes more effective for all of you.
We have to go a long way. I need support from many of you. We must always respect girls and women in this group. There must not be any if or but about it. We must always honor all the persons and we must try for having peaceful environment.
I am a very busy person but I am trying my best for this group. I believe in Search English. I strongly believe that this group will change lives of many persons. However, you must also believe me strongly. You must try to listen to me. Only then, together, we can do many great things.

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18 thoughts on “Believe in Me”

  1. yeah vai this group is very effective for us we can learn english from here without any fear and shame. thank you vai for create this group.

  2. yeah vai this group is very effective for us we can learn english from here without any fear and shame. thank you vai for create this group.

  3. yes,vaiya i believe you.i have full confidence on you.this group is a vejal free group.there has no place for the vejal public.for this reason we write her withoutanyfear,hesitation,shame.vaiya i know i am not good at english.i can’t write nicely like another.but i try to always inspired us for writing. you always give us encourage. for writing. i am glad to main problem i can’t find any topic to write.

  4. Exactly!
    I am believe it this platform is one of best platform and that is not only in Bangladesh I will say it’s an example as a group as learning platform as a best active gorup and as a beautiful place where we are passing our best time.

  5. Dear Bhaiya, we believe in you and also believe that search English can change our lives. From five months I’m a witness of it. Alike lina apu, I also gained confidence. Now I believe yes I can write….

  6. Md rajon molla

    really we can to many great thing. because we are all time with you . go ahead sir.

    thanks thinking share .
    good luck for you sir

  7. absolutely right vaia, search English already changed many of ours life. and hopefully it’s make a great impact to change our country also.

  8. Arifur Rahman

    Yes,I strongly believe you and search English group for that I stay here and try to make good things togetherly.One day we will do big things and we also spread it all over the world.

  9. Alira Tanjira Alme

    I have a strong believe for you and I hope that your speech and your search English group makes my life colourful

  10. Loneliness naiym

    I also get confident to come here.Shame and hesitation are goes away from myself. Now I’m doing well in English. And I also believe that sooner English will be my strength. for thar reason I’m doing hard work. insha allah I could. Because, I have to be good at in English.

  11. I believe you100%.Your every speech is so much effective.I am trying to maintain your instructions.Thanks a lot sir.Only for your dedication a lot of persons have got such group to improve.And now a days it’s a dream of every SE group members that we want to be success.

  12. Thanks sir for support us ,you have take a great work ,we are blind on your work,now we have to do hard work thats it.

  13. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    Already happened it.Already your dream now is a history of success.The rules are already established here.We all trying to follow your rules.So the atmosphere of our group is vhejal free now.

  14. sir i believe you, your every advice it’s very effective in our life. i believe your speech while we are follow your speech then we will be success inshoallah.

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