Ay Jyoti: About my journey in 100 Days Challenge


How are you all. Hope you are well by the grace of almighty Allah. I am also well by the grace of almighty Allah.

100 Days Challenge Journey is the best thing in our life. It’s totally change my life.100 Days Journey play my life as a game changer.

Now I am sharing a story. Once upon a girl. Lives in a small city. In her school life she bright student. But after passing Secondary School Certificate. In this examination she got good result but not her wishes. After passing she admitted into college. Her studies was going good. But when her Higher Secondary Examination started that time she gone ill.

In this time she cannot good result but not so bad. She added few University admission examination. But she can’t. All time she got only fail fail and fail. After Higher Secondary Examination she admitted Honours. Unfortunately in this time she cannot got her wish subject. She was a business study student.

She want to study in accounting or others business study subject. But she got English subject and admitted English Department. When She admitted Honours that time she cannot think anything what can she do. She was business study student. But she is now English department student. She cannot accepted it. After few months she tries to accept it. In this time her studies was going good.

Unfortunately when She was in Honors next year that time she fall into big problem. Family problem and others problem. In this why she gone into deep depression. When her final examination will started. She thought that she committed suicide. She can’t suffer her problem. Totally she cannot face her problem. In this time she cannot think what can she do? Do you know who is she. It’s me. She is me. It is my story.

But When I am join Search English, Digital Skill for Bangladesh and also Math Dhaka. Her life going to change. I am inspired so much when i am found Razib Ahamed Sir. He motives myself so much. My life turned into right track.

The best thing in my life is the 100 Days Challenge. I cannot imagine how much important it in my life. Actually words are not enough to express it’s important. Before time I am biggest irregular person. I am tried my best but i cannot make my life regular. But 100 Days Journey makes my life regular.

In my 100 Days journey I learned many thing.

()It’s make myself confidence girl. I am lost my all confidence. BUT 100 Days journey gives me lots of confidence.

() Motivational way in my life. Without motivational no one can’t do anything. It’s motives mystery in every single second.

() It’s help to come out my deep depression. Now I have no depression.

() Before time i am hate my life. But now I am love my life.

()It’s help me to trust myself.

() it’s learn me that I will and i can.

() Now I am lead a happy life.

() Now i am properly use my time.Now i can’t waste my time.

() It’s learn me that if i am try in my life that time something will be change. It i don’t try nothing will ne change.

() It’s help me to see dream.

() it’s make myself as a hard worker person.

()Now I have making my reading habit

() I have got many new new word

()I got many valuable experience

() I have give up my laziness

() Now i can easily understand any post.

() Now i can easily put down any comment

() Now I can help others

() I can talk to others so confidently.

100 Days journey part in my daily life. It is a part and parcel in my life. Without it’s I can not think others. It’s make my life easier. In few days I can see my improvement in my life.

Thank you so much sir for giving us such kind of valuable opportunity. It’s really biggest thing in my life. I am so bless that I am i 100 days journey. Now in my life have no sorrow, no sadness, no laziness.

I am so so happy i am in 100 days journey.

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