ASOCIO: A Success Story

Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization (ASOCIO) is the most important organization dealing with information technology sector in Asia and Oceania region. It was set up in 1984 to promote better relationship among the IT companies in the Asian-Oceanian region. In the last 25 years, it has expanded its activities. Now, ASOCIO has around 10 thousand companies of the region under its umbrella. Thus, ASOCIO has emerged as the most inclusive organization about Information Technology in the Asian-Oceanian region.

In June 1984, there was a meeting in which Japan suggested that an organization should be created. In October 1984, the first General Assembly was held in which organizations from Japan, Australia , Korea , and Chinese Taipei attended and there were observers from China , Hong Kong , Philippines and Singapore . The current members of ASOCIO are: Japan , Australia , Bangladesh , Hong Kong , India , Indonesia , Korea , Laos , Malaysia , Mongolia , Myanmar , Nepal , New Zealand , Pakistan , Philippines , Singapore , Sri Lanka , Taiwan , Thailand and Vietnam .

ASOCIO also has seven guest members and they are USA , UK , Canada , Spain , France , Russia and Kenya .

If we take a look at the list of member countries then we will notice that many of the countries of East Asia, South Asia and South-East Asia are its members. Countries like Australia, Korea , Japan and Taiwan are among the leading manufacturers of hardware equipments in the world. On the other hand, India and Philippines are among the top names in outsourcing sector. Understanding the importance of ASOCIO, organizations from USA, UK , Canada , Spain , France , Russia and Kenya have become its guest members. It shows the potential of ASOCIO for the future.

The main objective of ASOCIO is to encourage, develop and co-ordinate the interest of the IT companies in the region. It also wants to contribute in the development of the IT industries of the member countries. It is also working to promote the interest of the IT industry of its members in the media.

To meet its major objectives, ASOCIO regularly carries out a number of activities. Every year, there are some events such as Business exchange mission, Multi-lateral Trade Visit, executive meeting etc. Also, it tries to promote the IT exhibitions and conferences to its members and thus, because of active encouragement from ASOCIO, now IT businessmen and leaders of member countries are visiting different countries a lot more than the past.

Only ten or fifteen years ago the relation between Asian countries in information technology was not that strong. The main idea was that Asian countries would only manufacture and give service to rich countries like USA, Canada and Europe. Now, because of active participation and encouragement from ASOCIO, the inter-relationship between Asian countries in IT sector is flourishing.

Ensuring better relationship among member countries, contributing in the increase of inter-trade among its members are perhaps the most important achievements of ASOCIO. As a result, the countries are slowly creating a market of their own and this indirectly is helping the economies of the member countries belonging to ASOCIO. Bangladesh is perhaps one of the major success stories. In the last one decade, the use of computer and internet has dramatically increased in the country.

ASOCIO has a very rich website with a lot of information about the information technology industry in Asia-Oceania. The address of the website is:

This website contains a lot of information and it can be very helpful for researchers, IT businessmen and journalists who are interested about the IT sector of Asia-Oceania.

ASOCIO officials are active and they are trying to contribute in the development of IT sector of the region. There is some more room for growth. One of things that can be done is to actively pursue members from the Middle East and Central Asia.

Bangladesh is a member of ASOCIO and Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS) is representing the country. Right now, Deputy President of Asocio is Abdullah H Kafi who is from Bangladesh. He has been very active in promoting ASOCIO in Bangladesh and at the same time promoting Bangladesh in ASOCIO.

The future of ASOCIO looks to be very promising as the future of Asia looks very promising.


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  1. Wow!
    interesting information really.
    Asocio is really helpful to develop of our I information, communication, to getting better internet service and etc.
    I hope, Bangladesh will be more develop of it sector,s that is very enterprise to go forward as smoothly and quickly too.

  2. Shafin Mahmud

    Great to know about this organizations. It’s the biggest organizations of it sector in the world. and Bangladesh is one of member of it. It’s very much pleasant.

  3. Alira Tanjira Alme

    Indeed it is a successful story and a superb organization for developing our ICT sector. .we are getting benign situation by dint of this well established organization.

  4. Happy to hear a success story… ASOCIO
    play a big role to develop our IT sector.. even among the members of this organization…The president who helps to increase our IT development…its really well for Bangladesh

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