As you sow, so shall you reap

We all know this proverb. Partho Protim Majumder has been more or less a failure story in our society. After passing HSC, he got admitted into a private university and stayed there for one year and he failed in every semester. As a result, he became frustrated and left his study 3 years ago. However, for the last 4 months, he has been trying very hard to listen to my every advice.

Partho vai is always online and he tries to write. Often, he works 12 hours a day. He is slowly improving. Today, he has done something outstanding. He has translated a feature from the Daily Star. Daily Star is considered to be one of the top newspapers of the country and his translation was not bad. I would give 60 out of 100 and that is fine. He has another 5 and a half months to reach to 90.

In BCS, Bank and other jobs, translation is considered to be an important skill. Many people contact me about giving them tips regarding translation skills. What they do not want to do is to keep on trying. Partho vai has kept on trying and he is just going ahead slowly but steadily.

If Partho vai continues then from January 2017, he wills start earning money from his writing. He will have a real career and he will become a successful writer.

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12 thoughts on “As you sow, so shall you reap”

  1. Translation is the most hard part of learning English. But it is not impossible task. if anybody does it regularly, he/she will feel comfort of translating. Search English group is offering us every opportunity of learning English.

  2. when I read english book some time I see that, I understand all the meaning. but when I want to share it to others then faces problem. actually translation is a hard part too.

  3. Who ever made those proverbs, did an excellent job. Sometimes I ponder how people of earlier generation make such wise and pragmatic proverbs.
    Partho bhai is now real example of result of hard work.

  4. Rashed Talukder

    It is my practical expatience. sir give us speech and there have says always for learn to need acknowledge. its assential that without more read no one can learn anythings. for learn you have to read and do physical works and practical works.
    its speak as like, as you read, so shall you get success more.
    but one things here, we want to learn by shortcut. but now I understanding no shortcut way too learn english.
    I am also facing this problem almost. I can read but I do not understand all. now it is my another problem to build career among english. I want to devolop my understanding power.

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