Are you Serious about Your Dream?

I have been sitting almost continuously for the last 8 hours. I have been coordinating the effort to launch e-CAB Answer. This is a place where anyone can find answer of almost any question related to e-commerce. In the first stage, we want to find and upload the answers of One Thousand questions. AbUL Khayer vai and Mohan vai have worked for the last 4 days to make it ready or in other words, they have taken care of the technical part. Every night, I talked to them.

Today, it is the content part. Partho Pratim Majumder, S M Mehdi Hasan and Nazmul Hasan Majumdar vai have been working with me. We have been able to upload the answers of 17 questions in the first day.

Now, the platform is set and we can work for e-CAB answer. Many people tell me regularly that they cannot give time for studying English. Well, if becoming skilled in English is your dream then you have to give time.

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21 thoughts on “Are you Serious about Your Dream?”

  1. Alamgir Hossain Rafi

    Yes sir,we can gather some knowledge from this article, how we can di hard work,how we should do hard work,why we should do hard work,how much hard work you are doing for us regularly. We are really grateful to you all.

  2. yes you have to invest your time to be efficient in any specific field. you need regular and relentless efforts to make your dreams true.

  3. really, I learn from this post how to see in dream..if I want to success, I must cling with this work.. now, I seems that I waste my time, when I joined this group,then I don’t write..if I do comment, I will success..

  4. It’s very effective article of us. we can learn how to make our dream. everybody have a dream. the dream is making hard worker.

  5. Definitely I’m sincere about my dreams. I want to make my dream in real. I know I’m walking slow due to unavoidable circumstances but i don’t lose hope.

  6. Arifur Rahman

    Obviously you are right.I have a dream and I have worked and continued to my working everyday according to my plan and goal.I have to give time in my goal so that I can improve than yesterday. so I do not stop my working and I always adhere to my goal.Thank you so much for your inspiration. I know, now e cab group spread ramifications in all over the country, I hope it will be better performance day by day.

  7. Rashed Talukder

    obviously I have more dream. English learning is my one of the major dream of my life. more time I want to learn English language. some time I passed time with a person who known English. after that I admitted a coaching centre.there had also I didn’t learned nothing. I bought some books what have advertisement is also attracted me. but I failed. I could not learn something. after a long time I getting oppurtunity to learn and to practice. it still my dream. and I take it seriously. now its time 1 am. I still reading and commenting. I feel tired and need to sleep. but my attention do not chance to sleep. its sure that, if anyone want to complete dreams they have to take serious.otherwise the dream is still dream.

  8. Your all post inspirational. Yes, i’m very serious to fulfill my dream. I will must be fulfill my dream.

  9. Md:Moshiur Rahman

    Now the reality is different of e-CAB. It’s happened for your dreams.I have no dreams before but now I am serious about my one and last dream.

  10. There is 2 main point
    One is time two is removed laziness
    If i have so much time to spend here at that time laziness is present ….its our main problem

  11. I am serious about my dream . I want to skilled in English . I have no idea about E commerce . One day i will skill in IT section .

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