Are there Enough Opportunities?

From January, you will notice that every week someone from this group will give post to inform us that they have got a job or freelancing project. In other words, they will start earning money. Why will it happen? Simply because, there are many opportunities for anyone who is skilled in English language. Of course, Search English is a group for practicing English and our goal is not to arrange jobs for our members. We will never try for that.

Our focus will always be to make you skilled in English language. Of course, it is up to you to work hard or not. I am going to regularly write about the opportunities that exist. Now, the main question is: are there enough opportunities? Yes, there are enough opportunities for people who are skilled in English language. When you are skilled in English, you can try for freelancing works online.

In short, there are enough opportunities but there are not enough people who are willing to work hard and keep on trying every day.

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13 thoughts on “Are there Enough Opportunities?”

  1. yes there are colossal opportunities to earn money by applying English knowledge. A person who is skilled in English, can never sit idly. Different types of job opportunities will knock a person who has good command over in English. Learning English is a opportunity to make our better career.

  2. Rashed Talukder

    who have skilled in english his have more oppurtunities. often, we see the job application circulars and there many job has wanted expericend. its called skilled. so present world english language is a most valuable and without it no way to get good job. and we are easily build our skilled with in group.the group has more job holders are now want more to learn english. do you know why they are want and trying to learn english? because they are faced many problem in theirs company for weakness english. the articles wrote about oppurtunity. and it is real. we do not take it serious. its natural, when we are also face the problem then feel worried and depreesed. so, gain your skilled among your free time. start now, miss means less.

  3. English is an international language. We communicate with foreigners thorough this language. If we learn it seriously we will success in life. It will be easy to get a perfect i decided that I have to do practice more and more. In spite of my busyness i want to work hard.i believe that if i keep practice regularly i will reach my terget.

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