Action Speaks Louder than Words

Earlier today, Muna apu wrote a post in this group. She stated that while facing a job interview, she had to answer all the questions in English language. It really does not matter whether she will get the job or not. What matters is that Apu could do it. She could speak in English for one hour in real life situation. May be she became some nervous and afraid but she could do it and she is happy for it.

She has thanked me and Search English group. It has brought a lot of satisfaction to me. Some people make fun of me in Facebook and say bad thing about my effort to create a platform for young people to learn English. I do not get annoyed or angry anymore. Instead, I want to focus on bringing out success stories like Muna apu.

I have no plan or interest to become a leader, celebrity, idol or icon. Instead, I want to always remain a very simple and ordinary person like today. I have realized that God has given me a great gift- I can inspire others. I want to try for creating a good platform for young people. I dream of the time when every day, there will be a success story in this group. Muna Apu has just showed us that we can face the real world.

So, let us move forward. Let us face the real world. Let us try our best. Search English is already the best platform to learn English in the country. You do not have to pay any money. Some of us have started to get results or success and finally, it is a bhejal free platform.

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  1. Yes vaia, Lots of success story are inspired us everyday to become more serious and give more time in this outstanding platform. Here we get appreciation on our every single efforts. That’s inspired us a lots

  2. tremendous post

  3. Yeah, sir it is totally vejal free platform, always it was and always will be. Thanks a lot.

  4. Thanks a lot sir for making a great group for us

  5. yes vaiya.there is no doubt that it is a vejal free platform and there has no space for vejal public.yes,you have the power of inspires others.

  6. The students, the job seekers, the job holders, everyone is getting benefited from this group by being efficient in English. we the people are really grateful to you, vaiya, for creating this such tremendous platform to practice our English. Without having good command over in English, we can’t be able to make our good career. At every field, English is much needed. Search English is the most effective platform for boosting our English knowledge. thanks a lot for this worthy post.

  7. we r very grateful to u.. thanks bro for ur great thinking,great work..

  8. There is a proverb, that if anyone not get jealous or not laugh at your plan then change the plan, if they do then you think that your plan is right.

  9. it’s inspiration post for us. Search English make success story every day. I love very much because it’s one of the best learning platforms for our country. its platforms are totally bazal free. everybody learning English easy without shame and any coast.

  10. Thankful to you sir.

  11. I’m happy to know about muna apu. Like her many people are sharing their success stories in the group.

  12. I also have a viva of 50 marks
    I got A in previous viva result.. I wish I will get A+ in my next viva of 4th year

  13. Muna apu also a hard working person she has achieved success or outcome from this group by reading and writing comment. I hope one day I will achieve my success and goal.

  14. I am very proud of me because me Se group member. Its most important for me. I seriouly very happy.

  15. muna apu, she seems to earlier member, she is not yet.but still now noticed succession of her. actually it is not a story. it is like a history. by online many many learners learning english alltime. school, college, coaching centre have session and class duration. but the group has no duration. non stop you can practice among group without teacher.practice make perfect. I think widely just only one platform where’s can do practice 24 hours with many group mates. one day Razib sir put a post taken with you. its not so fer. the article has main point muna apu. she did made a conversation with interviewers. she got job or not, her conversation is main gain. if she didn’t got the job, I seem to that she get more well job. because she devolop her own skilled in English. so I can say that, when can you remove heaitation and fear you moving forward speedly.

  16. Yes vhaiya, a lot of success inpired us every day. Now at least a success story come in group every single day. It increase gradually day by day.

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  18. Now it is already forwarded.And I belief heartily the name of topic.

  19. thanks, you have done with all of your best efforts to make this platform perfect. So as a member, I think that I have some responsibility by utilizing this plateform in an effective way. So that I can learn and get a good something.

  20. Yes , it’s a true speech. If muna apu proved herself why I will not able to like muna apu. If we take it seriously we will success. We will also share you a successful story which will be success only for your inspiration and instructions. I never thought before joining this group that i can speak or write something in English. After joining this group it is too much easy to me to write or speak something about any subject. This time i never think about wrong or right. I always think that I have to do practice more and more.

  21. Your style of narrating is so simple that everyone can understand the content.It will definitely help all to improve their reading and writing skill. May you live long and make the platform strong

  22. this not content this is magic,as much as i Read feel encourse.

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