Abdul Ahad vai

Abdul Ahad is one of the familiar faces in our Search English group. This little boy always does hard work and continuously tries to develop himself. He always listens to Razib sir’s words. Day by day he is developing huge. Although at the beginning he played SASURI SASURI game (স্যার এর কথা না শোনা) but few days after he realized that he can easily develop himself if he tries to follow our sir’s rules. After that he obeys all the rules. Now he is a super speaker, content writer and IT expert also. He has a good quality that he always tries to help others. Every time when I face any problem, he helps me. Like yesterday night my headphone damaged, when he heard this then he has given me of his extra headphone. Not only I but also he helps other members in our group.
He is a first year student under national university. In his age most of the students always do fun with their friends or waste their time by doing unnecessary works. Maximum student don’t try to do hard work of their university life. For that reason at the end of their graduation they don’t get any good job. But Abdul Ahad vai is totally opposite rather than other students. He uses his time by practicing in SE Group and has improved huge. At the beginning When he joined Search English group that time he could not talk English properly .One day he went in the market with his some friends . He saw one foreigner wanted to buy a Punjabi but one of the pockets of that Punjabi was problem. But the Foreigner did not notice it. Then he told the foreigner brother you shouldn’t buy this Punjabi because this pocket has problem. When his two friends heard this they gave his name “PROBLEM IN THE POCKET” and whole street they laughed one another by calling him problem in the pocket. As they are good students most of the times they neglected him. They told him that your English is wrong; if you are going to like this you never get a job. That time he got more sorrow but he didn’t express it in front of them. After few days when he gave his full time he saw that he is developing huge and he can easily talk in English in front of other. Now he is a super speaker and gets taka 100 per hour by talking English anyone. The most amazing thing is now his friend circle want to talk with him by giving taka 100 for one hour. Although they are good students but they are not skilled like Ahad vai .
Today I have written his story because I think that it may be helpful for our group members. Most of us don’t try to talk in front of others because we always think about our mistakes. If Ahad vai gave up his practice that time, he never achieved the success. Now he is another successful man in our Se group. So we should do practice in Our Search English group more & more to develop our English skill. Without English and It skills you don’t get a good job. Your life is only yours; never give up and try to do hard work regularly. In-sha-alllah one day you will be succeed.


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