A writer should Work 8 Hours or Even More

When you want to take writing as a profession, you may think at first that it has a lot of freedom. You get free from 9-5 job. Yes, it is true but at the same time, you have to work more. The only good part is that you can work anytime you like. You don’t need to go to office and work 9-5. On the other hand, you can work in your home. Sometimes, you have to go library for research. Thanks God that Internet has done this part much easier. In the past, to check something, I had to go a library that has Encyclopedia Britanica other reference books but now thanks to Internet, I can find any information any time.

Well, I have to say that Internet has given us best opportunity. Anyway, coming back to the original topic, just remember that you have to work at least 8 hours or even more. Sometimes, I feel that I want to write but it is difficult to sit so long time. However, then I have to find another field. Writing is a serious work. You should not neglect it at all.

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  1. very good post. these are perfect for me

  2. Very Importent post

  3. absolutely right. If we want to become a good and skillful writer then we have to give more time, spend our time on writing either it’s good or bad and research about it how can it develop. Thanks a lot razib vaia for creating this group and makes the opportunity for writing.

  4. nice

  5. instructive post.. they r wants to be a good writer who r following this rules..

  6. Writer has the quality to attract people within his writing. I’m craving to read next one.

  7. Sir, i use phone. But i give more than fifteen hours time to write ..i try my best..i have a wish.after buying computer, i will give there day and night for writing and knowing ..i confess i am little known man..so i try my best..please pray for me sir..here needed 20 second to read

  8. those,they are want to be professional writer, they are following this rules,

  9. Outstanding.i seem that here which have it is very searious for this regard.i know write it is very difficult done.but this difficult who easy possible by man.i know keep pratising the every day or other i will can something acurately.casuses my own at mine have much self_confidence.

  10. yes,writing is very good work.we don’t need to go office gor this profession. anyone can do his job by sitting anywhere.it is good coz it has no limit for work like 9-5.nowadays it is easy for Internet. we can find any information by the help Internet.For doing this profession we must need more knowledge and writing skills.so we have to try for our more improvement..

  11. Writing is a novel profession I would be like this wonderful profession.

  12. It’s our fortune we get Internet. More over, we are lucky that we get nice platform with Razib vai.Thanks Razib vai for zero.

  13. I agree with u.Writing is so difficult.

  14. Really writing is serious work. As it is a free profession also. But without a devoted mind writing is impossible. A writer has to dive into his utopia, character, thought, atmosphere. Sometimes he can not think how swiftly the time has gone. Writing is the kingdom of imagination, kingdom of thought, kingdom of judgement, kingdom of diversity. In sooth to say, you never guess how quickly time is going when you engage in a deep thought. It is interesting also. Because that time you have no chance to feel bore.

  15. nice

  16. Thanks. It was nice.

  17. Comment*
    Internet just like a aladin charak.when we need any information after few minit we get this information it’s possibol to Internet.

  18. Yes, definitely writing is a great task for a professional writer. Without having deep knowledge on creativity, it is fully impossible to be a writer. Hard work, patients, creativity, diligence and discipline is must be needed for a professional writer. Are you want to be a world class writer? If it yes, you should gain these mentioned rules. So, just keep practising and ficus on your respective job.

  19. Writing is difficult but hard working and spend more time it is possible. Mind creation is mostly important. If we want to be writer we should thinking power ability to give valuable something for others.

  20. So much inspiring post for us…..thanks a lot Sir

  21. Whether your profession is writing or something else, you need to give 8 hours or more time to get your job done or success. It is free from many responsibilities. But it is hard to get money by doing this job.

  22. yeah vai neither work is easy every work is difficult for worker and whatever we want to achieve we need to do hard work

  23. yes sir, you are right. everybody should work 8 hours even more.then they’ll be success.

  24. Writing is very difficult with hard working.

  25. Writing is very difficult without hard working.

  26. i agree with you sir.writing is not so easy part.i am a student and i also do job.my work time at office since 10 am-7 pm.My office at Gulsan-1 Niketon and my home at uttara.so everyday i have to journey 4 hours. only Friday is my holiday.but in Friday and Saturday i have to go to class.so its difficult for me to give 8/9 hours on writing. but i hardly trying to give time oon writing as more as possible.

  27. Nowadays internet is another of best opportunity all whole world. now we can getting anymore easily.

  28. Writing is important part of English. There are many people want to be a good writer but they can’t give time for writing in English. If we want to be a good writer we should give much time for good writer . Al least i say that it the time to learn English . Otherwise i can’t to learn English .

  29. This is the universal trut, Internet can help us every work even anywhere. we can find out our desir unknown matter by the internet. nowadays Internet help us widely. comming back to the point, as writer need wisdom person. he need to more knowledge to uplodnig his content nicely.
    so that, writer should familiar with Internet..

  30. it is so much inspiring post for me!! thanks sir!

  31. Nice post sir. In this case my opinion to a beginner’s please try to learn how to find any information in Internet using right keywords. Cz sometime we see some unnecessary post in social group page where they want to know some general info which they can easily collect from web. thats why at 1st learn how to find a information in search engine.

  32. Internet has greatly eased the sufferings of the writers.

  33. If we give proper time in writing we will do something powerful

  34. Internet has changed our life.we can find news by sitting in our home by using it.Without this, we can communicate with others by using social media. We all know without Internet it is impossible.

  35. Yes sir, I believe that, if I want to be a good writer then I should work to 8-9 hours everyday. I think it is a good suggestion for us.Thanks for your good advice.

  36. Internet has make our life easy and comfortable.and make us lazy too. its bad but true.
    every good thing has a bad side..

  37. Exactly right sir. A writer should give more time in his writing if he wants to be a good writer. Only a good writer can think deeply. Without thinking of deep, without working hard, a writer can not be a professional writer. A professional writer have to gather imaginary power, creative knowledge and being patient. So every writer need to give more time to be a good writer.
    As we are getting an opportunity by using internet, it is very easy for us that we can collect any information easily. So everyone should utilize this opportunity for being a exceptional writer.

  38. No one can be succeed without hard work and patience.
    Writing is so hard to do.
    So when a man want to be writer then he will continue his hard work.

  39. yes
    absolutely right,
    if any person want to develope, his have to hard work,
    at present we can say internet help our to study at home.

  40. I have many ideas and stories in my memory but I don’t have a good writing skill.I want to write drama,novel, poems,fictions in English
    but I don’t ever spent 8 hour for my study in my lifetime

  41. to be a good writer we should work at least 8hours even more hours a day properly. originally it is challenging and difficult too.

  42. Nice post.I agree with you.Writing is difficult.Internet most important at a time our life.

  43. There was a proverb- Practice makes a man perfect. Writing is a practice. If any body wants to take writing as a profession. He should practice more and more.

  44. Very good post!

  45. This is a good post for us. thanks a lot of Razib sir

  46. This is a good post for us

  47. When I am a writer I free 9-5 pm office time binding. But must afford for writing. Without hard work we don’t achieve anything. This writing or another job.

  48. it is right…we know that slow and steady wins the race..so if you want to do well anywhere you have to give more time.

  49. yes! a writer should read more & learn more. there also need patience

  50. this articles topic is a writer should works 8+ hours or even more. official works has a time durations rule. this is usually 9-5 pm.but a writer have no official time. no need to maintain time.but if you comapare official workerss and a writer you can get ans easily that how many difficult job of writer.their have to write with more time. most of times they are writing in concert 14-15 hours. so from this articles I can say writing profession is so difficult. and here also describe that internet give us more oppurunity. we can easily gain of all by internet. if no be internet and fb we never learn, didn’t practice in this ways.

  51. absolutely right saying sir and it’s really perfect for me coz i m a lazy person about writing….

  52. Today I have read another article which was about writing and how much time to give in writing as a WRITER.But its little bit difficult to sit long time, you need to a best chair for sitting.May in this site already write about chair,it is the best things for a writer.As usual, as a writer person,he has givem copious time ib his field,without given time no one can not enhance this sector.I thought that If I got a job then I have to spend my time from morning to afternoon.Then why I can not give my time in my personal field where I get from more benefit in my life.

  53. Absolutely right sir,writing is the difficult task than another task..If I want to be a good writer so we do work hard and give much time 8+hours. then we get something. as a man I seem,I need more read fruently then I become good writer. If I get opportunity so I doing hard work maximum time in a day.

  54. Absolutely right sir. writing is so difficult but if any person spend there time with writing they become a good writer. but you know that sit on a chair at list 8+ hour is so difficult.

  55. it’s very good post

  56. Writing is so difficult because it has no rules and bound.

  57. Only aduction to write and write can solve this problem.I think you will agree with me sir.

  58. Only addiction to write and write can solve this problem.I think you will agree with me sir.

  59. A writer can play vital role in changing a society…he can show the right path…So we shouldn’t neglect this profession..more over the people who are eager to become writer but because of failure they have lost their eagerness we should stay with them and inspire them..

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