A sister from another mother

As we are the human being, we live in social bonding. Many people come and go in our life. We remember some people because of their involvement in our life. some people’s involvement caries good memory and some carry the bad memory.In my life, I have seen many people. My experiences aren’t different from others. Today I am going to share some experience about one person who has played a significant role in my life.

From my university life, I am living in a hostel. After coming to this hostel, I have got a sister from another mother. We have been living in a room for last four years. She is very friendly and helpful to me. When I face any problem at first I tell her. She always tries to solve the problem. Actually not only agony but also we share our happiness with each other. Although most of the time we quarrel (as a fun) with each other when she goes somewhere that time I realize that how much I miss her. I am very thankful to Allah who has given me a sister like her. I always pray for you sister for your good life. Thanks a lot for helping me in every time.


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